TIBCO Acquires Maporama

On March 25, 2013, TIBCO Software Inc.
announced the acquisition of Maporama Solutions,
a cloud-based provider of location intelligence and
geospatial analytics solutions.  Maporama digital
mapping and geospatial capabilities will help
TIBCO Spotfire customers compress decision
making cycles, optimize resource allocation and
gain enhanced insight into markets and supply
chain trends and geographic clusters.

Location Intelligence: Add a spatial dimension to your analytics.
A new generation of analytics is born. The combination of geographic information and visual analytics is now here.

Cloud-based Location Intelligence

TIBCO now provides cloud-based location intelligence and geospatial analytics solutions that simplify the creation and deployment of online mapping and visual analytics applications.

With 80% of business data having a location component there is an analytic blind spot that you can now address.

Location-enabled Business Solutions

The combination of map and other key business data enables analysis based on location and geospatial relationships. Location-enabled business solutions and analytics open up a whole world to visualize, analyze, and understand data better and to uncover new insights.

Analytics in Geographical Context

The integration of digital maps and analytics drastically compresses decision making cycles. The ability to not only see, but also to analyze the business in context of geography reveals trends, anomalies, and patterns in obvious ways.

Geo-enhanced Analytic Discovery

Improvements to business can be realized quickly when decision-makers can drill down from the global 'big picture' to spot opportunities and root causes in the detail.

Location Intelligence in Your Business

Application of location intelligence provides solutions and improvements to many high value business problems. With TIBCO’s location intelligence and geospatial analytics businesses can optimize distribution, improve supply chain flow, increase oil and gas production, find new markets, pin point optimal store locations, drive sales on their web stores, and increase the quality of their services.

Go to maps.tibco.com to read more about the specific products and capabilities that TIBCO provides.