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5-Minute Guide to Root Cause Analysis for Discrete Manufacturing

The problems of getting to true Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are numerous, involving as they do multiple systems, stakeholders and the very complexity of today's manufactured products. But the potential benefits are compelling: fewer returns, substitutions, reworks and less scrap; an enhanced reputation amongst customers; reduced warranty reserves; and a better understanding of what processes, materials, assemblies and even suppliers may cause future issues. If only we can know true root causes, then these areas are open to us.

5-Minute Guide to Supply Chain Analysis for Discrete Manufacturing

Across the areas of location intelligence, demand planning and omni-channel management the supply chain of the 21st century is far more about organizational efficiency to minimize risk (lost customers, geo-political and competitive pressures) than it is about taking an existing chain and “rationalizing” it on the basis of cost alone.The sheer complexity of today’s supply chains, stretched across the globe and subject to high demand variability means that finding the trends to follow cannot be a ‘yearly planning’ or ‘quarterly reporting’ task.

5-Minute Guide to Warranty Analytics

One of the key issues with warranty analytics is that the data that could have warned of problems ahead was held in silos — a multitude of systems that all impact on the warranty and quality value chains: claims, CRM records, bills of material, product life cycle management, call centers, field service systems, part sales and orders, service technician help systems, dealer and distributor records, the list can be daunting. And then what are people saying about our products on social media? Even if we could bring all this information together, how do we make sense of it all and move from reacting to warranty issues to a proactive and predictive management strategy?

Advanced Root Cause Analysis for Product Quality Improvement Using Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques employ an emerging class of algorithms that actually learn from the data presented to them, and automatically construct the best possible model for each dataset. As such, they empower analysts who have little expertise in statistics and modelling to solve complex problems otherwise beyond their reach.

Amkor achieves an industry edge by using TIBCO Spotfire to significantly improve manufacturing efficiency

Amkor’s Iwate factory has deployed Spotfire DecisionSite across its inventory, manufacturing and human resources departments to improve operational decision making and factory efficiency.

Analyzing Warranty Data in the Era of Big Data

In this webcast, IDC and TIBCO Spotfire will highlight the key role of warranty analytics in the big data revolution. This complimentary session will provide executives with steps they can take to assess and improve warranty operations.

Applying Analytics Rigor to Procurement in Manufacturing Organizations

In this webcast, Phil Durgin of TIBCO Spotfire will demonstrate how a systematic review of purchase data can lead to significant savings across both strategic and non-strategic goods.

Applying Analytics Rigor to Procurement in Manufacturing Organizations

In this webcast, Phil Durgin of TIBCO Spotfire will demonstrate how a systematic review of purchase data can lead to significant savings across both strategic and non-strategic goods.

Atmel Sees Big Returns with Spotfire

With Spotfire DecisionSite®, Atmel Corporation improved semiconductor yields and increased analysis speed without investing in a database overhaul.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 1 of 3: Guided Self-Service and In-line Analytics for Manufacturing

In Part 1 of this webcast series, Michael O'Connell and Hector Martinez of TIBCO Spotfire will explore key areas where Big Data analytics bring significant competitive advantage to manufacturing organizations, covering specific use cases in Quality, Asset Integrity and Root Cause Analysis.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 2 of 3: Using Warranty Analytics to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Operating Costs

In this webcast, Bill Lycette of Agilent will demonstrate how the new Warranty Analytics and Reporting Program (WARP) integrates with the Spotfire platform to provide early detection of reliability issues for quicker corrective actions, thus maintaining high product uptime for customers and low warranty expenses.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 3 of 3: Yield Improvement with TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire and Andrew Choo of TriQuint will demonstrate how Spotfire is used to analyze yields and provide QA/QC and root cause analysis functionality within diesort test operations.

Consumer Insights: Using Analytics to Engage Customers in New Ways & Win the Market

In this webcast, Kimberly Knickle of IDC Manufacturing Insights will identify the latest challenges, best-practice consumer insights solutions, and how advanced analytics platforms like Spotfire are uniquely positioned to help ensure growth and profitability for CPG manufacturing.

Custom/External Authentication in TIBCO Spotfire

The main changes in TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 is a seemingly simple architecture change. This document focuses on what is important for custom and external authentication in this new Spotfire environment.

