Rock-Solid Scale-Out Enterprise Analytics

The Spotfire platform demonstrates unparalleled performance in the most demanding implementations. Administrators can be confident that business-critical analytical applications perform as needed using capabilities such as redistribution of resources for multiple workloads and SLAs, addition and deletion of nodes and service instances, and smart routing and resource pools.

Featured Capabilities

Complete View of Business Data

On-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Deployments

Choose a deployment to fit your needs, including on-premise; customer-managed AWS Marketplace, AWS, or Microsoft Azure or TIBCO-managed Spotfire Cloud (multi-tenant SaaS) or Spotfire Cloud Enterprise (private cloud PaaS); or a hybrid.

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Complete View of Business Data

Spotfire Server Administration Console

The web console monitors and manages most administrative tasks as well as diagnostics for users and groups; scheduling and routing; nodes and services; deployments and packages; and server tools.

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Complete View of Business Data

Smart Routing

In contrast to simple round-robin allocation, smart routing allows capacity-based optimization, route throttling, and monitoring of resource utilization. Built-in load-balancing can be refined by rules enabling fine-grained traffic control. Routing data for all Spotfire Server nodes in a cluster can update using a distributed data grid.

Complete View of Business Data

Secure Authentication, Controlled Authorization

Control user access to product features with fine granularity and limit data access via information links. State-of-the-art authentication methods include credential validation against the Spotfire database, LDAP, JAAS, and others. Single sign-on is also available.

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