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While you’re waiting to get access to data, missing an opportunity is always a possibility. With TIBCO Spotfire Cloud, you don’t wait because there’s no installation and no management needed. You get an instantly on, intuitive interface, and simple connectivity to stored or real-time data. Plus Spotfire visualizations are brilliant—easy to understand and easy to share with anyone, directly or embedded in web pages, helping you quickly act on your data analyses.

Align and Conquer

When you spot a new trend or anomaly, TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Contextual Collaboration lets you create conversation threads to quickly disseminate your visualization and discuss with colleagues or customers. Armed with the facts and clear communication, you can make the right decisions as one unified team.

Accelerate Insight to Action

TIBCO Spotfire Cloud makes it easy to see where your team is headed and take action anytime, day or night, from anywhere in the world. The easy-to-use web interface lets everyone back up important business decisions with data accessible through intuitive and easily created visualizations. 

Key Features


    Everything you need for data analysis with no download.


    Share your analysis with anyone on the Internet.


    Up to 250 GB for all your data.

People love Spotfire

“In the last 10 minutes, you guys solved the question I've been asking internally for two months."

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