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Achaogen Selects TIBCO Spotfire Platform to Help Develop New Antibiotics

Spotfire enables scientists to quickly summarize, visualize and filter complex datasets to focus on the compounds, test results and trends that matter most in pursuit of lifesaving antibiotics.

Allergan Scientists Overcome the Multivariate Data Analytics Challenges of Drug Discovery with TIBCO Spotfire

Scientists use Spotfire mashed up with chemical Structure Activity Relationship software to form a powerful way to correlate a chemical substructure with any Spotfire visualization

Amkor achieves an industry edge by using TIBCO Spotfire to significantly improve manufacturing efficiency

Amkor’s Iwate factory has deployed Spotfire DecisionSite across its inventory, manufacturing and human resources departments to improve operational decision making and factory efficiency.

Apogee Analytics Application Story

Apogee Analytics, LLC is a market research and consulting firm providing in-depth marketing services and solutions to measure clients’ internal performance and market penetration challenges. S-PLUS provided comprehensive visualization and analysis capabilities to serve the reporting needs of Apogee's clients.

Array BioPharma Integrates TIBCO Spotfire and CambridgeSoft to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Translational Medicine Research

Spotfire/CambridgeSoft integration yielded a best of both worlds solution that removes impediments to data access, embeds rich visualization tools and will further enable scientists to make breakthrough discoveries.

ASML Deploys TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM and TIBCO Spotfire to Gain Visibility into and Accelerate Enterprise Business Processes

...the company decided to do a pilot program with TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix® BPM (TIBCO AMX BPM) and Spotfire products with the goal of automating manual approval processes. This is a key component of a strategic corporate initiative to address rapid business changes and improve efficiency.

Asset Management Firm Plenum Investments Attracts Investors with TIBCO Spotfire® Visual Analytics Platform

Plenum Investments deployed TIBCO Spotfire Visual Analytics Platform to interactively present complex investment data to potential investors in sales situations. Questions can be answered on the fly, greatly expediting the sales cycle. The Spotfire dashboards are used on an ongoing basis by its investors to interactively monitor their asset allocations,receive updates and annual reviews. Internally, portfolio and risk management use the analytics as a monitoring tool.

AT&T Assesses Risk of New Billing Strategy

AT&T wanted to assess the risk of losing customers to other long distance carriers, and determine the time period during which customers were most likely to switch due to new billing method.

Atmel Sees Big Returns with Spotfire

With Spotfire DecisionSite®, Atmel Corporation improved semiconductor yields and increased analysis speed without investing in a database overhaul.

Bank of Montreal Invests in TIBCO Fast Data to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Find out how TIBCO integration, business process management, event processing, and Spotfire analytics tools help dramatically improve customer engagement and satisfaction, reduce cycle times by 30–50 percent, and proactively supply customers with relevant offers, for a more personalized experience across all channels.

Beeline Partners with TIBCO Spotfire to Drive Strategic, Analytic Business Intelligence

Initially used internally to identify trends, detect new savings opportunities, and manage risks, Spotfire allows Beeline to differentiate itself by offering a private label version to clients to view and analyze their own data.

Blue River Analytics Solves Analysis Paralysis with Spotfire

Provides time savings, increased productivity, deeper insights, and security for oil field companies making very high value production decisions.

BNP Paribas Securities Services offreà ses clients une nouvelle vision interactive des données

TIBCO Spotfire accroit la capacité de visualisation des données pour les clients de BNP Paribas Securities Services et les clients de leurs clients.

BNP Paribas Securities Services Provides Interactive Insight to Customers With TIBCO Spotfire Interactive Data Analyses

Spotfire speeds data insight for BNP Paribas Securities Services customers and their customers!

Boehringer Ingelheim Attains Sales Objectives by Improving Marketing Effectiveness and Account Management with Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® ad hoc analytical capabilities provided immediate visibility into sales force performance, enabling Boehringer Ingelheim to optimize sales strategy and grow target physician relationships.

Boehringer Ingelheim Maximizes Sales Force Effectiveness with Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

Boehringer Ingelheim is leveraging the Spotfire enterprise analytics platform to optimize sales performance.

BroadReach Healthcare Remedies Medical Data in Africa

With Spotfire, BroadReach is solving a crucial problem by speeding data collection and understanding that enables taking action in time to save lives.

BUCS Analytics Looks to TIBCO Spotfire® to Deliver its Vision of Improving Service and Value Performance

Spotfire facilitates the analysis of large volumes of custom-calculated data, including financial performance comparison; supplier analysis and performance improvement; and inventory planning.

