KPIs and Metrics

  • Deliver personal KPIs on any mobile phone, tablet or laptop, online or offline
  • Manage by exception with quick insight to operational metrics
  • Provide fingertip access to operational insights for the last mile of the enterprise

Event Analytics

  • Identify new trends and outliers with process monitoring
  • Automate the delivery of analytics applications based on trends
  • Operationalize analytics to support continuous process improvement

Location Analytics

  • Visualize, explore and analyze data in the context of location
  • Expand situational understanding with multi-layered geo-analytics
  • Mashup new data sources to provide precise geo-coding across the enterprise

Enterprise Cloud

  • Leverage a full Spotfire deployment in the cloud
  • Provide secure cloud-based analysis to on-premise and/or cloud-based data sources
  • Deploy new analytic apps rapidly and cost-effectively with minimal IT burden