• March 2016 - TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5

    Tell Better Stories With Data

    Storytelling with Analytics

    Storytelling with Spotfire is improved with annotations. Adding annotations to bookmarked markings helps you clearly highlight story points for the audience as they page through your analysis.


    Annotate Insights

    Communicating concisely can be challenging when presenting a data visualization that contains lots of information. To solve this challenge, Spotfire has added the ability to add annotations to any data visualization. Using annotations, you can draw attention to the key points in your visualization.


    Contextual Conversations

    We’ve added the ability incorporate a threaded conversation about your analysis. You highlight insights to drive a discussion with the team. Group discussions can now be quicker and more effective when everyone is focused on the same detail.

    Multi-window analysis

    Analyze data across multiple browser windows. Spotfire allows you to open different pages in an analysis in different browser windows while keeping everything in sync. Interacting with one data visualization will automatically update the other windows.

    Smart Data Prep

    Instant Data Profiles

    The data panel has been enhanced to give you the ability to see information about your data and to easily make adjustments. Get a quick overview of your data set. Get a sense of the values in your dataset. Understand your data to make analytics faster. 

    Cloud 3.3 Data Panel - Replace empty values.png  



    Your data may not be well formatted to make answers obvious. The data panel lets you make adjustments so your answers become apparent.

    Inline Data Cleansing

    Change the data order

    Select a column to rearrange the order of your data values.


    Create new data columns

    Generate new data from the existing in the data panel.


    Fill in empty values

    Are empty or null values throwing off your visualization? You can  fill in the empty values to eliminate gaps.

    Format Datacloud-datapanel-format-settings.png 

    Change data categorization

    Have a data column that was mis-categorized? You simply correct the category by dragging the column to the new category or with a right click. Having columns in the correct category will also improve the quality of your visualizations. 


    Bigger Data & Better Answers

    Apache Spark Analytics

    Apache Spark™ is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing. Working with Databricks, TIBCO has certified connectivity with Apache Spark™ so you can perform large-scale data analysis.


    Salesforce.com Analytics

    Spotfire can now analyze your salesforce data. The new driver makes it easy to browse your salesforce data and answer questions fast. 

    SAP HANA Analytics

    • SAP HANA Information Views hierarchies are now automatically replicated to Spotfire.
    • SAP HANA text joins are now supported. This enables selection of the language your data should be represented in.
    • SAP HANA column descriptions can now be visualized in Information Views.
    • SAP HANA Attribute Views are now supported.
    • SAP HANA metadata is now loaded on demand to speed up the definition of Spotfire views.
    • Marking visualizations is now possible when no primary key column is defined in SAP HANA

    Improved Statistical Analysis

    The Spotfire Desktop TERR engine adds support for thousands of additional R packages.

    Cloud Scale Deployments In Your Data Center

    New Platform Architecture

    Spotfire's architecture has evolved to scale for larger deployments. The new architecture lets you control how resources are scaled, isolated and used. You can build rules to route users to specific resource pools to ensure the best experience for your users. You can deploy different services to machines to support different work loads. You can support more users with fewer resources. 

    New Admin Portal

    You can now manage Spotfire from a single admin portal. You can monitor health, provision users, configure rules, deploy data, and scale Spotfire all from the browser. 

    Better Embeddability API

    Embed interactive Spotfire visualizations into any website by using the web mashup API. This interface allows you to freely mix HTML with Spotfire data visualizations, providing an interactive data analysis experience embedded on a web page.

    Reduced Requirements

    The Spotfire Analyst client can now run on 32-bit operating systems and no longer requires Internet Explorer 10+. 

  • March 2015 - TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0

    Introducing “Smart" Data Discovery – Making Analytics Easier & Faster for Everyone

    The Spotfire 7 release was specifically designed to make analytics even easier to use and drive faster insights than ever before, through a built-in analytics recommendations engine and many beautiful, streamlined user interface features. Highlights include:

    Automated Guidance


    Recommendations is a “smart" wizard, designed to make it very easy & fast for everyone to get started with analytics. Spotfire 7 guides users to make best-practice visualization choices for their data, driven by an intelligent analytics recommendation engine embedded under the hood. Everyone – even an analytics newcomer – can create a whole dashboard of interconnected, interactive visualizations in just a few seconds. To see how fast it is, check out this video. The preliminary insights you get into your data via Recommendations gives you a jumpstart into your analysis.

