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Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Banking and Wealth Management

In this whitepaper, IDC Financial Insights identifies the business challenges that banking and wealth management organizations face and how IT investments can help them address these hurdles. We examine how financial institutions can leverage customer analytics to drive additional business value for both the customer and the enterprise.

5 Reasons Why You Should Add Visual Analytics to Your Applications

In this webcast, Stephen Oar from Sage SalesLogix provides an overview of advanced analytics solutions built on the Spotfire platform and shares key drivers for actionable insight delivered through cross-functional CRM dashboards.

5-Minute Guide to Analytics for FP&A

At times, the volume of data overwhelms the system and some analysis is skipped entirely. In the end, there’s always a gap — analytic needs that no traditional tool seems to address. What’s needed is an analytic tool that delivers actionable insight quickly and easily to meet finance executives’ top priorities.

5-Minute Guide to Analytics in Pharmaceutical Emerging Markets

Over the next five years, two-thirds of pharmaceutical sales growth will come from emerging markets. While this presents enormous potential, how can organizations compete to capture new opportunities? It all comes down to the data.

5-Minute Guide to Business Analytics

In Hollywood, nothing is more chic than analytics. On TV shows like CSI and in films like Iron Man, the industry’s most iconic stars depend upon data to help solve crimes or thwart world destruction. Even superheroes rely on solutions accessed at the touch of a finger on a sleek, glowing screen. Hollywood gets it: analytics is sexy.

5-Minute Guide to CRM Analytics

Frustrated marketing executives sense that they could do better. Today’s savvy digital customers require companies to quickly identify them, respond to their needs in real-time 24/7, and take immediate action to earn and retain their loyalty. Companies can attract and serve these savvy consumers with an agile analytics platform that delivers critical value to executives and front-line marketers.

5-Minute Guide to HR Analytics

The move to transform HR requires a better way for HR to access and analyze data. A modern analytic environment must offer three critical capabilities to the entire spectrum of HR staff so they can adequately support the enterprise.

5-Minute Guide to Insurance Analytics

The insurance industry has been shaken by a world of challenges in an ongoing soft market. Global financial markets keep stumbling, public scrutiny keeps tightening, and new competition keeps emerging. Yet managers navigating this new world are encumbered by old, slow business intelligence tools.

5-Minute Guide to Root Cause Analysis for Discrete Manufacturing

The problems of getting to true Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are numerous, involving as they do multiple systems, stakeholders and the very complexity of today's manufactured products. But the potential benefits are compelling: fewer returns, substitutions, reworks and less scrap; an enhanced reputation amongst customers; reduced warranty reserves; and a better understanding of what processes, materials, assemblies and even suppliers may cause future issues. If only we can know true root causes, then these areas are open to us.

5-Minute Guide to Sales Analytics

Sales success depends more than ever now on an analytics platform that supports sales organizations completely — with three critical functions...

5-Minute Guide to Supply Chain Analysis for Discrete Manufacturing

Across the areas of location intelligence, demand planning and omni-channel management the supply chain of the 21st century is far more about organizational efficiency to minimize risk (lost customers, geo-political and competitive pressures) than it is about taking an existing chain and “rationalizing” it on the basis of cost alone.The sheer complexity of today’s supply chains, stretched across the globe and subject to high demand variability means that finding the trends to follow cannot be a ‘yearly planning’ or ‘quarterly reporting’ task.

5-Minute Guide to Warranty Analytics

One of the key issues with warranty analytics is that the data that could have warned of problems ahead was held in silos — a multitude of systems that all impact on the warranty and quality value chains: claims, CRM records, bills of material, product life cycle management, call centers, field service systems, part sales and orders, service technician help systems, dealer and distributor records, the list can be daunting. And then what are people saying about our products on social media? Even if we could bring all this information together, how do we make sense of it all and move from reacting to warranty issues to a proactive and predictive management strategy?

5-Minute Guide to Well Engineering

The dirtiest part of drilling for fossil fuels might not be the equipment, the oil and gas, or even the drilling mud. What's too often the dirtiest, meanest part might be extracting data and refining it for critical insights with data tools unfit for the job. Looking after a rig or a whole asset, you need a tool that immediately updates information as you change wells or filter conditions.

A 5-Minute Guide to Assets Operations and Maintenance

In a post-Macondo world, the role of “asset integrity” and “asset integrity management” (AIM) has never been higher on the list of concerns to our producers, refiners and transporters. Indeed, the political environment of sustainable development means meeting the safety and environmental needs of all of society while still producing oil and gas at a reasonable cost.

A TIBCO Spotfire® Platform Overview

From interactive dashboards and data visualizations to predictive analytics, Spotfire Analytics is an enterprise analytics platform that helps business and technical users quickly get to actionable insight. Spotfire Analytics helps users at every level of the organization seize new business opportunities and evade risks by providing unmatched speed & flexibility so data can be visually analyzed quickly, without requiring IT intervention.

Aberdeen: Analytics into Action

The current economic climate demands that organizations strike the right balance between short-term business agility and long-term business planning. This research highlights how organizations can achieve workforce flexibility today without compromising their future.

Aberdeen: Customer Loyalty 2012: Enabling Technologies for Customer Engagement, Conversion and Retention

The report will show how leading organizations put technology at the forefront of their loyalty initiatives, and the impact of these technologies on customer satisfaction, retention, and re-activation.

Aberdeen: Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing

Aberdeen Group's research confirms that companies which invest in predictive analytics out preform those who don't in key marketing metrics.

Accelerating Medical Device and Diagnostic Clinical Trials Using TIBCO Spotfire

In this webcast, Ben McGraw reviews how medical device and diagnostics companies are using Spotfire for in stream safety review, risk-benefit assessments, post marketing surveillance, data management and clinical operations.

Achaogen Selects TIBCO Spotfire Platform to Help Develop New Antibiotics

Spotfire enables scientists to quickly summarize, visualize and filter complex datasets to focus on the compounds, test results and trends that matter most in pursuit of lifesaving antibiotics.

Actionable Marketing Analytics using Spotfire

With Spotfire you can seize new business opportunities and avoid risk with unmatched speed and flexibility using interactive dashboards, visualizations, and predictive and event-driven analytics on any device.

Adopting a Metrics-Based Approach for Running Clinical Trials

In this webcast, Ben McGraw of TIBCO Spotfire and Duncan Hall of Triumph Consultancy Services walk through an implementation methodology and discuss the organizational challenges involved in adopting a metrics based approach to running clinical trials.

Advanced Analytics in Customer Relationship Management (with James Kobielus of Forrester Research)

James Kobielus of Forrester Research shares how advanced, in-memory analytics help to retain and grow customer relationships, create consistent cross-channel experiences, and achieve greater operational CRM efficiencies.

Advanced Root Cause Analysis for Product Quality Improvement Using Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques employ an emerging class of algorithms that actually learn from the data presented to them, and automatically construct the best possible model for each dataset. As such, they empower analysts who have little expertise in statistics and modelling to solve complex problems otherwise beyond their reach.

Allergan Scientists Overcome the Multivariate Data Analytics Challenges of Drug Discovery with TIBCO Spotfire

Scientists use Spotfire mashed up with chemical Structure Activity Relationship software to form a powerful way to correlate a chemical substructure with any Spotfire visualization

Allergan: Robert Cain on Spotfire

"Spotfire allows them to bring together all the data in a large multivariable dataset and make sense of it"

Amkor achieves an industry edge by using TIBCO Spotfire to significantly improve manufacturing efficiency

Amkor’s Iwate factory has deployed Spotfire DecisionSite across its inventory, manufacturing and human resources departments to improve operational decision making and factory efficiency.

Amplifying Brand Insight and Strategic Business Value with Actionable Analytics

In this webcast, Mark Redgrave of OpenAmplify and Dan Rider of Visual Intelligence will demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform leverages the very latest in semantic and text analysis allowing marketers to visualize how customers think, feel, and act around their brand.

An Insider’s Guide to Predictive Analytics

Insider’s Guide to Predictive Analytics (PA) by InsideBIGDATA documents what PA is, what to consider when evaluating solutions, how to build a predictive model, and how different lines of business are using it for decision-making.

Analytics for Capital Markets

Extreme volatility and uncertainty are the new normal, and financial services companies must become more agile than ever to remain competitive. The winners will be those that have the best view, the quickest draw, and the surest aim — and that begins with smart changes to business processes and technology.

Analytics for Portfolio Management

When it comes to collaboration, old business intelligence systems simply drop the ball altogether. Analysts, managers, and others are forced to rely on email, phone calls, and hallway chats. Crucial insight gets lost in the shuffle. The analytics platform built for today’s hyper-connected, global marketplace shows its capabilities in several key areas.

Analytics for Risk Management

Risk, often so convenient to take lightly, has become even more important as investors try to reach farther and farther as scrutiny tightens. They require a new analytics platform that’s ready for the new era in finance — readiness that shows itself as it meets risk management’s new challenges.

Analytics for the People

Making data analytics more accessible, no matter who you are.

Analyzing Warranty Data in the Era of Big Data

In this webcast, IDC and TIBCO Spotfire will highlight the key role of warranty analytics in the big data revolution. This complimentary session will provide executives with steps they can take to assess and improve warranty operations.

Anatomia de uma Decisão: o que deve ser levado em conta quando se pretende investir em uma solução analítica - pesquisa da Blue Hill Research

Explore os critérios de avaliação e a jornada destas organizações no processo de escolha de uma solução analítica corporativa e descubra as razões da escolha do TIBCO Spotfire.

Anatomy of a Decision: What to Consider When Investing in Analytics by Blue Hill Research

Explore the evaluation criteria and the journey of three organizations that were sizing up analytic solutions and learn why they ultimately chose TIBCO Spotfire.

Anatomía de una Decisión: Qué se debe considerar al invertir en una solución analítica por Research Blue Hill

Explore los criterios de evaluación y el proceso de tres organizaciones que evaluaron soluciones analíticas y aprenda por qué finalmente eligieron TIBCO Spotfire.

Apogee Analytics Application Story

Apogee Analytics, LLC is a market research and consulting firm providing in-depth marketing services and solutions to measure clients’ internal performance and market penetration challenges. S-PLUS provided comprehensive visualization and analysis capabilities to serve the reporting needs of Apogee's clients.

Applying Analytics Rigor to Procurement in Manufacturing Organizations

In this webcast, Phil Durgin of TIBCO Spotfire will demonstrate how a systematic review of purchase data can lead to significant savings across both strategic and non-strategic goods.

Array BioPharma Integrates TIBCO Spotfire and CambridgeSoft to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Translational Medicine Research

Spotfire/CambridgeSoft integration yielded a best of both worlds solution that removes impediments to data access, embeds rich visualization tools and will further enable scientists to make breakthrough discoveries.

ASML Deploys TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM and TIBCO Spotfire to Gain Visibility into and Accelerate Enterprise Business Processes

...the company decided to do a pilot program with TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix® BPM (TIBCO AMX BPM) and Spotfire products with the goal of automating manual approval processes. This is a key component of a strategic corporate initiative to address rapid business changes and improve efficiency.

Asset Management Firm Plenum Investments Attracts Investors with TIBCO Spotfire® Visual Analytics Platform

Plenum Investments deployed TIBCO Spotfire Visual Analytics Platform to interactively present complex investment data to potential investors in sales situations. Questions can be answered on the fly, greatly expediting the sales cycle. The Spotfire dashboards are used on an ongoing basis by its investors to interactively monitor their asset allocations,receive updates and annual reviews. Internally, portfolio and risk management use the analytics as a monitoring tool.

