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Aberdeen: Analytics into Action

The current economic climate demands that organizations strike the right balance between short-term business agility and long-term business planning. This research highlights how organizations can achieve workforce flexibility today without compromising their future.

Aberdeen: Customer Loyalty 2012: Enabling Technologies for Customer Engagement, Conversion and Retention

The report will show how leading organizations put technology at the forefront of their loyalty initiatives, and the impact of these technologies on customer satisfaction, retention, and re-activation.

Aberdeen: In-memory Computing: Lifting the Burden of Big Data

In a December 2011 study on the current state of Big Data, Aberdeen's research showed that organizations that had adopted in-memory computing were not only able to analyze larger amounts of data in less time than their competitors - they were literally orders of magnitude faster.

Aberdeen: Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing

Aberdeen Group's research confirms that companies which invest in predictive analytics out preform those who don't in key marketing metrics.

Aberdeen: The State of Master Data Management: 2012

Master data, or critical information on customer, products, suppliers or similar categories, provides the foundation for many key business processes.

CIO Magazine: The expanding reach of BI

Business intelligence has evolved to a point where its appeal has spread to a broadening range of organisations. Melbourne-based Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) was established in 1916 to engage in immunology research, and today also works in research for cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Dana Farber: "Visual Analytics Provides Insight Into Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials" by Drug Discovery & Development

TIBCO Spotfire provides Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with unprecedented insight into cancer vaccine clinical trials.

Forrester Research: 2012 Self-Service Business Intelligence Wave, Q2 2012

Tibco Spotfire shines with its highly visual self-service, in-memory engine. Tibco Spotfire received the highest current offering score in the evaluation based on its self-service BI features. These features include a highly graphical, associative, in-memory engine that allows for intuitive data discovery and exploration as well as a free-for-a-year Tibco Silver Spotfire cloud offering. Unlike other vendors with broad BI platform offerings, Tibco Spotfire should not be viewed as a direct competitor in this space (one would not use Spotfire to create pixelperfect complex reports) but rather as complementary technology to those BI platforms that lack leading discovery and exploration capabilities.

From Business Intelligence to unlocking collective intelligence

New approaches in Business Intelligence (BI) target the individual in the enterprise with the intention of motivating employees to actively participate in decision-making processes. The “human factor” thus takes center stage in business processes.

Future Pharmaceuticals: An Early Read on Data

TIBCO Spotfire expert Michael O’Connell, discusses key challenges faced by clinical development organizations, and how they’re getting solved.

Gartner Report: Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence Platform Integration

TIBCO Spotfire earned the highest overall scores in this analysis

IDC: Familiar and User Friendly : TIBCO Spotfire owns the Front End in the Life Sciences

This IDC Health Insights Perspective highlights the use of TIBCO Spotfire in the life sciences as the de facto end user interface of choice for the strategic assessment of clinical data.

P&G Turns Analysis Into Action

Here's something an IT team never wants to hear: Cool technology; but how does it help us? It's not something you'll hear about these projects, which earned our Business Innovator awards for IW 500 initiatives that deliver practical value in an area critical to companies.

The BI Verdict - BARC Product Review of TIBCO Spotfire 5

In this paper, BARC (Business Application Research Center), an indepentent software industry analyst firm, reviews TIBCO Spotfire 5 on a number of capabilities and technical criteria.