What is Spotfire Cloud?

TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud is an analytics Software-as-a-Service solution designed for data exploration and collaboration. It enables you to discover and share critical insights from data that drive impactful decisions.

What do you do with Spotfire Cloud?

Spotfire Cloud is designed for the curious. With Spotfire you:

  • turn data into knowledge through a highly visual and interactive experience
  • focus on what matters by highlighting important ideas in the data
  • communicate with precision – share complex ideas with clarity

Why use Spotfire Cloud?

When you use Spotfire Cloud:

  • you gain confidence – your decisions are supported with facts. Every insight is supported by data and every action is precise.
  • you are insightful – you discover what you didn't even know to look for.
  • you become a catalyst for change – be the first to share powerful insights with precise recommendations to drive value for your organization.

Loading data into Spotfire Cloud

Spotfire Cloud is an online analytics tool. This video walks you through how to import data into Spotfire Cloud. See and understand your data in a whole new way with Spotfire.

Building Visualizations with Spotfire Cloud

Use Spotfire to create data visualizations

Analyzing data with Spotfire Cloud

Learn how to use Spotfire Cloud to interpret the beautiful visualizations you've built.

Sharing your findings with Spotfire Cloud

Spotfire Cloud enables users to share publically and privately with anyone on the internet. This video will show you the simplest way to share your findings.