AstraZeneca: Stephen Thomas on Spotfire

"A product like Spotfire can help you visualize that very easily"

AT&T Assesses Risk of New Billing Strategy

AT&T wanted to assess the risk of losing customers to other long distance carriers, and determine the time period during which customers were most likely to switch due to new billing method.

Atmel Sees Big Returns with Spotfire

With Spotfire DecisionSite®, Atmel Corporation improved semiconductor yields and increased analysis speed without investing in a database overhaul.

Attivio: Rik Tamm-Daniels

"Spotfire provides a very nice balance between being able to control the data environment, but at the same time, be able to be very agile in how you deploy your solutions"

Bank of Montreal improves customer offer delivery and acceptance using the TIBCO platform.

Vice President of Customer Analytics Gayle Ramsey and Chief Architect Lawrence Wan describe how Bank of Montreal (BMO) Financial Group moved from reactive, non-relevant customer interactions to proactive, real-time response to individual customers—and achieved project payback in just nine months. (03:07 min.)

Bank of Montreal Invests in TIBCO Fast Data to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Find out how TIBCO integration, business process management, event processing, and Spotfire analytics tools help dramatically improve customer engagement and satisfaction, reduce cycle times by 30–50 percent, and proactively supply customers with relevant offers, for a more personalized experience across all channels.

Banking: Cross Sell & Up-sell for Credit Cards

In this webcast, Danny Lee and Arnab Karmakar demonstrate how Spotfire's predictive analytics capabilities drive more effective cross-sell & up-sell campaigns and deliver targeted offers to credit card customers.

Banques et Institutions de Gestion de patrimoine : Comment créer de la valeur grâce au « Customer Analytics »

IDC Financial Insights identifie les défis métiers auxquels les organisations bancaires et de gestion de patrimoine sont confrontées et la manière dont les investissements informatiques peuvent les aider à les adresser. Nous examinons la manière dont les institutions financières peuvent exploiter l’analyse client afin de générer des avantages commerciaux supplémentaires pour le client comme pour l’entreprise.

Bardess: Joe DeSiena

"That first insight comes within that first week"

Bayer CropScience: Dr. Michael Beck

Bayer CropScience uses Spotfire for research purposes. The power users are scientist from all scientific disciplines, many chemists and biologists, who use it to look at project data. Next to scientific research it is also used for small analyses of financial data such as cost center data.

Beeline Partners with TIBCO Spotfire to Drive Strategic, Analytic Business Intelligence

Initially used internally to identify trends, detect new savings opportunities, and manage risks, Spotfire allows Beeline to differentiate itself by offering a private label version to clients to view and analyze their own data.

Beyond the Dashboard

This whitepaper proposes that a closed loop, with tight integration between the analysis and the dashboard, is essential to improving the decision-making process. Not having a closed-loop system results in a poor Return on Experience (ROE) and leads to both repeated business mistakes and missed business opportunities. The paper outlines the ideal solution that allows all users to contribute to the process, and concludes that achieving and sustaining a healthy ROE requires companies to go beyond the traditional dashboard.

Big Data Analytics in Oil & Gas: Production Surveillance and Completions Optimization

In this webcast, Michael O’Connell, Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO, and Tim Yotter, Reservoir Engineer at Encana, will discuss TIBCO Spotfire approaches to well surveillance and completions analytics for production optimization.

Big Data Analytics: Scaling Up and Out in the Event-Enabled Enterprise: By Michael O’Connell, PhD

Big Data Analytics: Scaling Up and Out in the Event-Enabled Enterprise 2 “Big Data” refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software to capture, store, manage, and analyze (McKinsey Global Institute, May 2011). Big data sometimes arise from machine systems, e.g., log files that are constantly appending transactions. These data are growing rapidly; for example, the number of connected devices exceeded the world population before the end of 2011, and will reach 15 billion in 2015. In practical terms, “big data” is used to refer to high volume, high velocity, high variety and high complexity. Gartner refers to this combination of data volume, velocity, variety and complexity as “Extreme Information.”

Big Data Analytics:Turning Insight into Action

The core of business intelligence (BI) is the transformation of data into insight and insight into action that can add value to the enterprise. But the rise of structured and unstructured data, which is known as big data, has radically transformed the BI function. While big data has increased the opportunities available to businesses, it also creates more challenges to capturing, storing, and accessing information. In particular, the advent of big data underscores the time value of information. Since the utility of some data points declines very quickly, there’s a premium on accelerating the process of turning data into information and information into action. This paper describes how companies can combine a unified data architecture (UDA) with complex event processing software to thrive in the era of big data.

Big Data Connectors: How to Navigate Big Data with Ad Hoc Visual Data Discovery

Many think that step changes in the volume of data being stored and processed, as well as in new technologies, alter the approach to data access. The reality is that the same basic questions need to be asked whenever you consider working with any data source.

Big Data mit Hilf von Analytics des 21. Jahrhunderts meistern (German language presentation)

Die Kunst „Big Data“ zu nützen, ist die echte Chance um Wettbewerbsvorteile, Einsparungspotenziale und neue Geschäftsfelder zu generieren. TIBCO Spotfire und BARC informieren Sie über im BI Selfservice.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 1 of 3: Guided Self-Service and In-line Analytics for Manufacturing

In Part 1 of this webcast series, Michael O'Connell and Hector Martinez of TIBCO Spotfire will explore key areas where Big Data analytics bring significant competitive advantage to manufacturing organizations, covering specific use cases in Quality, Asset Integrity and Root Cause Analysis.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 2 of 3: Using Warranty Analytics to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Operating Costs

In this webcast, Bill Lycette of Agilent will demonstrate how the new Warranty Analytics and Reporting Program (WARP) integrates with the Spotfire platform to provide early detection of reliability issues for quicker corrective actions, thus maintaining high product uptime for customers and low warranty expenses.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 3 of 3: Yield Improvement with TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire and Andrew Choo of TriQuint will demonstrate how Spotfire is used to analyze yields and provide QA/QC and root cause analysis functionality within diesort test operations.

Big Opportunities with Big Data & Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers

In this webcast, Kim Knickle of IDC Manufacturing Insights will discuss both the challenges and opportunities that Big Data presents to consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Kim will be joined by Judson Chase of TIBCO Spotfire, who will demonstrate how an enterprise-class analytics platform can incorporate data from traditional and emerging sources to paint a complete picture of your business.

Blue River Analytics Solves Analysis Paralysis with Spotfire

Provides time savings, increased productivity, deeper insights, and security for oil field companies making very high value production decisions.

BNP Paribas Securities Services offreà ses clients une nouvelle vision interactive des données

TIBCO Spotfire accroit la capacité de visualisation des données pour les clients de BNP Paribas Securities Services et les clients de leurs clients.

BNP Paribas Securities Services Provides Interactive Insight to Customers With TIBCO Spotfire Interactive Data Analyses

Spotfire speeds data insight for BNP Paribas Securities Services customers and their customers!

Boehringer Ingelheim Attains Sales Objectives by Improving Marketing Effectiveness and Account Management with Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® ad hoc analytical capabilities provided immediate visibility into sales force performance, enabling Boehringer Ingelheim to optimize sales strategy and grow target physician relationships.

Boehringer Ingelheim Maximizes Sales Force Effectiveness with Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

Boehringer Ingelheim is leveraging the Spotfire enterprise analytics platform to optimize sales performance.

Boosting New Product Sales in the Netherlands

Identifying the causes of success using a super tool. (03:13 min.)

Brand Insights & Forecasts: Using Analytics to Grow Global Value & Volume

In this webcast, Will Heffernan and Leslie Miller of TIBCO Spotfire will show how to differentiate and grow our brands in crowded global markets through advanced analytics.

BroadReach Healthcare Remedies Medical Data in Africa

With Spotfire, BroadReach is solving a crucial problem by speeding data collection and understanding that enables taking action in time to save lives.

BUCS Analytics Looks to TIBCO Spotfire® to Deliver its Vision of Improving Service and Value Performance

Spotfire facilitates the analysis of large volumes of custom-calculated data, including financial performance comparison; supplier analysis and performance improvement; and inventory planning.

BUCS Analytics: Paul Buchanan on Spotfire

"It's a wonderful tool for us to provide for them because it provides such clarity and understanding to them and rapidly"

Busting Financial Crime with TIBCO

What if you could use just one financial crime fighting solution that would empower your business users to improve handling of financial crimes such as antimoney laundering (AML), credit card fraud, trade surveillance, or medical fraud?

Cadeon Attracts New Customers with TIBCO Spotfire

How Cadeon is using Spotfire for business growth and for helping customers understand their data. (03:18 min.)

Cadeon Attracts New Customers with TIBCO Spotfire Data Analytics

Cadeon Associates Inc. is dedicated to helping companies improve their efficiency with the ability to leverage their largest asset: information. The company began to notice exponential growth in information — and it wasn't just the amount of data that was growing, but the sources, diversity, and complexity were also increasing. Their clients now needed to react and manage data quality and governance. Read about Cadeon's data analytics results after becoming a Spotfire partner.

Cargill Masters the Energy Supply Chain with TIBCO Spotfire and ZEMA

Geoffrey Lakings of Cargill and Waleed El-Ramly of ZE PowerGroup talk about the strategic partnership with TIBCO and how it impacts Cargill's hydrocarbon supply-chain data analytics. (03:33 min.)

Cargill Masters the Energy Supply Chain with TIBCO Spotfire and ZEMA Datasheet

Cargill began its strategic partnership with TIBCO and ZE by building a crude refinery research analysis dashboard. What had been a 300,000-row spreadsheet turned into the ability to quickly see and understand results for all units across the refinery complex.

CargoSmart Delivers Solutions for Improved Decision-making and Cost

How CargoSmart improves on-time deliveries and reduces fuel consumption for its shipping provider customers. (3:12 min.)

CargoSmart Gains Competitive Advantage, Valuable Insight, and Vastly Improved Customer Service with Big Data Analysis

CargoSmart, a global shipment management company, processes immense and complex data sets to provide real-time alerts to its customers. Spotfire visualizations of carrier performance comparisons over the same route help customers rapidly develop actionable insights about potential opportunities and threats.

Case Study: Anti-Money Laundering Analysis with Spotfire

In this webcast, David Choi of Ernst & Young highlights key metrics and analytics for the Financial Services industry to improve the effectiveness of Anti-Money Laundering transaction monitoring systems and processes.

Case Study: Volcker Rule Analysis with Spotfire

In this webcast, Michael Flynn and Seth Rosensweig of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how Spotfire visualizations uncover insights for Volcker Rule measurement and compliance.

CFS Consulting Expands Business with Spotfire

While trying to help companies understand their business and all of its moving parts, CFS, a Spotfire VAR Partner, found that traditional business intelligence tools were not getting the job done and that their clients needed a powerful analytics tool.

Choosing Between Spotfire and Tableau

Both Spotfire and Tableau allow users of various skill levels to create attractive visualizations of data, displayed as charts, dashboards, and other constructs. But that's where the similarity ends...

CIBC Turns Insight into Real-Time Action

More in tune with customers and faster than competitors.

Cisco: Justin Welsh on Spotfire

"it's a fun way just to be creative with data, which I enjoy."

