Spotfire 5.5

Enterprise Analytics
Empowering both IT & Business

Spotfire 5.5 unleashes 30+ new in-database sources, adds powerful new visualization techniques and provides essential data governance

  • Expansive, Flexible, Managed Data Access
  • Quick, Powerful, Contextual Visualizations
  • Real-Time & Big Data Predictive Analytics
Today’s corporate enterprise users need to make insightful decisions residing in disparate data sources, such as cubes or relational databases. Spotfire 5.5 compresses time to actionable insight by enabling enterprise users to make discoveries in traditional sources along with those uncovered from real-time sources and unstructured formats.
enterprise analytics, data governance, Spotfire 5.5

Expansive, Flexible, Managed Data Access

  • Dramatically extends in-database analytical support to 30+ data sources
  • Unleashes the full power of these in-database analytics engines
  • Extends IT-governed data management to in-database analysis sources while maintaining business self-service

Quick, Powerful, Contextual Visualizations

  • Provides management-by-exception with rule-driven visualizations
  • Enables faster time to insight with redesigned welcome page, visual joins & quick calculations
  • Highlights details & trends in context with set comparisons, marker transparency, and new out-of-the-box maps

Real-Time & Big Data Predictive Analytics