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5-Minute Guide to Well Engineering

The dirtiest part of drilling for fossil fuels might not be the equipment, the oil and gas, or even the drilling mud. What's too often the dirtiest, meanest part might be extracting data and refining it for critical insights with data tools unfit for the job. Looking after a rig or a whole asset, you need a tool that immediately updates information as you change wells or filter conditions.

Big Data Analytics in Oil & Gas: Production Surveillance and Completions Optimization

In this webcast, Michael O’Connell, Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO, and Tim Yotter, Reservoir Engineer at Encana, will discuss TIBCO Spotfire approaches to well surveillance and completions analytics for production optimization.

Big Data Connectors: How to Navigate Big Data with Ad Hoc Visual Data Discovery

Many think that step changes in the volume of data being stored and processed, as well as in new technologies, alter the approach to data access. The reality is that the same basic questions need to be asked whenever you consider working with any data source.

Blue River Analytics Solves Analysis Paralysis with Spotfire

Provides time savings, increased productivity, deeper insights, and security for oil field companies making very high value production decisions.

Cargill Masters the Energy Supply Chain with TIBCO Spotfire and ZEMA

Geoffrey Lakings of Cargill and Waleed El-Ramly of ZE PowerGroup talk about the strategic partnership with TIBCO and how it impacts Cargill's hydrocarbon supply-chain data analytics. (03:33 min.)

Cargill Masters the Energy Supply Chain with TIBCO Spotfire and ZEMA Datasheet

Cargill began its strategic partnership with TIBCO and ZE by building a crude refinery research analysis dashboard. What had been a 300,000-row spreadsheet turned into the ability to quickly see and understand results for all units across the refinery complex.

Custom/External Authentication in TIBCO Spotfire

The main changes in TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 is a seemingly simple architecture change. This document focuses on what is important for custom and external authentication in this new Spotfire environment.

Event Analytics in Machine Management

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire demonstrates how the monitoring of real-time events combined with modern analytical techniques can improve asset uptime, optimize maintenance schedules, and predict remedial work.

Forest Oil Uses Spotfire to Drill Down to Real Results

With an expansive infrastructure and numerous remote employees, Forest Oil needed superior infrastructure visibility to correctly predict well forecasts and capitalize on opportunities.

GE: Bryan Saunders on Spotfire

"The first reaction was "WOW" can it be this easy?"

How R. Lacy turns a down market into opportunity.

Giving decision-makers 24x7 access to data for granular analyses. (03:22 min)

Measure Only What Truly Matters in Energy: Introduction to Spotfire Mobile Metrics

In this webcast, Bryan Colyer of TIBCO will demonstrate how Spotfire Mobile Metrics enables management by exception, delivering real-time data to mobile devices of energy professionals.

Netback Analysis and Insight into Refining

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire and Patrick Long of Opportune will illustrate how Spotfire analyses and visualizations drive actionable insights for refining.

NextEra Energy Resources Leverages TIBCO Spotfire S+ for Wind Project Assessment

With the need for new sources of power generation to meet increasing demand, NextEra Energy deployed the TIBCO Spotfire S+ statistical analysis and programming environment to integrate statistical modeling and data mining into its wind prospecting assessment with a goal to develop a 10,000 megawatt (MW) wind generation facility.

Oil and Gas Company

How this upstream oil and gas company saves time, thinks deeper, decides faster, and makes more money with Spotfire.

Oil and Gas: Production Optimization 5-Minute Guide

Modern oil and gas production optimization calls for a modern analytic platform, one that performs in several critical areas.

Predictive Analytics in Oil and Gas with Spotfire

This webcast covers predictive and event-driven analytics applications for oil and gas exploration, including interactive multivariate Spotfire visualizations enabled with modeling, simulation, forecasting, optimization and data mining methodologies.

Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

TIBCO Spotfire is the premier data discovery and analytics platform, which provides powerful capabilities for our customers, such as dimension-free data exploration through interactive visualizations, and data mashup to quickly combine disparate data to gain insights masked by data silos or aggregations.