Citibank Brazil Banks on Digital Business and TIBCO for Increased Competitiveness

How Citibank Brazil is transforming with the help of business process management, analytics, and integration to provide a better customer experience, greater efficiency, and a global strategy.

Citibank Brazil: Banks on Digital Business and TIBCO for Increased Competitiveness

SVP Roberto Mercadante on securing competitive advantage and a global strategy based on process efficiencies, automation, and metrics. (02:52 min)

Colegio Nueva Granada Users Data to Develop Student Potential

CNG uses Spotfire for better understanding of student needs, data, curriculum, and learning.

Colegio Nuevo Granada Uses Data to Develop Student Potential

How this K-12 college preparatory school is using TIBCO Spotfire® to help students achieve to their highest potential. (03:40 min.)

Combining Paid & Organic, Social & Earned Media Data to Drive Deeper Insights with Spotfire

In this webcast, Benjamin Spiegel, Director of Search Operations at Catalyst, will explore a variety of search data and demonstrate how Spotfire can be used to build illustrative dashboards, drive insights, and refine paid and organic recommendations for more effective content strategies.

Consorsbank Increases New Customer Revenue by 20% with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire is helping bank employees easily develop rapid, up-to-date analyses and share insights to address pressing issues about the market and customer behavior. It has provided Consorsbank with a completely new approach to data analysis, which is providing numerous benefits, including valuable new knowledge, increased revenue, better risk assessment, and more successful campaigns.

Consumer Insights: Using Analytics to Engage Customers in New Ways & Win the Market

In this webcast, Kimberly Knickle of IDC Manufacturing Insights will identify the latest challenges, best-practice consumer insights solutions, and how advanced analytics platforms like Spotfire are uniquely positioned to help ensure growth and profitability for CPG manufacturing.

Cortal Consors Brings Customer Data to Life with TIBCO Spotfire

Interactive, visual analysis through Spotfire DecisionSite® allows private investment bank, Cortal Consors, to optimize its information cycle, which is distributed among several specialized customer information systems.

Creating Big Opportunities with Big Data and Analytics in Consumer Products

In this whitepaper, IDC Manufacturing Insights examines how IT investments in big data and analytics can allow CP manufacturers to address their business challenges and create new opportunities more quickly at lower costs.

Créer de la valeur dans le secteur de l’assurance grâce au « Customer Analytics »

IDC Financial Insights identifie dans ce livre blanc les défis métiers auxquels les compagnies d’assurance sont confrontées et la manière dont les investissements informatiques peuvent les aider à résoudre ces problématiques. Nous examinons la manière dont les compagnies d’assurance peuvent exploiter l’analyse client afin de générer des avantages commerciaux supplémentaires pour le client comme pour l’entreprise.

CTI Solutions Group Advances Its Product Lifecycle Management Suite with Jaspersoft

Spotfire is providing better user experience and reporting, and faster data collection and access.

Custom/External Authentication in TIBCO Spotfire

The main changes in TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 is a seemingly simple architecture change. This document focuses on what is important for custom and external authentication in this new Spotfire environment.

Customer Segmentation and Churn Analysis with Spotfire

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood demonstrates how the Spotfire empowers marketing professionals to derive insights from their customer data to devise value-based strategies and retain profitable customers.

Cyberstream Partners With TIBCO Spotfire To Provide Powerful Visual Analytics Platform

Spotfire anchors Cyberstream's business intelligence and analytics solutions for the Greek and Cypriot public sector as well as private industry.

Dana Farber: "Visual Analytics Provides Insight Into Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials" by Drug Discovery & Development

TIBCO Spotfire provides Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with unprecedented insight into cancer vaccine clinical trials.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Gains Unprecedented Insight into Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials with TIBCO Spotfire

“Spotfire quickly gave us a visual analysis of major trends and main clusters of activity, highlighting neglected areas and graphically pointing out the glaring need of many of these cancers for additional vaccine development.” Vladimir Brusic, Dana-Farber CVC’s Director of Bioinformatics

Data Science 2.0 – Guided and In-line Analytics: By Michael O’Connell, PhD

In retail banking and capital markets, IT initiatives and business projects are justified by improving productivity, reducing risk and/or growing revenues. The various functional areas of these organizations rely on big data analytics – trading and managing portfolios, creating value across customer relationships, detecting and preventing fraud and managing risk across the enterprise.

Delivering Effective Customer Service Using Spotfire Analytics Platform

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood leads an interactive demonstration highlighting how Spotfire is used to analyze key metrics for a service center, evaluate customer service representatives' (CSR) performance, and improve productivity.

Dialog Semiconductor optimizes their enterprise using the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

“After gaining significant benefits from our initial Spotfire deployments we are now making analytics pervasive. With Spotfire as Dialog’s analytic standard, we see significant potential for business optimization” Mohamed Djadoudi, VP Global Manufacturing Operations, Dialog Semiconductor

Discovery Partner Markets Insures Healthy Success with TIBCO

Using Spotfire with integration and middleware messaging to monitor and manage consumer health stat data from wearable devices across the globe.

Dos & Donts of Collaborative Meetings

In this paper you’ll discover how your organization can leverage the TIBCO Spotfire® platform to make meetings and planning workshops more collaborative and productive.

Eastport Analytics and the Internal Revenue Service Combat Tax Evasion Schemes with TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics platform is a key component of Eastport’s innovative analytical process to identify potential tax evasion activity associated with offshore credit cards for the IRS.

eClinicalWorks Integrates Spotfire Data Analytics into its Electronic Healthcare Record System to Allow Insight at the Point of Care

eClinicalWorks helps providers achieve actionable insight, preserve revenue, and reduce costs by supplying data analytics, not in a separate dashboard, but within its EHR system. The system brings necessary information right to the point of care, exactly where it's needed most for making a difference in saving a patient's life.

eClinicalWorks on Spotfire for Actionable Analytics Right at the Point of Care

Changing the focus from quantity to quality of healthcare. (02:40 min)

Effective Channel Data Management with TIBCO Spotfire and IntegriChain’s Demand Network Analytics

In this webcast, IntegriChain CEO Kevin Leininger demonstrates how the Demand Network's Spotfire integration delivers self-service reporting and analytics across sales, marketing, finance for several leading healthcare and consumer manufacturers.

Effectively Serving Today’s Customer Through Consumer Insight

In this whitepaper, IDC Manufacturing Insights identifies the business challenges that consumer package manufacturers face and how IT investments can allow them to address those challenges. We examine the way that business intelligence and big data and analytics can provide consumer package manufacturers with the consumer insight they need to better serve their retail customers and consumers.

Empowering Business Productivity and Cost Control through Data Mashups

In this webcast, Ceiba Solutions demonstrates how the Helium/Spotfire integration is used for self-service dimension-free data exploration, providing insight into the unknown while dramatically reducing dependence on IT.

Empowering the Masses with Analytics

Despite being knowledgeable about their industry and experienced in running their organizations, the majority of business users lack expertise in analytics and visualization techniques—but that doesn't stop them from wanting to have a go. But making tools easier and more widely accessible is only part of the answer. A better approach is to work both sides of the gap. To make tools that can empower business users to discover and unlock value in their data—and that extend capabilities for experts, so they can share the analytics workload, improve efficiency, and focus on higher level work.

EMSI Successfully Navigates Company Growth with SyncSite BI/CRM Solutions Featuring TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

Spotfire deployed throughout the organization to fix broken data analysis processes in billing, sales, inventory management and collections.

Enhanced Analytics for Product Controllers

In this webcast, Phil Andriyevsky and Sumit Malik of Ernst & Young Financial Services lead an interactive demonstration of the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform highlighting how Spotfire enables product controllers to better monitor and assess profit and loss (P&L) explanation and valuation.

Equifax Credits Insights and Transformation to Spotfire

How this credit industry expert increased efficiency, insight, and capability leading to reducing time to market by 75% and enabling new conversations with customers. (2:28 min.)

Equifax Credits Insights and Transformation to Spotfire case study

With the help of TIBCO Spotfire, Equifax is making the move from a company that supplies data to one that supplies dynamic insights. It is increasing its brand image and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

European Molecular Biology Laboratory Uses TIBCO Spotfire to Help Identify and Develop Chemical Compounds In Academic Screening Facility

EMBL’s Chemical Biology Core Facility – a joint venture between the European Molecular Biology Laboratory , the German Cancer Research Center(DKFZ) and Heidelberg University – successfully deploys Spotfire software’s interactive and robust analytics capabilities.

Event Analytics in Machine Management

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire demonstrates how the monitoring of real-time events combined with modern analytical techniques can improve asset uptime, optimize maintenance schedules, and predict remedial work.

Executive Summary: Spotfire Analytics – Transforming Clinical Development

This is an abbreviated version of the more detailed whitepaper that explores how companies are meeting analytics challenges around the growing number of clinical trials and a wide array of study designs.

Facing Churn in Telecommunications: Causes and Cures

Within the telecommunications industry, both regulations and customer attitudes have advanced, but not all CRM systems have kept pace. Managers charged with keeping customers happy find themselves still burdened with old systems that require IT departments to tweak data for every new question. While questions about market segments, cost per gross add, average revenue per user and other metrics arise quickly and in fast succession, answers tend to come back slowly. This whitepaper explores predictive analytics solutions for customer churn.

Farminform Provides Critical Analysis and Market Intelligence to Leading Pharmaceutical Companies with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® provides visual and interactive analytics to help Farminform with the introduction and tuning of fiFOCUS to pharmaceutical companies for improving their targeting activities.

Financial Crimes Management: A 2013 Differentiator in Financial Services

In this webcast, Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director, CEB TowerGroup Retail Banking & Cards, Danny Lee, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Spotfire, and James Freeman, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire, will Explore the business value of superior fraud and AML management beyond the mere reduction in the number of crimes and their specific losses.

Five Common Data Visualization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Software that analyzes and visualizes data is fast becoming the norm. These tools produce great visuals on demand and make it far easier to spot potential problems and capitalize on trends that might otherwise be missed. With the aid of this whitepaper, you can add to your data visualization knowledge by understanding five of the most common visualization mistakes and how to avoid them.

Five Reasons Spotfire Is Better than Excel for Business Data Analytics

Microsoft Excel is widely available and very familiar, making it an automatic first choice whenever there's work to be done, including data analytics and visualization. But are Excel and other spreadsheets the right tools for business analytics, or are you better off using a custom made analytics and data discovery product like TIBCO Spotfire?

Five Tips for Presenting Data Analyses: Telling a Good Story with Data

As a professional business or data analyst you have both the tools and the knowledge needed to analyze and understand data collected by your organization, but that’s only one part of the job.

Fluid Markets, Liquidity Assets, Capital Markets: Winning in the 21st Century, Financial Services Marketplace

In this webcast, Senior Research Director of the CEB TowerGroup Rodney Nelsestuen demonstrates how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform delivers on regulatory mandates in the stream of business while improving operations, compliance, and the overall customer experience.

Forensic Testing for Financial Services with Ernst & Young

In this webcast, Reza Haniph and Angus Champion de Crespigny of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform enables greater effectiveness of forensic testing at leading global financial institutions.

Forest Oil Uses Spotfire to Drill Down to Real Results

With an expansive infrastructure and numerous remote employees, Forest Oil needed superior infrastructure visibility to correctly predict well forecasts and capitalize on opportunities.

