Broadest Data Connectivity

Access and combine all of your data in a single analysis and get a holistic view of your business. Analyze historical and real-time data, structured and unstructured, from internal, external, and cloud-based sources. Gain more complete insights and results.

Comprehensive Analytics

A full spectrum of analytics capabilities to empower novice to advanced users. Easy and accessible to casual users, yet powerful to advanced users, including:

Recommendations and Guided Analytics

Whether you’re a novice or an analytics expert, no other solution makes it quite as easy to get started, build dashboards, or deliver analytics expertise. Recommendations provide built-in intelligence with suggestions for best-practice visualizations and the ability to create a dashboards in seconds. A seamless UI lets analysts and data scientists build analytics applications for business users – without having to wire together visualizations or take additional steps.

Sharing and Collaboration

Easily share insights with peers, advisers, and customers to provide valuable context for collaborative decisions. Centrally locate and reuse analytics assets, such as dashboards or statistical scripts, to maximize productivity and share expertise. Unify your organization behind a “single version of the truth” as users perform analyses off the same, most current data.

Proven Scalability and Governance

Spotfire supports everything from the smallest implementations to the largest global deployments, delivering automation, central administration, and high-performance. Experience self-service analytics that doesn’t sacrifice data protection and compliance

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