Bayer CropScience: Dr. Michael Beck

Science again faces a revolution. The advent of modern biotechnology, loosely referred to as *omics, provides life sciences with huge promises on the one hand but with equally huge challenges on the other hand. The amount of data is exploding. Next generation sequencing methods allow rapid access to omics data for almost any species; science is entering a post-modeling era. All this is still in the beginning. In order to derive conclusions and decisions one has to make sense out of data. Smart algorithms will be needed for that, no doubt. But again, visualization of data, at best across different data types will be very important. The smartest algorithm will never out perform a human brain. In order to be productive in the face of the huge amounts of data, however, visualizations are the key to success. Visualizations make people uncover patterns, outliers, risks and opportunities. They lead into the unknown and as a result people can make better informed decisions.