Fort Worth Fire Department Looks to TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for Decision Support and Performance Measurement to Better Serve the Community

Spotfire provides interactive analytical and reporting capabilities for both technical and non-technical users for a wide range of HR and public safety applications.

Fournier Pharma Puts Spotfire at the Core of its Microarray Gene Expression Analysis Platform

Pharmaceutical firm places DecisionSite® at the core of its microarray gene expression analysis platform.

FrieslandCampina Milks Value from TIBCO Analytics

Valorizing milk production by unlocking the value in data. (03:02 min.)

FrieslandCampina Milks Value from TIBCO Analytics case study

Using Spotfire, this dairy foods manufacturer has achieved easy-to-use analytics as well as better decision-making, inventory management, productivity, and insight.

From Business Intelligence to unlocking collective intelligence

New approaches in Business Intelligence (BI) target the individual in the enterprise with the intention of motivating employees to actively participate in decision-making processes. The “human factor” thus takes center stage in business processes.

FTI Consulting Health Solutions Provides Game-changing Insights with Spotfire

Read to find out how FTI achieved competitive advantage, faster implementations, and higher productivity.

Future Pharmaceuticals: An Early Read on Data

TIBCO Spotfire expert Michael O’Connell, discusses key challenges faced by clinical development organizations, and how they’re getting solved.

Gain Insight into Your Brand’s Online Retail Shelf Space

In this webcast, Benjamin Spiegel will demonstrate how Catalyst combines its proprietary eShelf Engine™ technology with Spotfire analytics and interactive visualizations to deliver deep insights to the competitive positioning of products on online retail shelves.

Gain Visibility Into the Unknown through DeltaSoft ChemCart and TIBCO Spotfire

In this webcast, DeltaSoft illustrates how the ChemCart/Spotfire integration enables the discovery of actionable insights in pharmaceutical and agrochemical research data.

Gaining Business Value from Governed Analytics and Discovery

This TDWI Checklist Report outlines strategic governance objectives and reveals seven steps to a balanced governance strategy.

Games that Matter

User Experience that Leads to Insights

Gartner Report: Critical Capabilities for BI & Analytics Platforms

This 2016 Critical Capabilities report will help you discover which BI and Analytics platform made it to the top so you too can gain the agility and speed you need to keep up with the trends and stay ahead.

GE Energy: Justin Eggart

"The great thing about Spotfire 5 is that you have the capability to do both in-database analytics and in-memory analytics...that really takes the 2-second advantage and makes it the 10-second advantage for us"

GE: Bryan Saunders on Spotfire

"The first reaction was "WOW" can it be this easy?"

Genomic Data Analysis and Drug Discovery

In this webcast, Dr. Eskouhie Tchaparian demonstrates how TIBCO Spotfire RealTime StatMiner is used to measure relative quantification of transcription levels and select different gene expression levels in a step-by-step workflow.

Genomics Institute Mines Genomic Data with Spotfire

"With S-PLUS we benefit from superior memory resourcing allowing us to process larger data sets faster. We can pre-process our data and analyze gigabytes of data with modest computer resources." -Todd Wood, Director of Bioinformatics, Genomics Institute

GlaxoSmithKline Streamlines the Design, Analysis and Reporting of Clinical Trial Data with Clinical Graphics Solution from Insightful

The clinical graphics solution developed by Insightful is being utilized by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to streamline the design, analysis and reporting of clinical trial data. By using the clinical graphics solution, GSK’s Biomedical Data Sciences statistical community is facilitating better scientific analysis and interpretation, and enabling more effective communication across functional areas.

Global Clinical Development Organization Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Clinical Operations

Spotfire provides a standardized company-wide safety review tool for rapid data visualization and analysis of adverse events, lab data, operational metrics, protocol deviations and custom and target reviews.

Global Service Organization Transforms Sales Performance and Demand Generation Effectiveness with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire's interactive dashboards and ad hoc analysis provides greater insight into company's marketing campaign effectiveness and sales pipeline, forecast and territory goals

Global Services Organization Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Financial Planning, Procurement and Analysis

Spotfire used by worldwide finance organization to gain greater visibility into corporate finance, operational reporting, internal controls, and procurement processes.

Guided In-memory and On-demand Visual Analytics Across the Enterprise: by Michael O’Connell, PhD

Across all industries, IT initiatives and business projects are justified by improving productivity, reducing risk and/or growing revenues. The various functional areas of these organizations rely on big data analytics – managing product portfolios, creating value across customer relationships, detecting and preventing fraud and managing risk across the enterprise.

Health, Safety and Environment Analytics, with Teradata and Spotfire

In this webcast, Teradata and Spotfire will share insights from across the industry regarding how a Unified Data Architecture can help organizations tackle the issues of bringing all the data together so that true Root Cause Analysis can take place – leading to better preventative policies in the future, and the reduction of risk to our people, assets and environment.

How Blue River Analytics Solves Analysis Paralysis

Analytics Director Andy Lathrop on helping oil and gas customers achieve increased productivity and deeper insight. (03:14 min.)

How CIBC Turns Data into Real-time Action

SVP of Process Management for Retail and Business Banking Neal Oswald on knowing customers and managing data and processes using Spotfire. (02:47 min)

How Leading European Life Science Companies Are Leveraging Spotfire for Clinical Development

In this webcast, Dr. Mark Demesmaeker shares how European Life Science companies are using Spotfire for self-service data discovery in areas such as in-stream safety review, data quality assessment, protocol adherence, site reporting and patient enrollment.

How Norfolk Southern Switches to Efficiency, Visibility, and Improved Customer Service

Read how this major railway company is using the TIBCO Fast Data platform to track and trace assets, recognize opportunities and threats, and satisfy customer demand. (3:38 min.)

How R. Lacy turns a down market into opportunity.

Giving decision-makers 24x7 access to data for granular analyses. (03:22 min)

How Puts Analytics in Good Hands

Executive Director Stefan Heeke on using data to help nonprofits further their cause and make a difference.

How Syntelli Solutions Moves the Needle with Spotfire

How easy and meaningful analytics for organizations across industries leads to 60% growth. (02:55 min.)

How TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Empowers the Intelligence Community

In this webcast, Jim Hawley leads an interactive demonstration of the Spotfire platform, showing how analytics and data discovery helps members of the U.S. Intelligence community to unlock new and critical patterns, trends, and actionable insights.

How To Become an In-licensing Champion

In this webcast, you will be able to learn how this combined solution can Increase your hit rate, add early abandonment value, and ultimately drive higher value technologies and products into the pipeline.

How Vestas Spins Up Wind Generation with Spotfire

How this global market leader in manufacturing and servicing wind turbines achieved efficient self-service analytics for greater productivity. (3:12 min.)

HR Analytics To Drive Strategic Workforce Decisions

In this webcast, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Claire Schooley shares how in-memory advanced analytics plaforms enable Human Resources professionals to better monitor employee turnover, optimize performance, and anticipate workforce needs.

IDC Report: Delivers Market Research Data Through the Cloud

IBB was faced with the need to present a large array of data for each of the industries to its customers. The company had a limited budget, limited IT skills, and no previous experience in data warehousing or business intelligence development, so it turned to the cloud for a solution.

IDC Report: Localiza Selects TIBCO BPM and SOA Platforms for Legacy Upgrade

Localiza Rent A Car, the largest rental car company in Latin America, adopted TIBCO's broader portfolio of process management (BPM) suite, service-oriented architecture (SOA), complex event processing (CEP) software, and analytics to modernize its legacy application infrastructure.

IDC Report: The Path Toward Pervasive Business Intelligence at Avantium

The trend toward evidence-based decision-making is taking root in commercial, non-profit and public sector organizations. Driven by increased competition due to changing business models, deregulation or, in some cases, increased regulation in the form of new compliance requirements, organizations in all industries and of all sizes are turning to business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) technologies and services to either automate or support decision-making processes.

IDC Report: TIBCO Spotfire Owns the Front End in the Life Sciences

While Spotfire has been and will continue to be a powerful industry independent analytical, modeling, and visualization tool, a key strength in the life science industry is its ability to work effectively with most other core industry applications.

IDC: Familiar and User Friendly : TIBCO Spotfire owns the Front End in the Life Sciences

This IDC Health Insights Perspective highlights the use of TIBCO Spotfire in the life sciences as the de facto end user interface of choice for the strategic assessment of clinical data.

Identify New Licensing Opportunities and Perform Asset Scouting and Benchmarking with TIBCO Spotfire and Relay TM’s BD Live!

In this webcast, Relay Technology Management demonstrates how the "BD Live!" platform integrates with Spotfire to aggregate and visualize both structured and unstructured data, enabling in stronger portfolio optimization and benchmarking for life science industries.

Ignite Hires Spotfire to Find Revenue Opportunities, Efficiencies

How the innovation lab for the world's largest staffing agency, Adecco, moved to fact-based decision-making for cost savings and opportunity discovery. (03:24 min.)

Ignite Hires Spotfire to Find Revenue Opportunities, Efficiencies case study

Secures fact-based decision-making, cost savings, and opportunity discovery.

ImClone Builds World Class Lean Manufacturing System

Insightful’s S-PLUS® is providing ImClone with insights into its manufacturing process that allows the biopharmaceutical company to produce products more quickly, efficiently and reproducibly.

Improving Profitability by End-to-End Analysis of the Warranty and Quality Chain

This document will review the emerging trends in warranty and quality management and examine the benefits of Warranty and Quality Analytics to companies that operate in this space.

In-database Analytical Systems: Perspective, Trade-offs and Implementation

The significant change, which this paper addresses, is that Spotfire can now run its dimension-free data exploration environment against data held in Teradata, Oracle’s Exadata, SQL Server 2008 and 2012 and in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Since these engines can comfortably handle data volumes far in excess of that which can be held in memory, it is now possible to use Spotfire’s unsurpassed analytical capabilities against some of the largest data sets in the world. This provides much greater flexibility and also the ability to use the same tool for both classes of data provides some unexpected synergies.

In-memory Analytical Systems: Perspective, Trade-offs and Implementation

This white paper examines the pros and cons of in-memory analytics with particular reference to TIBCO Spotfire analytics solution. It is divided into four main sections: Introduction, Trade-offs, Overview of In-memory Approaches and TIBCO Spotfire Analytics’s approach.

In-Memory Computing: Lifting the Burden of Big Data (with Aberdeen Group)

In this webcast, Nathaniel Rowe of Aberdeen Group discusses findings from a recent study on the state of Big Data while Spotfire's Michael O'Connell illustrates industry use cases and applications for in-memory computing. Leverages TIBCO Spotfire® to Revolutionize the Corporate Planning Process

Spotfire provides IBB clients an interactive dashboard with which to analyze the global economy by industry sector, subsector, group, subgroup and specific industry of interest.

Infinity Pharmaceuticals Speeds the Discovery Cycle with Spotfire

Infinity Pharmaceuticals wanted to increase the quality and speed of its analytical decision making in the discovery of new drug candidates. Spotfire® DecisionSite™ provided the tools to achieve its goals and reduce the crucial “time to next experiment.”

Innovative Analytics Tracks Down Unexpected Clinical Trial Results with Spotfire

When consultants from Innovative Analytics help pharmaceutical companies track down the cause of unexpected clinical trial results, they use Spotfire® DecisionSite™ to quickly focus attention on critical data points.

inQuba Delivers Context for Enhanced Customer Experience

How inQuba delivered a fully integrated end-to-end architecture for delivering customer experience orchestration. (02:44 min.)

inQuba Delivers Context for Enhanced Customer Experience case study

Understanding propensity to buy, who's going to be loyal, and opportunities for greater customer retention.