Predictive maintenance: How data can increase production

Predictive maintenance involves gathering targeted data for analysis, the results of which will help anticipate potential failures before they occur. Companies opt for this type of maintenance to avoid predictable incidents and repair equipment, assembly lines, or machinery with minimum impact on their operations.

R. Lacy Turns a Down Market into Opportunity

The goal was to give decision-makers 24/7 access to the data, so they could drill down to the granular level and help make better decisions that would ultimately improve profitability.

Recognizing the Value of Untapped Data Assets: Big Data and Analytics in Oil and Gas

In this whitepaper, IDC Energy Insights addresses the use of Big Data and analytics in the oil and gas industry. The document explores two examples of how Big Data and analytics technologies are currently being used to improve water injection strategy and reduce the time and cost to drill. It also addresses how Big Data and analytics can help enhance production, speed resource discovery, or provide early warning of potentially disruptive incidents. Becomes a Trusted Oil and Gas Industry Advisor with Spotfire

Solves problems, identifies cost savings, and secures client satisfaction. (03:03 min.) Becomes a Trusted Oil and Gas Industry Advisor with Spotfire case study

Solves problems, identifies cost savings, and secures client satisfaction.

Shell: Vince Fredrick on Spotfire

"We were really surprised at how easy it was to put data into Spotfire"

Spotfire for Production Optimization in Oil and Gas

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire presents energy use cases and applications demonstrating how Spotfire’s dimension-free data exploration platform empowers customers to develop more effective strategies for hydrocarbon production optimization.

Spotfire for the Enterprise: An Overview for IT Administrators

Information on Spotfire administration and deployment capabilities, architecture, data connection, security, scaleability, administration, and performance.

TIBCO Spotfire and OSIsoft PI System Interactive Analytics on Fast Data

Analyze OSIsoft PI System - mashed up with other data sources and visualized within Spotfire, to bring new, rich insights into product quality, operations, distributed assets, and the Internet of Things.

TIBCO Spotfire Energy Solutions Templates

Many pre-configured Spotfire templates, configured with controls for data preparation, visualization, and predictive analysis, speed energy data analysis. Each template accepts a primary data table containing raw starting data and optional metadata such as a data dictionary that can easily be replaced with your own data.

TIBCO Spotfire for Well Engineering and Drilling Operations

Well engineers the world over analyze data faster with Spotfire's intuitive, interactive, analytic platform. It enables better decision-making across diverse and challenging environments by allowing capture of all data — structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion — and the deepest possible investigation of issues behind NPT and reliability.

TIBCO Spotfire in Downstream Energy

With Spotfire, end users in downstream energy companies can interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. They can develop insight faster, easily bring clarity to business issues, and share that knowledge with the rest of the organization. Spotfire also supports predictive and event-driven analytics from the same enterprise-ready platform, enabling what-if forecasting and real-time trend identification from streaming data.

TIBCO Spotfire in HS&E

In Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) analytics, Spotfire mashes together data from disparate sources to provide the fullest possible picture of the elements affecting HS&E incidents; lowers compliance costs by proactively identifying and preventing situations that contribute to HS&E risk; And using minimal IT time, makes analyses available anywhere throughout the organization, including to suppliers and partners.

Transforming Well Surveillance and Reporting at Apache with TIBCO Spotfire

In this webcast, Kevin Konopko, Sr. Drilling Performance Engineer, Apache Corporation, will highlight how many of the tools Apache has developed with Spotfire have increased visibility into their operations and increase efficiency.

Upstream Oil and Gas Company Finds Unconventional Value in Spotfire

Read how this oil and gas producer is using Spotfire to clean data and create focused workflows and best practices to save time, find better answers, and save tens of millions of dollars.

ZE PowerGroup Enhances Its Footprint Inside Client Organizations, Increases Customer Satisfaction and Market Share with Spotfire

By integrating Spotfire into its dashboard, ZE has the potential to serve more customers in more markets and meet its growth goals. Its now more holistic solution has increased customer satisfaction and productivity, and increased ZE competitiveness and close rates.