Gartner Comments - TIBCO
Extended Results Acquisition
Shows that the Future of BI Is
Real-Time and Mobile

Extended Results will help TIBCO Software differentiate its
Spotfire mobile offering with location- and time-aware key
performance indicators. These features could make business
activity monitoring accessible to business users.

We encourage you to read the full Gartner report.

Dimension Free Data Exploration

“TIBCO Spotfire customers report the largest percentage of users of any vendor on the MQ using the platform for interactive visualization and among the highest percentage of users conducting ad hoc query and analysis (both simple and complex) and deploying predictive analytics with above average functional rates in these 3 capabilities.”

Data Mash-up

In addition to what Gartner cited in this year’s Magic Quadrant, no other visualization-based data discovery tool empowers users to quickly combine disparate structured and unstructured data sources without custom scripting and IT support. Spotfire’s unique Data on Demand capability enables users to interactively mash up or swap massive data sets to uncover insights masked by data silos or aggregations!

Predictive and Event Driven

“In addition to statistician-oriented tools, which allow for maximum flexibility in complex model building, new 5.0 capabilities expose a set of code-free modeling tools to analysts in Spotfire. These have the potential to put more advanced analytics in the hands of a broader set of users and to enable a seamless analytic model development workflow between business analysts and data scientists. This set of capabilities makes TIBCO Spotfire well positioned to take advantage of the increase in market demand for packaged analytic applications and dashboards, which increasingly feature predictive analytics capabilities to make analytics accessible to non-traditional BI users.”

Contextual Collaboration

“Unlike the other data discovery platforms, TIBCO Spotfire is leveraging its integration with TIBCO’s social capability, tibbr, to broaden the possible spectrum of end-user-driven interactive analysis and data sources.”

Enterprise Class

“TIBCO Spotfire’s interactive visualization capabilities are now enabled by a hybrid in-memory and newly added direct query access approach to support and leverage larger enterprise managed data sets than previously possible.”