Insider's Guide to Apache SPARK

An Insider's Guide to Apache SPARK, by InsideBIGDATA, explains what SPARK is, the reasons behind its' exponential growth, and how it addresses the key issues faced by big data environments that other computing architectures can't.

Insights into What's Coming in Spotfire 6.0

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire will review the exciting new features of Spotfire 6.0: KPIs and Metrics, Event Analytics, Location Analytics, and Enterprise Cloud.

Insurance Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analysis

See how TIBCO Spotfire can analyze an Insurance CRM database to locate Cross-Sell and Up-Sell opportunities

Intelligent Workforce Analytics

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood discusses the business challenges faced by HR executives while Martin Matula demonstrates Beeline's award-winning Spotfire-integrated contingent workforce management solution.

Istrabenz Plini Powers Good Decision-making

How the liquid petroleum provider improved reporting and a whole lot more. (03:30 min.)

Istrabenz Plini Powers Good Decision-making with Spotfire

The leading LP gas company in the Slovene market uses Spotfire to achieve greater reliability and customer loyalty, improved operations, and time savings.

Keeping Up with the KPIs

10 steps to help identify and monitor key performance indicators for your business.

KPN Delivers Customer Intelligence Faster and at Reduced Cost with TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

Spotfire is used by Customer Intelligence (CI) division to analyze customer data and and customer behavior in support of CRM objectives.

KPN Develops Intuitive TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO iProcess Mash-Up Application to Expedite Fiber Optic Order Fulfillment Process

Mash-up of TIBCO iProcess and Spotfire created to bring visual analysis and real-time monitoring to the fiber service order exception handling process; prioritizing the most critical problems.

Kraft Foods Improves Productivity by 375% with Spotfire

Kraft’s high-performance analytics and superior visual reporting solution serve up great tasting products and improve productivity by 375%.

Leading Hard Drive Manufacturer Reduces Disk Drive Defects by 25% Within Weeks of Deploying TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

Spotfire deployed to hundreds of engineering and quality assurance staff for returned disk drive performance analysis and OEM business reviews.

Lekarna Ljubljana Leverages TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for Sales and Operations Financial Management

Spotfire imports and visually depicts large, complex data sets from multiple data sources. Deployed for multiple analytical tasks across the organization (finance, inventory, sales, marketing).

Lipper uses Insightful’s solution to build customizable analytics to develop new products for evaluating mutual fund performance.

Lipper accelerates product development cycle by 300%. Now, analysts can prototype new analytics within minutes delivering financial analytic solutions to clients the next day.

Manufacturing Warranty Root Cause Analysis

Manufacturing Warranty - Root Cause Analysis

Marks and Spencer Empowers Business Analysts with Spotfire

By empowering employees with self-service data analytics, M&S teams can now learn more about the business and confidently use data to answer key business questions without IT support.

McKesson relies on TIBCO Spotfire for their customer-facing solution

McKesson uses TIBCO Spotfire to provide retrospective, concurrent, and predictive modeling solutions that enable their customers to best manage the clinical effectiveness, financial performance, and operational efficiency of their organization.

Measure Only What Truly Matters in Energy: Introduction to Spotfire Mobile Metrics

In this webcast, Bryan Colyer of TIBCO will demonstrate how Spotfire Mobile Metrics enables management by exception, delivering real-time data to mobile devices of energy professionals.

Merck Deploys Web-Based Visualization and Data Analysis Solution Enchancing Drug Discovery Efforts

Merck statisticians use S-PLUS® from their desktops to develop the data analysis and statistical functionality necessary to evaluate data from new chemical samples.

Modernise your enterprise with best-of-breed solutions

TIBCO and HP collaborate to develop and deliver best-of-breed enterprise analytics solutions to enable their customers to become agile, data-driven organizations.

Motorola Life Sciences selects Insightful’s analytic technology to manufacture reliable high-quality biochips for genomics and expression data mining

High-performance analytic software technology combined with Motorola’s Six Sigma semiconductor manufacturing legacy optimizes manufacturing processes, geometrically increases product sensitivity, repeatability, and miniaturization and provides an everincreasing level of customer satisfaction. Product yield and quality has increased substantially since the application of Insightful’s advanced analytical software mixed with a unique application of techniques gleaned from Motorola’s experience in semiconductor engineering.

Moving from Data to Insight to Action - Using Linkage Analysis to Make Your Data Work for You

Effective use of information has become a critical business advantage and marketplace differentiator. It is estimated that analytics-focused organizations see a third more revenue and 12 times better performance than those who aren’t. This paper is intended for anyone struggling to take action with their current data sets to better leverage their data in making and implementing informed business decisions. It is especially useful for managers and executives in small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that may not yet be ready to implement full-featured enterprise software, but know they need a better way forward than what they are doing now.

Neil Raden Presents: The Ten Principles of Enterprise Analytics

In this whitepaper, Neil Raden defines the term "analytics," contrasts it to Business Intelligence and provides a framework to understand the requirements of analytics: “The Ten Principles for Enterprise Analytics." Raden outlines ten rules for a complete analytics platform that serves the needs of a high percentage of knowledge workers

NetApp: Allan Dang on Spotfire

"We chose the product that was right for us, which was Spotfire"

Netback Analysis and Insight into Refining

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire and Patrick Long of Opportune will illustrate how Spotfire analyses and visualizations drive actionable insights for refining.

New Leaf Venture Partners Employs TIBCO Spotfire Software to Generate Novel Investment Ideas

TIBCO Spotfire software combines numerous columns of categorical and relational data in a single platform where portfolio managers, analysts, financial engineers, traders and compliance managers can dynamically query and interact with the variables.

NextEra Energy Resources Leverages TIBCO Spotfire S+ for Wind Project Assessment

With the need for new sources of power generation to meet increasing demand, NextEra Energy deployed the TIBCO Spotfire S+ statistical analysis and programming environment to integrate statistical modeling and data mining into its wind prospecting assessment with a goal to develop a 10,000 megawatt (MW) wind generation facility.

NextGen Software or Software for the NextGen?

Many question whether it's time to rethink the whole field of Business Intelligence (BI), of which analytics is a part, and move to a BI 2.0, a next generation set of software products. Alternatively, is it possible that the workforce may be outgrowing its reservations to analytics?

Nordisk Trygghetscentral Employs TIBCO Spotfire to Dramatically Reduce Crime Incidence for its Stockholm Business Clients

Spotfire integrates multiple real-time and historical data sources, including a crime database of a million crimes, enabling Nordisk to find insight into the likelihood of crimes in any given area of Stockholm.

Norfolk Southern Switches to Efficiency, Visibility, and Customer Service

How this leading railway increased visibility and gained fast time to value, awareness, and action.

Novartis Switzerland Rapidly Optimizes Sales Strategy with TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

Life Sciences Case Study: Pharmaceutical leader Novartis rapidly optimizes its sales strategy with TIBCO Spotfire.

“Almost immediately TIBCO Spotfire made us more efficient, helping reduce the time it takes for us to prepare reports. We realized as soon as we started that Spotfire enabled us to deliver a much more dynamic report that sales managers can work with, removing the burden from us to always be running new reports with different views of the data." - Eugen Perez, CRM Manager, Novartis

Novartis Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Exploratory Data Analysis and Safety Assessment in Preclinical and Clinical Studies

Spotfire is used for safety data assessment and interactive data exploration in preclinical and clinical studies at Novartis. Workflows based on Spotfire are a substantial step forward from traditional manual processes which include reworking of data in multiple iterations between stakeholder communities.

Nucleus Research Report: High Tech Manufacturer Improves With Analytics

A high tech manufacturing company deployed Spotfire to leverage its existing engineering data warehouse with Spotfire’s analytics solution to enable all engineers to intuitively access and analyze data, increasing productivity while providing greater visibility into key processes.

Nutzung der Kundenanalytik zur Bereitstellung von Mehrwert in Banken und Vermögensverwaltungen

In diesem Whitepaper beschreibt IDC Financial Insights, mit welchen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen Finanz- und Vermögens-verwaltungsorganisationen konfrontiert sind und wie sie diese mithilfe von IT-Investitionen überwinden können. Wir untersuchen, wie Finanzinstitute die Kundenanalytik nutzen können, um zusätzlichen geschäftlichen Wert für den Kunden und das Unternehmen zu schaffen.

Nutzung der Kundenanalytik zur Bereitstellung von Mehrwert in Versicherungsgesellschaften

In diesem Whitepaper beschreibt IDC Financial Insights, mit welchen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen Versicherungsgesellschaften konfrontiert sind und wie sie diese mithilfe von IT-Investitionen überwinden können. Wir untersuchen, wie Versicherer die Kundenanalytik nutzen können, um zusätzlichen geschäftlichen Wert für den Kunden und das Unternehmen zu schaffen.

NXP Semiconductors Controls Margins with Spotfire Analytics

With Spotfire, NXP can better manage margins and distributor incentives, and its analysts are far more productive.

Obsession with Quality at Western Digital Corporation

This is the story of the Quality Information System (QIS) at Western Digital Corporation. It is a story about using data to understand and improve their business. WD is a culture that continually searches for opportunities and implements that next small improvement, not only within its supply chain, but throughout all parts of their business. The approach is to use Information Technology (IT) as the magnifying glass to examine each piece of their business. As one analyst mused, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Errors can be fixed once you can see them.”

Oil and Gas Company

How this upstream oil and gas company saves time, thinks deeper, decides faster, and makes more money with Spotfire.

Oil and Gas: Production Optimization 5-Minute Guide

Modern oil and gas production optimization calls for a modern analytic platform, one that performs in several critical areas.

Optimized Data Flow for Fast and Efficient Decision Making of Clinical Data at Roche

In this webcast, Ben McGraw of TIBCO Spotfire and Franziska Zitt of Roche demonstrate how the Spotfire platform has optimized Roche's clinical data collection, storage, and trial data review.

Optimized Marketing Campaigns for Communication Service Providers

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Spotfire and Boris Glazman, Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire, will illustrate how Spotfire analytics and predictive platform can be used to design, optimize and measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign for a communication service provider.

Optimizing Store Performance with Analytics (with InfomatiX)

 Join us for part 1 of 3 in this webcast series with Spotfire partner and CPG&R expert, InfomatiX, to discover why modern-day analytics is something your business shouldn’t be without.

Optimizing Supply through Location Analytics

In this webcast, Peter Shaw of TIBCO Spotfire will demonstrate how Location Analytics combined with advanced predictive capabilities can optimize supply chains to minimize risk, cost, and more.

Organon Bridges the Data Gap Between Basic Research and Clinical Trials with TIBCO Spotfire

Pharmaceutical leader deploys TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics platform across its drug discovery organization to catalyze communication and collaboration among scientists.

P&G Turns Analysis Into Action

Here's something an IT team never wants to hear: Cool technology; but how does it help us? It's not something you'll hear about these projects, which earned our Business Innovator awards for IW 500 initiatives that deliver practical value in an area critical to companies.

