v7.8 01.2017
  • Enable Data On-Demand in Spotfire Cloud Analyst

    Your analysis can benefit from on-demand loading when you have access to massive amounts of data, but you only need to work with some parts of the data at a time. When setting up an on-demand data table you can specify conditions based on one or more other data tables to control what to load.

v7.7 10.2016
  • TERR Aggregations

    Use TERR to define your own Spotfire aggregations in R.

  • Web Authoring

    Create KPI visualizations using drag and drop, edit data connections to SFDC and Google Analytics, create color rules for visualizations, add rows to data tables.

  • New Automation Capabilities

    Attach PDF exports or other files to emails and save data to disk for further usage.

  • Improved Map Chart Zoom Visibility

    When using the Zoom Visibility property to create geographic drill-downs, map layers interactivity switches automatically as you zoom-in/out the map.

  • Google Analytics and Salesforce Connections

    Create and edit connections to Google Analytics and Salesforce in the web authoring client.

  • SAP BW Connection Improvements

    Improved BEX variable handling and ability to configure how the SAP BW characteristics are displayed in the Spotfire UI.

  • Developer APIs

    Create custom panels in the web client to visualize contextual information, adding controls or other domain specific functionality to Spotfire.

  • Improvements to Tables

    Create more compact and better looking tables and cross tables, and use absolute sorting in the cross table.

  • Easier Administration

    Easily monitor and maintain your scheduled updates and your web player resources from new web UIs. Easier deployment of data connectors to Spotfire Analyst users.

  • Multilayers Map Chart via Spotfire Business Author

    Create map charts with multiple layers of data. Use your favorite map background. Visualize map layers from GIS.

  • Self-Service Data Lake and Text Analytics

    Attivio has the ability to identify, integrate, unify and provision virtually any type and amount of structured data and unstructured content. Spotfire's new self-service connector to Attivio makes it easy for business users to connect to, search and analyze the result in Spotfire.

v7.6 05.2016
  • Lots of Map Chart Choices

    New support for Tile Map Services (TMS) means you can use the base map background of your choice.

  • Configure Map Chart Auto-zoom via Spotfire Business Author

    Set a map chart to automatically zoom-in to the filtered data.

  • Spotfire Business Author Connector for Salesforce.com

    Business Author users can now automatically connect to Salesforce.com.

  • More Control Over Cross Tables

    Change individual column width, text alignment, and orientation to make your tables more compact and readable.

  • View, Configure, Refresh Data Sources

    From both the source view and the library, switch between "Always New Data," "Stored Data," and "New Data When Possible."

  • More Connection Options for these Key Sources

    Amazon Redshift, Hortonworks, Oracle and Oracle MySQL, Pivotal Greenplum, Pivotal HAWQ, and Postgres SQL.

v7.5 03.2016
  • Inline Data Cleansing

    Change the data order and categorization, create new columns, fill in empty values, and format on the fly.

  • Months and Days Treated as Time, Not Text

    Column names and data are sorted in time sequence (not alphabetically), with local culture settings upheld.

  • My Team Usability Improvements

    More e-commerce details available online.

  • Streamlined Administration

    Monitor health, provision users, configure rules, deploy data, and scale Spotfire from the browser.

  • TIBCO ODBC Drivers

    Available in My Downloads.

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