TIBCO Spotfire®

Uncover the competitive
advantage buried in your data

Unlock the value in your data to win in today’s fierce climate. Gain fast insights and drive agile, competitive decisions and action. It’s quick and easy with TIBCO Spotfire Analytics.

Visualize and interact with your data. Instantly spot and act on insights. Monitor key operational metrics. Mashup all your data and explore freely. Share and collaborate with teammates. Predict future direction. Explore real-time and historical data side-by-side. Use advanced statistics to discover unexpected opportunities & risks. Analytics at your desk or on-the-go. On-premise or in the Cloud.

Do it all with TIBCO Spotfire®.

Visibility into the Unknown

You have an abundance of data at your fingertips.  You need answers to your questions, but also you want to discover the unexpected hiding in all that historical and real-time data.  Spotfire's easy-to-use visualizations and analytics let you quickly get answers to your initial questions – and also give you the intuitive, highly interactive means to discover unknown trends, patterns, and outliers – all at the speed of thought.  Instantly visualize, interact with, and spot the buried opportunities and risks you didn't know were there.  Gain an advantage over your competition.

Fastest to Actionable Insight

Knowing the status of your business at all times is important. But discovering the whys behind that performance is even more important. You need to quickly take action on opportunities and risks. Spotfire gives you the ease and flexibility to slice, dice, drag and drop to drill-down into the details so you can find the information you need to take effective action now. Not only does Spotfire help you to quickly find those actionable details, it also helps you to immediately share and discuss with peers, advisers & customers. Get the agility and power to make more informed, transparent decisions at a more rapid rate.

Self-Service Discovery

You don’t have time to wait for the next report to be run. Take matters into your own hands and take the pressure off of IT. Spotfire lets you answer your most pressing questions anytime, anywhere, on any device. As soon as the question comes into your head, Spotfire will help you to answer it, with a broad variety of interactive visualizations and analytics. Enjoy the freedom to explore your data at will, and make agile decisions whenever you need.

Universal Adaptability

Your whole team needs analytics. Spotfire is for everyone, helping users with a variety of skill levels to visualize, explore and share information: It has

  • At-a-glance business facts for managers.
  • Dashboards for front-line decision-makers.
  • Visual discovery for business users.
  • Deep data exploration for analysts.
  • Advanced predictive analytics for statisticians.
  • And beautiful visualizations to empress your executives.

Empower anyone, anywhere, to make fast, insightful decisions.

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