Pfizer Deploys Intranet-Based Statserver Technology To Improve FDA Reporting

At Pfizer, S-PLUS was deployed using StatServer software and a company-wide Intranet for data analysis and FDA reporting. "Historically, our company submitted hundreds of lengthy reports including 30 to 40 pages of graphs to the FDA. Each researcher was responsible for preparing their own reports and as a company we did not have access to standardized analytics. We were looking for a leading software solution that could deliver the powerful analytics and graphic capabilities we needed to our employee's desktops," says John Twist, Section Director, PDS Planning and Statistics. "We selected StatServer because it provided its cutting-edge analytics, browser compatibility and integration with complementary Microsoft Office reporting packages."

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing: Emerging Markets

Use this application to quickly detect trends, identify the markets with the highest potential, and gather competitive intelligence about new opportunities and emerging markets.

Physician Payments Sunshine Act – Unlocking the Value of Aggregated Spend Data

In this webcast, Ben McGraw, Spotfire, and Joy King, Teradata, will help pharmaceutical manufacturers realize an ROI from their efforts to comply with the Physician Spend Sunshine Law by aggregating and organizing eligible spend data.

Pillsbury Deploys Innovative Data Analysis Tool Kit

Pillsbury uses StatServer to deploy analytical tools to R&D, Operations, and Marketing, in applications ranging from process analysis to product development to consumer research. In one application, Dr. Fred Hulting, senior research scientist in Pillsbury's Statistics and Quality Design Department, created design tools, analysis tools, and interpretive aids for process development teams working in manufacturing. Scientists and engineers at any manufacturing site can easily design data collection plans for process studies, obtain a process-specific data analysis, and make business decisions with confidence. Team members use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access these powerful data analysis tools, and to seamlessly transfer the analysis results to others globally using business software packages including Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.

Portugal Telecom Calls on TIBCO Spotfire Analytics as an Agile BI Service Offering and to Measure Its Own Business Objectives

“Spotfire has dramatically decreased the time spent analyzing our KPIs. It still amazes us that what used to take days in Excel can now be done in less than an hour with Spotfire.” Nuno Neto, Manager of Planning and Control PT-SI

Predictive Analytics in Oil and Gas with Spotfire

This webcast covers predictive and event-driven analytics applications for oil and gas exploration, including interactive multivariate Spotfire visualizations enabled with modeling, simulation, forecasting, optimization and data mining methodologies.

Predictive Analytics with Spotfire

In this webcast, Lou Bajuk-Yorgan demonstrates how Spotfire's predictive and event driven capabilities deliver actionable insights for users across the Enterprise.

Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

TIBCO Spotfire is the premier data discovery and analytics platform, which provides powerful capabilities for our customers, such as dimension-free data exploration through interactive visualizations, and data mashup to quickly combine disparate data to gain insights masked by data silos or aggregations.

Predictive maintenance: How data can increase production

Predictive maintenance involves gathering targeted data for analysis, the results of which will help anticipate potential failures before they occur. Companies opt for this type of maintenance to avoid predictable incidents and repair equipment, assembly lines, or machinery with minimum impact on their operations.

Procter & Gamble’s Groundbreaking Business Sphere Leverages TIBCO Spotfire

Procter & Gamble’s groundbreaking Business Sphere enables the Company to be rapidly responsive to changes in the marketplace and uncover new opportunities to improve the lives of consumers. Business Sphere—built and powered by P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS)—is a visually immersive data environment that transforms decision-making at P&G by harnessing real-time business information from around the globe.

Quantros Selects Insightful’s StatServer to Complement Its Robust Healthcare Management System

“Historically, developing applications required several months from conception to delivery,” said Rajnish Mishra, President and CEO of Quantros. “With StatServer, we can now prototype new ideas very fast, cutting the time required to deliver solutions to our customers by 50%.” With Insightful’s technology, Quantros was able to incorporate new guidelines for staffing effectiveness issued by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) within three weeks, beating their competition to market.

QuintusVisuals: Dashboard Visualizations for Spotfire Analytics

In this webcast, Quintus demonstrates how Spotfire users can extend their dashboard creations with powerful add-in QuintusVisuals like the spider plot, waterfall plot, speed dial, and traffic light visualizations.

R. Lacy Turns a Down Market into Opportunity

The goal was to give decision-makers 24/7 access to the data, so they could drill down to the granular level and help make better decisions that would ultimately improve profitability.

Real-time Safety Surveillance of Clinical Trials

In this webcast, Pfizer demonstrates how they are leveraging Spotfire's visualization-based data discovery to quickly perform targeted safety review of protocol and program specific in-stream and post marketing safety data.

REC Looks to TIBCO Spotfire Visual Analytics to Improve Silicon Wafer Production Yields

Spotfire streamlined analysis of REC's large, hierarchical databases through dashboards for washline performance production, root cause analysis of wafer defects, and data extraction.

Recognizing the Value of Untapped Data Assets: Big Data and Analytics in Oil and Gas

In this whitepaper, IDC Energy Insights addresses the use of Big Data and analytics in the oil and gas industry. The document explores two examples of how Big Data and analytics technologies are currently being used to improve water injection strategy and reduce the time and cost to drill. It also addresses how Big Data and analytics can help enhance production, speed resource discovery, or provide early warning of potentially disruptive incidents.

Relay Technology Management Develops Biopharma Industry’s First Unified Solution for Real-time Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Leveraging TIBCO Spotfire® data discovery as the front-end and Attivio’s unified information access technology in the back-end, Relay TM developed Business Development Live (BD Live!), a real-time business intelligence and data visualization solution for life sciences professionals. BD Live! aggregates and instantly visualizes structured and unstructured data from more than 27 million data points in real-time, representing a comprehensive list of scientific and business literature, technology transfer data, and clinical trial data.

Resource Sizing: Spotfire for AWS

With TIBCO Spotfire® for AWS, you can have the best in analytics software available at your fingertips in just a few clicks.

Root Cause Analysis and Quality Management in Discrete Manufacturing

In this webcast, Hector Martinez and Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire help to guide the discovery of manufactured product faults to better avoid added costs, eliminate recurrences, and ensure corrective action. Becomes a Trusted Oil and Gas Industry Advisor with Spotfire

Solves problems, identifies cost savings, and secures client satisfaction. (03:03 min.) Becomes a Trusted Oil and Gas Industry Advisor with Spotfire case study

Solves problems, identifies cost savings, and secures client satisfaction.

Searching for Insight Through Analytics

In this whitepaper, David Loshin discusses how reducing the dependence on traditional analytical tools requiring programming knowledge or deep application skills opens up the world of business analytics to a more “democratic” constituency, effectively equipping anyone in the enterprise to be empowered to develop and use analytics to achieve their business objectives.

Servir les clients actuels de manière efficace grâce au « Consumer Insight »

Les fabricants de produits grand public bénéficient depuis longtemps d’un accès aux informations clients grâce aux données collectées sur les points de vente, aux promotions commerciales et aux stratégies traditionnelles de vente et de marketing. Par ailleurs, les fabricants d’aujourd’hui étudient de nouvelles méthodes pour comprendre et capter les consommateurs afin d’accroître le succès de leurs produits sur le marché et maintenir la puissance de leurs marques.

Severstal: Cameron Williams on Spotfire

"We've selected a very good product, that a sales guy can actually put their arms around it, embrace it, understand it, manipulate it and get very valuable information out of it with out calling me on how to do it. It's fantastic."

Sfruttare l’analisi del cliente per creare più valore all’interno degli Istituti di credito e delle società di Wealth Management

Insights individua le sfide di mercato che le banche e società di wealth management si trovano ad affrontare, nonché il modo in cui gli investimenti nell’IT possono contribuire al superamento di tali ostacoli. Verrà presa in esame la maniera in cui gli istituti finanziari possono far leva sull’analisi del cliente per aggiungere valore commerciale sia alla propria clientela sia all’azienda.

Shell: Vince Fredrick on Spotfire

"We were really surprised at how easy it was to put data into Spotfire"

Speed Society and it's Enemies

The critical mass for an on-demand world is composed of ubiquitous communications (the Internet), open standards and instant access. In an information-driven world, speed is king.

Speeding and Refining Chemical Search, Analysis and Visualization with Instant JChem and Spotfire

In this webcast, ChemAxon demonstrates how Instant JChem integrates with Spotfire to produce powerful cheminformatics visualizations for pharmaceutical research.

Spotfire Analytics for Customer Complaints

In this webcast, Lisa Ducharme and Jacob Thiel of Ernst & Young will demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform enables clients to realize operational efficiencies, respond to regulator inquiries, and improve the customer experience.

Spotfire Analytics for FATCA with Ernst & Young

In this webcast, Paul Frasco and Todd Retchless of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform leverages embedded classification logic based on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations.

Spotfire Analytics for Financial Planning & Analysis

This webcast demonstrates how Spotfire Analytics enterprise analytics platform enables FP&A professionals gain fast access to actionable insights so they can make better decisions, spot new opportunities, and avoid risks.

Spotfire Analytics Workshops

Complimentary half-day workshops at your location are designed to develop stronger BI strategies with reduced impact on IT and bring reporting and data discovery together for more agile decision-making across your organization.

Spotfire Analytics – Transforming Clinical Development

The number of clinical trials underway each year has been increasing steadily, worldwide. With a broad range of study designs, varying data collection methods and time points, efficient data analysis in clinical development has become more important than ever. This whitepaper discusses how companies are meeting the challenges with new analytics approaches.

Spotfire and Cloudera: Interactive Analysis on Hadoop Data

TIBCO Spotfire® enables business users with an easy-to-use interface to access and analyze their Cloudera® platform Apache Hadoop® data, and even combine it with non-Hadoop® data sources for deeper insights.

Spotfire and Hadoop: Interactive Analysis on Big Data

TIBCO Spotfire® offers native support for a number of Hadoop flavors. Hadoop integration points can be grouped into two categories: TIBCO Spotfire native data connectors and TERR-Hadoop integration. Both provide an extensive set of analytic features and security options.

Spotfire and Qlik Sense Positioning White Paper

This Spotfire and Qlik Sense positioning white paper by Butler Analytics explores why Spotfire is superior to Qlik Sense by examining all aspects of the two competing products.

Spotfire Case Study: Cisco Leverages Data Discovery and Visualization for Sales & Marketing Advantage

In this webcast, Justin Welsh of Cisco Systems shares how Spotfire analytics helps to drive multichannel CRM initiatives for more consistent customer experiences and greater operational efficiencies.

Spotfire for Insurance Analytics

In this webcast, Danny Lee and Sandie Easton of TIBCO Spotfire demonstrate how the Spotfire platform is used to analyze customer distribution and preferences and gain actionable insights on renewal patterns.

Spotfire for Production Optimization in Oil and Gas

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire presents energy use cases and applications demonstrating how Spotfire’s dimension-free data exploration platform empowers customers to develop more effective strategies for hydrocarbon production optimization.

Spotfire for Sales Analytics

Spotfire for Sales Analytics

Spotfire for the Enterprise: An Overview for IT Administrators

Information on Spotfire administration and deployment capabilities, architecture, data connection, security, scaleability, administration, and performance.

Spotfire Meetings - Minority Reports

This whitepaper discusses How a new form of data visualization promises to do away with the meetings we all know and loathe.

Spotfire Powers Interactive Visual Analysis of Inc. 500

By using Spotfire, the editors of were quickly able to spot interesting trends in a variety of data, which ranged from company listings to research surveys that were conducted with winning companies.

