Data to Dashboards in minutes

Compare how your data looks in different visualizations. Spotfire Recommendations will inspect your data and make suggestions based on your data.

See data differently

With a single click, see how your data looks in different visualizations and choose the most impactful representation.

Work with multiple datasets

With it's unique data connectivity, Spotfire Desktop lets you quickly mashup multiple datasets into a single, visual experience.

Find hidden relationships in your data

Mark interesting moments or filter out distractions with Spotfire Desktop and see patterns emerge from your data.

Capture insightful moments

Spotfire bookmarks allow you to capture moments along your data journey. Use bookmarks to retrace steps or export them to eloquently communicate a complex idea.

Tell a story with data

With Spotfire Desktop, you can create a guided experience through your data. Add descriptions, images, and step-by-step navigation that bring it to life.

Key Features


    Rapidly create data visualizations and dashboards through simple mouse clicks. Highlight and create detailed visualizations to discover patterns in your data.


    Get more insight from using the statistical models in Spotfire Desktop. Use regression models for predicting profit and expenses or classification models to identify fraud. No programming required.


    Spotfire’s in-memory processing makes visual data interaction responsive like natural thought. Work with hundreds of thousands for rows with ease.


    Spotfire data connectors maximize the usage of native data source capabilities when retrieving data which speed up your analytic experience.

People love Spotfire

Spotfire empowers people by giving them insights for making better decisions

"We were really surprised at how easy it was to put data into Spotfire."

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