Dialog Semiconductor optimizes their enterprise using the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

“After gaining significant benefits from our initial Spotfire deployments we are now making analytics pervasive. With Spotfire as Dialog’s analytic standard, we see significant potential for business optimization” Mohamed Djadoudi, VP Global Manufacturing Operations, Dialog Semiconductor

Event Analytics in Machine Management

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire demonstrates how the monitoring of real-time events combined with modern analytical techniques can improve asset uptime, optimize maintenance schedules, and predict remedial work.

FrieslandCampina Milks Value from TIBCO Analytics case study

Using Spotfire, this dairy foods manufacturer has achieved easy-to-use analytics as well as better decision-making, inventory management, productivity, and insight.

Health, Safety and Environment Analytics, with Teradata and Spotfire

In this webcast, Teradata and Spotfire will share insights from across the industry regarding how a Unified Data Architecture can help organizations tackle the issues of bringing all the data together so that true Root Cause Analysis can take place – leading to better preventative policies in the future, and the reduction of risk to our people, assets and environment.

Improving Profitability by End-to-End Analysis of the Warranty and Quality Chain

This document will review the emerging trends in warranty and quality management and examine the benefits of Warranty and Quality Analytics to companies that operate in this space.

Leading Hard Drive Manufacturer Reduces Disk Drive Defects by 25% Within Weeks of Deploying TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

Spotfire deployed to hundreds of engineering and quality assurance staff for returned disk drive performance analysis and OEM business reviews.

Nucleus Research Report: High Tech Manufacturer Improves With Analytics

A high tech manufacturing company deployed Spotfire to leverage its existing engineering data warehouse with Spotfire’s analytics solution to enable all engineers to intuitively access and analyze data, increasing productivity while providing greater visibility into key processes.

Optimizing Supply through Location Analytics

In this webcast, Peter Shaw of TIBCO Spotfire will demonstrate how Location Analytics combined with advanced predictive capabilities can optimize supply chains to minimize risk, cost, and more.

Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

TIBCO Spotfire is the premier data discovery and analytics platform, which provides powerful capabilities for our customers, such as dimension-free data exploration through interactive visualizations, and data mashup to quickly combine disparate data to gain insights masked by data silos or aggregations.

Predictive maintenance: How data can increase production

Predictive maintenance involves gathering targeted data for analysis, the results of which will help anticipate potential failures before they occur. Companies opt for this type of maintenance to avoid predictable incidents and repair equipment, assembly lines, or machinery with minimum impact on their operations.

REC Looks to TIBCO Spotfire Visual Analytics to Improve Silicon Wafer Production Yields

Spotfire streamlined analysis of REC's large, hierarchical databases through dashboards for washline performance production, root cause analysis of wafer defects, and data extraction.

Root Cause Analysis and Quality Management in Discrete Manufacturing

In this webcast, Hector Martinez and Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire help to guide the discovery of manufactured product faults to better avoid added costs, eliminate recurrences, and ensure corrective action.

Spotfire for the Enterprise: An Overview for IT Administrators

Information on Spotfire administration and deployment capabilities, architecture, data connection, security, scaleability, administration, and performance.

TIBCO Spotfire and OSIsoft PI System Interactive Analytics on Fast Data

Analyze OSIsoft PI System - mashed up with other data sources and visualized within Spotfire, to bring new, rich insights into product quality, operations, distributed assets, and the Internet of Things.

Toshiba Gains an Information Advantage with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® gives Toshiba an analysis platform that helps engineering and business users get results faster and continuously improve their problem-solving methods.

TriQuint Semiconductor Corporation Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Yield Improvement

At TriQuint, TIBCO Spotfire software has been deployed and in use for 5 years and has seen increasing use among various engineering groups for a wide range of investigations related to design, manufacturing test, wafer fabrication and production metrics.

Video: NXP Semiconductors Controls Margins with Spotfire Analytics

The dramatic shift in business analysis value and productivity. (02:22 min)

Warranty Analytics with Spotfire and Teradata

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire and Joseph Taylor of Teradata demonstrate how Spotfire's warranty and quality analytics applications offer a single view of all data to better predict failures and costs affecting profitability.