Stephen Few Presents: Fulfilling the Promise of BI

In this whitepaper, Stephen Few proposes that true Business Intelligence can only be achieved when it supports human intelligence. He explains that this requires software that seamlessly interacts with one's brain to support and extend our cognitive abilities. He advises companies to take advantage of the techniques that information visualization researchers have developed to analyze data at the speed of thought and achieve the promise of Business Intelligence today.

Structured + Unstructured Data: Creating Greater Value with Big Data Variety

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood of TIBCO Spotfire and Rik Tamm-Daniels of Attivio discuss data source trends and how enterprises can leverage unstructured Big Data to uncover deeper insights and create greater business value. Puts Data Analytics in Good Hands uses Spotfire data analytics to help nonprofits further their cause and make a difference.

Surromed Chooses S-PLUS® Server and Spotfire® DecisionSite for Biomarker Discovery

Surromed Inc. is a pioneering biomarker enabled drug discovery and development company and they needed an analysis workflow application for biomarker discovery. With S-PLUS Server and Spotfire DecisionSite they were allowed greater access to analytics and information which improved the quality of decision-making enterprise-wide.

Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times

As history shows, some of the world’s greatest transfers of wealth and most swift industry restructurings have occurred during periods of rapid change – not unlike the one we are experiencing. In this whitepaper, Dr. Mark Whitehorn discusses the heighted pressure to make good decisions in bad times and what’s required of BI systems to combat tough economic environments.

Swedish Defence Research Agency Tests TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics Platform for Defence Materiel Planning and Interoperability Requirements Analysis

The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) supports the Swedish Armed Forces in their ongoing transition towards a model-based capability development process. Among other things, FOI looks at new ways to visualize and navigate among large volumes of data in search of interesting insights that are hard to see in traditional spreadsheets. The prototypes developed as part of the initiative demonstrate how information visualization and interaction techniques can support model-based capability development involving large hierarchical data sets. Two cases were chosen as a context for the prototypes: analysis of the Armed Forces materiel plan and analysis of relations between NATO requirements and Swedish military units.

Syntelli Solutions Moves the Needle with Spotfire

Grows its business, capabilities, and expertise while facilitating customer insights.

Syntelli: Rishi Bhatnagar

"We were just amazed by the simple fact that we could take Spotfire, go to market and that would eliminate the need for at least four different products..."

Tampa Bay Lightning Scores Fan Experience and Revenue

Matching analytics to the speed of the business. (2:22 min)

Tampa Bay Lightning Scores Fan Experience and Revenue case study

National Hockey League team saves time, develops insights, and achieves better decision-making and results.

TDWI Best Practices Report: Visual Analytics for Making Smarter Faster Decisions

This TDWI Best Practices Report(published July 11, 2015) examines experiences with BI, visual analytics, and visual data discovery to uncover how organizations can move forward to make users more productive with data and use technologies to improve collaboration. Our research explores where users are succeeding with BI and analytics and where visual analytics can improve their decisions. Currently, users are not fully satisfied with their ability to use visual analytics functionality. 

TeliaSonera Maintains Market Leadership in Telco Services with TIBCO Spotfire

TeliaSonera selected TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics platform to help it monitor its end-to-end order provisioning process in Sweden and Finland.

The Mandate for Business Analytics

As companies seek new advantage, they are looking to Business Analytics for higher returns from two primary investments sources—information and expertise.

The BI Verdict - BARC Product Review of TIBCO Spotfire 5

In this paper, BARC (Business Application Research Center), an indepentent software industry analyst firm, reviews TIBCO Spotfire 5 on a number of capabilities and technical criteria.

The CementBloc’s Innovative, Converged Healthcare Relationship Marketing Initiatives Powered by TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire analyzes efficacy of multi-channel marketing programs for The CementBloc clients, including personal and non-person tactics targeting healthcare professionals, as well as the online behavior of consumers.

The Definition of Big Data

Michael O'Connell, Spotfire's Chief Data Scientist, gives his definition of Big Data and discusses how enterprises are quickly getting insights into Big Data. Learn more about big data analytics.

The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics, Q1 2016 Report

AD&D pros can use streaming analytics embedded in applications to get actionable value from IoT devices and mobile, web, and enterprise apps today. Read this Forrester report and learn how 15 streaming analytics vendors rank in the categories of current offering, market presence, and strategy and learn the six real-time analytics operators that every streaming analytics platform should provide.

The Intelligent Enterprise: Data Discovery and Analytics for Financial Services

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell illustrates financial services applications of Spotfire's event driven analytics platform. Case studies in risk, compliance, trading, and retail banking are reviewed.

TIBCO Analytics - Cloud BI

TIBCO Analytics cloud offerings provide an easy on-ramp to business intelligence whatever your role and requirements. TIBCO Spotfire Cloud is SaaS BI fully managed by TIBCO, allowing business users to launch BI and receive automatic upgrades without any server procurement or software installations. TIBCO Spotfire for AWS and TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS each provide technical teams with full control of their BI environments in a pay-as-you-go model, starting <$1/hr.

TIBCO Analytics Overview: Augment Intelligence and Accelerate Business

Products that answer more questions in less time, clean and transform data visually as you go, broadcast the best ideas across the company, embed analytics seamlessly, and automate actions on streaming data.

TIBCO Ranked #1 of 28 in 2016 Dresner Wisdom of the Crowds BI Market Study

Leading analyst firm Dresner Advisory Services has released its 7th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study and ranked TIBCO as one of the leaders out of 28 vendors and "best in class" for product robustness / sophistication of technology, scalability, integration with third-party technologies, customization, and extensibility. Read this report for more vendor ratings and Dresner's market insights.

TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Data Services

TIBCO Spotfire® Advanced Data Services allows enterprises to quickly and easily implement a data connectivity layer, providing companies with the ability to build Spotfire solutions that support dynamic business needs.

TIBCO Spotfire and Knime

When you need to quickly and easily manipulate, analyze, and distill statistics from data, the combination of TIBCO Spotfire® and KNIME delivers unrivalled flexibility, power, and the ability to rapidly innovate. Using Spotfire and KNIME gives you the ability to rapidly iterate and visualize your analyses in a code-free environment for improved speed to insight.

TIBCO Spotfire and OSIsoft PI System Interactive Analytics on Fast Data

Analyze OSIsoft PI System - mashed up with other data sources and visualized within Spotfire, to bring new, rich insights into product quality, operations, distributed assets, and the Internet of Things.

TIBCO Spotfire and Spotfire S+® Product Family

TIBCO Spotfire’s software supports FDA-defined processes and quality guidelines, as well as pharmaceutical companies’ drug development, submission, review and approval processes.

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services for Oracle E-Business Suite

TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) enables instant access to Oracle EBS to provide rapid and flexible analytics and reporting on key business data. Using TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services layer, content is delivered as pre-built, reusable data services directly to Spotfire®.

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services for SAP BW

TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services for SAP BW allows more users to easily access analyze and report on SAP BW data. SAP BW data can be combined with data from other sources to enable you to rapidly perform analysis and build operational reports with great flexibility.

TIBCO Spotfire Data Wrangling

Most analytic projects require that up to 80% of their time be spent wrangling data for the purposes of analysis because data is messy, contains errors, or is not organized for analysis. TIBCO Spotfire® uniquely offers inline data wrangling through a unified visual analysis and preparation interface to help you rapidly clean data while performing analysis.

TIBCO Spotfire Energy Solutions Templates

Many pre-configured Spotfire templates, configured with controls for data preparation, visualization, and predictive analysis, speed energy data analysis. Each template accepts a primary data table containing raw starting data and optional metadata such as a data dictionary that can easily be replaced with your own data.

TIBCO Spotfire for Corporate Finance

Spotfire provides Corporate Finance with easy exploration of data to any level of detail without requiring IT resources. This self-service discovery enables fast understanding of what is driving changes in key performance indicators—and smarter, faster decisions.

TIBCO Spotfire for Machine Sensor & Maintenance Analytics

Spotfire allows you bring machine and product performance data together with streaming sensor data, historical data, maintenance costs from your ERP, and environmental data such as weather conditions. You can now begin to truly understand your assets and the causal relationships among the many factors that affect their performance and potential failures.

TIBCO Spotfire for Product Quality and Reliability

Spotfire allows you to bring together supplier quality, manufacturing process, quality and reliability, test, field return, and external data sources. Only by having all the relevant data can you see true root causes. It lets you rapidly visualize your data and investigate outliers, gain insight quickly, and share that insight with colleagues. Our broad range of intuitive visualizations and built-in statistical techniques provides a rich palette of tools for everyone involved in improving product quality.

TIBCO Spotfire for Production Optimization

Spotfire allows users to combine all relevant data – whether historical or real-time, structured or unstructured – allowing them to bring textual well reports together with finance data, production data, and geophysical and geological sources to help answer questions about recovery, lifting, underperforming wells, corrective actions, and unplanned downtime.

TIBCO Spotfire for Sports and Entertainment

Cadeon Associates partners with TIBCO Spotfire® to deliver a sophisticated solution that addresses all the needs of these organizations.

TIBCO Spotfire for Supply Chain Analytics

Spotfire helps businesses optimize supply chain operations by mashing together and visualizing all the data. This allows you to identify key trends earlier, leading to better strategic decisions and daily management of inventory, logistics, procurement, and distribution.

TIBCO Spotfire for Utilities

TIBCO Spotfire® helps organizations in the utilities industry develop valuable insights from large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, historic and real-time. The outcomes of these insights can dramatically impact the bottom line as well as provide an early warning system for potential threats and opportunities.

TIBCO Spotfire for Well Engineering and Drilling Operations

Well engineers the world over analyze data faster with Spotfire's intuitive, interactive, analytic platform. It enables better decision-making across diverse and challenging environments by allowing capture of all data — structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion — and the deepest possible investigation of issues behind NPT and reliability.

TIBCO Spotfire Guided Analytics

In this whitepaper, we take a detailed look at how Spotfire software is used to easily and quickly transfer best-practice analytics from experts to business users in order to speed decision-making by means of automating common analysis tasks, capturing best practices and providing a framework for distribution of analysis applications to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization.

TIBCO Spotfire in Downstream Energy

With Spotfire, end users in downstream energy companies can interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. They can develop insight faster, easily bring clarity to business issues, and share that knowledge with the rest of the organization. Spotfire also supports predictive and event-driven analytics from the same enterprise-ready platform, enabling what-if forecasting and real-time trend identification from streaming data.

TIBCO Spotfire in Energy Trading

TIBCO Spotfire helps energy trading organizations to uncover valuable insights in large volumes of data, frequently comprised of multiple data types: structured and unstructured, historic and real-time. These insights can dramatically impact the bottom line as well as provide an early warning system for risk and regulatory threats.

TIBCO Spotfire in HS&E

In Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) analytics, Spotfire mashes together data from disparate sources to provide the fullest possible picture of the elements affecting HS&E incidents; lowers compliance costs by proactively identifying and preventing situations that contribute to HS&E risk; And using minimal IT time, makes analyses available anywhere throughout the organization, including to suppliers and partners.

TIBCO Spotfire in Oilfield Services

Oil field services companies benefit from using Spotfire analytics across their organizations — from technical use cases to cross-functional areas such as HR, finance, health, safety, and the environment. Spotfire helps to drive down costs through rigorous analysis at every stage of a delivered service.