    Beautiful Design

    Dark Color Scheme

    Spotfire 7 introduces a new Dark visual design scheme, giving you the option to choose whether you'd like the traditional “light" color scheme, or a new “dark" look & feel.

    Custom Style

    In addition, in Spotfire 7 you can take the Spotfire design even further. Give your analytics workspace your own look and feel, with new Custom Style options. Change colors, fonts, margins, spacing, etc., to match your corporate, personal or web page design goals.

    Faster Data Exploration

    Data Panel

    A new Data Panel in Spotfire 7 streamlines how you find, organize and filter your data in your analytics workspace. Search for the data you are looking for. Organize your data by type (e.g., time, number, location, category). Rename or delete columns. Filter data into and out of your visualizations. Easily keep track of which filters are turned on. The Data Panel is an authoring feature and can be found in both in the Business Author web client and the Analyst desktop client.

    Easy Category Grouping

    Spotfire 7 delivers two new ways to quickly group and analyze your data. Dynamically group items directly within your visualization while exploring the data, or create a more powerful group by adding new columns of data on-the-fly, right within Spotfire. There are no delays to finding your insights, and no need to make changes in the data source or spreadsheet. All the power is right at your fingertips in the Spotfire analytics software. Use groups to:

    • Compare “like" categories, e.g., group Apples, Bananas and Melons into “Fruits" to compare next to Meat, Dairy and Bakery
    • Compare “most important" with “the rest," e.g., “Top 5 Performers" with “Others"
    • Combine misspelled or misnamed categories, e.g., group “HQ" and “Headquarters," or “Tomatos" and “Tomatoes"

    Create Map Visualization in Business Author

    Spotfire 7 makes it possible for you to create a map chart in the Business Author web client. Users can select to create map charts with either one marker layer or one feature (shape) layer.

    Quick Configurations in Business Author

    New usability is being introduced to the Business Author web client in order to make it faster and easier to configure visualizations. To quickly make tweaks to the look/feel of a visualization, the user doesn't need to open properties, they just need to drag/drop items from the data panel onto the visualization, or make a single (left) click on either the x- or y-axis.

    Mark from Legend

    Spotfire 7 allows you to mark elements in your visualizations by clicking on categories in the legend. This is especially useful in plots with many graphical elements and lets the user compare the marked category with the others. Mark from Legend works for the color and shape axis for categorical and binned columns.

    Quick Calculation – Top Category

    Spotfire 7 offers a new Quick Calculation, “Top Category," which allows you the ability to identify the “top" item of a particular category. For example, in a data set of baby names, it might be interesting to find out which baby name was the most popular in each state. No longer do you need to write the expression, just choose the “Top Category" quick calculation, and Spotfire automatically performs the calculation for you.

    Custom Expressions that Nest Aggregations

    Spotfire 7 empowers you to write custom expressions that embed an aggregation method within the calculation. This enables very powerful analytic expressions and a further augmentation of your data during analysis.

    And Much More

    There are a ton of other new features in Spotfire 7, including:

    • In-memory cube data analytics
    • Create new calculated columns & groups when doing in-database analysis
    • Even more script language functions
    • Support for curve / contour functions, non-linear optimization, and additional R packages
    • New TERR tools available directly from Spotfire, accessible from the Tools menu
    • New data connectors: for Amazon Redshift and OData
    • Many new API enhancements

    Check out the release notes for complete details of what's new.

  • May 2014 – TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5

    Dramatically richer, easier, and faster analytics for everyone

    Faster, Easier Use of Data

    • Create Spotfire applications that interact directly with complex big data sources while hiding the complexity from end users
    • Access huge volumes of information quickly and easily
    • Create complex applications faster and leverage existing database skill sets

    Richer Location Analytics

    New TIBCO Spotfire Desktop

    • The most complete desktop analytics authoring for Excel users, business analysts, R- knowledgeable analysts, and data scientists
    • Full Spotfire desktop authoring for a single user
    • Connect to the wide array of Spotfire direct connect data sources
    • Learn more about TIBCO Spotfire®Desktop

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