TIBCO Spotfire User Experience Analysis Benchmark Report By: Blue Hill Research

This Blue Hill Research paper examines a survey conducted on Spotfire users revealing important findings on performance and user experience.

TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail Solutions

Key visual analytics for CPG and retail are described, including those providing insight into brand analysis, category management, sales forecasting, pricing and promotion, promotional impact, geo-analytics, supply chain optimization, warehouse optimization, gravity modeling, store profile clustering, market basket analysis, shopper demographics, customer cloning, customer spend, sentiment analysis, social media, and product quality.

TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R

Built from the ground up to be fully compatible with the R language, TERR is an enterprise-grade analytic engine that leverages TIBCO’s long-time expertise with the closely related S+ analytic engine. You can continue to develop in open source R, but integrate and deploy R code on a commercially-supported and robust platform – without the need to rewrite code.

Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing Leverages S-PLUS® Enterprise Server and Achieves $3.5 Million Annual Savings

400 brands plus 120,000 retail outlets can add up to a production and distribution nightmare. For Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing and their predictive analytics and reporting solution from Insightful it has been nothing but a sweet dream with realized annual savings of $3.5 million and new, profitable business opportunities.

Top 3 Ways to Use Data Science

Data scientists are an incredibly scarce commodity. One way of addressing the shortage in expert talent is to empower general business users to discover and unlock value in data themselves. But, just making tools easier for users is only half of the answer. A better approach is to work both sides to close the gap. To make tools that can empower business users to discover and unlock value in their data—and that also extend capabilities for experts, so they can share the analytics workload, improve efficiency, and focus on higher level work.

Toshiba Gains an Information Advantage with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® gives Toshiba an analysis platform that helps engineering and business users get results faster and continuously improve their problem-solving methods.

Transformation to an information culture and greater productivity.

Empowering better decision-making and improved business-IT relationships. (03:08 min.)

Transformez vos données en connaissances, puis en actions

L’utilisation optimale des informations représente désormais un avantage commercial majeur ainsi qu’un élément différenciateur sur le marché. Selon une estimation, les entreprises centrées sur l’analyse multiplient leurs performances par 12 et observent un chiffre d’affaires supérieur d’un tiers par rapport aux entreprises qui n’en font pas.

Transforming the Drug Development Process

This whitepaper outlines How TIBCO Spotfire analytics can guide you down the critical path to greater efficiency in the development of new drugs.

Transforming Well Surveillance and Reporting at Apache with TIBCO Spotfire

In this webcast, Kevin Konopko, Sr. Drilling Performance Engineer, Apache Corporation, will highlight how many of the tools Apache has developed with Spotfire have increased visibility into their operations and increase efficiency.

Trasformare i Dati in Informazioni e Azioni

Sfruttate l’analisi di linkage e i dati lavoreranno per voi Poter utilizzare efficacemente le informazioni rappresenta oggi un vantaggio essenziale per il business e un elemento di differenziazione sul mercato. Si stima che le imprese che sfruttano l’analisi del cliente arrivano a registrare fino a un terzo in più di fatturato e prestazioni 12 volte superiori alle altre.

Treasury reporting department of global bank performs balance sheet risk assessment 85-90% faster using TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

Spotfire expedites balance sheet risk assessment analysis for more than 100 business analyst and reporting specialists around the world.

Trinity Pharma Solutions: Glenn Wong on Spotfire

"In the last 10 minutes, you guys solved the question I've been asking internally for 2 months"

TriQuint Semiconductor Corporation Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Yield Improvement

At TriQuint, TIBCO Spotfire software has been deployed and in use for 5 years and has seen increasing use among various engineering groups for a wide range of investigations related to design, manufacturing test, wafer fabrication and production metrics.

TUI Group Books Trip to Success with Fast Data

How TUI Group provides excellent customer service in a dynamic market. (03:04 min.)

TUI Group Books Trip to Success with Spotfire and Fast Data

Monitoring competitor pricing and immediately making adjustments to remain competitive is just one of the tactics TUI uses secure its vision of "Think Travel. Think TUI."

Tularik Tames Risky Business with Spotfire

At Tularik, Spotfire® DecisionSite™ helps clinical pre-marketing risk analysts get a jump on spotting adverse event risks—before they adversely affect the bottom line.

Turning Insight into Action: Emerging Trends in Business Intelligence for Financial Services

In this webcast, Rodney Nelsestuen from the CEB TowerGroup presents Business Intelligence trends across Financial Services industries while Michael O'Connell demonstrates how the Spotfire analytics platform is uniquely suited to meet the growing demand for timely actionable insights for FSI.

Unilever Assesses Nutritional Content of Global Food and Beverage Portfolio with Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® helps assess nutritional content of global food and beverage portfolio.

University of Leipzig Uses Spotfire to Improve Research Data Analysis

“We selected S+ArrayAnalyzer because it offered our research team the flexibility and extensibility to customize an analytic-rich solution to meet the unique needs of our diverse research team,” said Dr. Markus Loeffler.

University of Washington Drives Microarray Analysis with Spotfire

DecisionSite™ for Functional Genomics®’ data integration capabilities have opened up new analytic opportunities for UW’s biomedical researchers.

Unlocking Customer and Product Insights in Big Data Using Warranty Analytics

In this whitepaper, IDC Manufacturing Insights identifies the business challenges that face manufacturers offering product warranties and the steps they can take to effectively reduce costs and increase profits. We examine use cases where companies utilize big data and analytics to help mitigate issues associated with product quality and suboptimal service and warranty as well as facilitate optimized planning and improved customer satisfaction.

Upstream Oil and Gas Company Finds Unconventional Value in Spotfire

Read how this oil and gas producer is using Spotfire to clean data and create focused workflows and best practices to save time, find better answers, and save tens of millions of dollars.

Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Insurance

In this white paper, IDC Financial Insights identifies the business challenges that insurance companies face and how IT investments can help them address these hurdles. We examine how insurers can leverage customer analytics to drive additional business value for both the customer and the enterprise.

Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Insurance

In this webcast, IDC and Spotfire will discuss key trends, technologies, use cases and best practices in the industry, and the key role customer analytics can play in gaining a competitive edge.

V for Variety in Big Data (with Forrester Research)

In this webcast, Mike Gualtieri of Forrester Research discusses Big Data trends while Syed Mahmood demonstrates how the Spotfire analytics platform uniquely empowers the discovery of rich insights hiding in databases and unstructured content.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Uses Spotfire Analytics to Aid Faster Drug Development

Drug discovery and development can be time consuming and expensive. Each year, the global pharmaceutical industry spends at least $10 billion on clinical trials. To counter this expense, next-generation statistical software provides pharmaceutical scientists with the tools they need to discover hidden knowledge buried in data collected during clinical trials. The use of software tools with powerful graphical and modeling capabilities, such as S-PLUS, result in better and faster drug development.

Vestas Spins Up Wind Generation with Spotfire

How the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy uses Spotfire for fast, self-service analytics; workforce productivity; and democratized data fueling new use cases across the company.

Video: NXP Semiconductors Controls Margins with Spotfire Analytics

The dramatic shift in business analysis value and productivity. (02:22 min)

Visual Analytics: Put your Smart Brains in the Driver's Seat

Enterprises surviving and succeeding in an increasingly competitive market with continuously accelerating market dynamics and speed will have to decide which basic platform and infrastructure to chose for fast, fact-based decision making. This whitepaper will help address some key considerations for Business Analytics.

Visual Intelligence Solution SocialView Provides a Powerful Visual Analytics Solution for Social Media ROI Metrics

VI developed SocialView™ on the TIBCO Spotfire® platform to measure the performance of social media conversations. Leveraging OpenAmplify’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine, SocialView provides VI clients with immediate insight into the online reputation of products and services, identifying strengths and weaknesses through highly accurate social ROI metrics.

Warranty Analytics with Spotfire and Teradata

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire and Joseph Taylor of Teradata demonstrate how Spotfire's warranty and quality analytics applications offer a single view of all data to better predict failures and costs affecting profitability.

WEHI Speeds Drug Discovery With TIBCO Spotfire

“Previously, it was difficult to identify trends in the large amounts of screening data generated, including systematic issues. With TIBCO Spotfire, we can visualize our results in a real-time dashboard, identify and exclude the systematic errors as they occur, and run repeat samples as required. We’ve reduced Hit Discovery data processing by more than 65 percent.” Dr. Kurt Lackovic, Senior Research Officer, Walter + Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

What is a Data Scientist?

Michael O'Connell, Spotfire's Chief Data Scientist, gives his definition of a Data Scientist and discusses the emergence of a role in enterprises recently described by the Harvard Business Review as "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century."

What’s Hiding in Your Sales Data?

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood of TIBCO Spotfire discusses the challenges faced by sales organizations while Gary Strader, Senior Consultant from Bardess Group, demonstrates how Spotfire is used to seamlessly access data and enhance traditional reporting capabilities.

Why Analytics Belongs in the Cloud: Live Q&A with Martha Bennett

In this webcast, Martha Bennett of Forrester Research, Inc. joins Ivan Casanova of TIBCO for a live Q&A dispelling the myths around cloud deployments.

Why BroadReach Healthcare Uses TIBCO

How BroadReach is improving healthcare for 10 million in South Africa with useful, accurate, trust-worthy data provided to the right people at the right time. (2:40 min)

World Vision Creates Positive, Lasting Impact with Spotfire

With highly graphical dashboards powered by Spotfire data visualizations, World Vision executives dynamically slice and dice data on the fly. Read more to see what they're doing with that data.

XL Axiata Calls on Fast Data to Disrupt Telco Markets

Driving up customer retention and revenue per user. (02:52 min.)

XL Axiata improves the customer experience, reduces churn, gains new visibility, and protects revenue

With Spotfire, XL competes in a very tough market to become a mobile internet leader.

Yakult’s New Product Sales in the Netherlands Increase 15 to 20% with Spotfire

In the first several years in Europe, Yakult sales grew steadily, but suddenly, after competitors began to enter the market, there was an extraordinary sales increase. The company wanted to know why.

ZE PowerGroup Enhances Its Footprint Inside Client Organizations, Increases Customer Satisfaction and Market Share with Spotfire

By integrating Spotfire into its dashboard, ZE has the potential to serve more customers in more markets and meet its growth goals. Its now more holistic solution has increased customer satisfaction and productivity, and increased ZE competitiveness and close rates.

ZE PowerGroup Expands Its Corporate Footprint at Customer Sites with Spotfire Analytics

Why ZE integrated instead of built BI into its product for results including increased customer satisfaction and market share.
(02:12 min)

Zipcar Shifts into High Gear with TIBCO Spotfire

“Spotfire brings our data to life – whether it’s finance, operations or marketing – and enables us to rapidly visualize information, draw insights and take action across our business.” Ed Goldfinger, Zipcar CFO


IDC Financial Insights は本ホワイトペーパーで、保険会社が直面している業務上の課題と、IT投資でこれらの課題にどのように対処できるかについて明らかにします。また、保険機関が顧客と企業の双方に新たなビジネス価値をもたらすために顧客分析情報をどのように活用できるかについても検討しています。


このホワイトペーパーで、IDC Financial Insights は、金融関連組織や資産管理組織が直面するビジネス上の課題を特定します。また、IT投資によって、それらの課題への対応を支援する方法を明らかにしています。また、金融機関が顧客と企業の双方に更なるビジネス価値をもたらすために顧客分析情報をどのように活用したらよいかについても検討しています。