Cadeon Attracts New Customers with TIBCO Spotfire Data Analytics

Cadeon Associates Inc. is dedicated to helping companies improve their efficiency with the ability to leverage their largest asset: information. The company began to notice exponential growth in information — and it wasn't just the amount of data that was growing, but the sources, diversity, and complexity were also increasing. Their clients now needed to react and manage data quality and governance. Read about Cadeon's data analytics results after becoming a Spotfire partner.

Cargill Masters the Energy Supply Chain with TIBCO Spotfire and ZEMA Datasheet

Cargill began its strategic partnership with TIBCO and ZE by building a crude refinery research analysis dashboard. What had been a 300,000-row spreadsheet turned into the ability to quickly see and understand results for all units across the refinery complex.

CargoSmart Gains Competitive Advantage, Valuable Insight, and Vastly Improved Customer Service with Big Data Analysis

CargoSmart, a global shipment management company, processes immense and complex data sets to provide real-time alerts to its customers. Spotfire visualizations of carrier performance comparisons over the same route help customers rapidly develop actionable insights about potential opportunities and threats.

CFS Consulting Expands Business with Spotfire

While trying to help companies understand their business and all of its moving parts, CFS, a Spotfire VAR Partner, found that traditional business intelligence tools were not getting the job done and that their clients needed a powerful analytics tool.

CIBC Turns Insight into Real-Time Action

More in tune with customers and faster than competitors.

Citibank Brazil Banks on Digital Business and TIBCO for Increased Competitiveness

How Citibank Brazil is transforming with the help of business process management, analytics, and integration to provide a better customer experience, greater efficiency, and a global strategy.

Colegio Nueva Granada Users Data to Develop Student Potential

CNG uses Spotfire for better understanding of student needs, data, curriculum, and learning.

Consorsbank Increases New Customer Revenue by 20% with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire is helping bank employees easily develop rapid, up-to-date analyses and share insights to address pressing issues about the market and customer behavior. It has provided Consorsbank with a completely new approach to data analysis, which is providing numerous benefits, including valuable new knowledge, increased revenue, better risk assessment, and more successful campaigns.

Cortal Consors Brings Customer Data to Life with TIBCO Spotfire

Interactive, visual analysis through Spotfire DecisionSite® allows private investment bank, Cortal Consors, to optimize its information cycle, which is distributed among several specialized customer information systems.

CTI Solutions Group Advances Its Product Lifecycle Management Suite with Jaspersoft

Spotfire is providing better user experience and reporting, and faster data collection and access.

Cyberstream Partners With TIBCO Spotfire To Provide Powerful Visual Analytics Platform

Spotfire anchors Cyberstream's business intelligence and analytics solutions for the Greek and Cypriot public sector as well as private industry.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Gains Unprecedented Insight into Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials with TIBCO Spotfire

“Spotfire quickly gave us a visual analysis of major trends and main clusters of activity, highlighting neglected areas and graphically pointing out the glaring need of many of these cancers for additional vaccine development.” Vladimir Brusic, Dana-Farber CVC’s Director of Bioinformatics

Dialog Semiconductor optimizes their enterprise using the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

“After gaining significant benefits from our initial Spotfire deployments we are now making analytics pervasive. With Spotfire as Dialog’s analytic standard, we see significant potential for business optimization” Mohamed Djadoudi, VP Global Manufacturing Operations, Dialog Semiconductor

Discovery Partner Markets Insures Healthy Success with TIBCO

Using Spotfire with integration and middleware messaging to monitor and manage consumer health stat data from wearable devices across the globe.

Eastport Analytics and the Internal Revenue Service Combat Tax Evasion Schemes with TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics platform is a key component of Eastport’s innovative analytical process to identify potential tax evasion activity associated with offshore credit cards for the IRS.

eClinicalWorks Integrates Spotfire Data Analytics into its Electronic Healthcare Record System to Allow Insight at the Point of Care

eClinicalWorks helps providers achieve actionable insight, preserve revenue, and reduce costs by supplying data analytics, not in a separate dashboard, but within its EHR system. The system brings necessary information right to the point of care, exactly where it's needed most for making a difference in saving a patient's life.

EMSI Successfully Navigates Company Growth with SyncSite BI/CRM Solutions Featuring TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

Spotfire deployed throughout the organization to fix broken data analysis processes in billing, sales, inventory management and collections.

Equifax Credits Insights and Transformation to Spotfire case study

With the help of TIBCO Spotfire, Equifax is making the move from a company that supplies data to one that supplies dynamic insights. It is increasing its brand image and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

European Molecular Biology Laboratory Uses TIBCO Spotfire to Help Identify and Develop Chemical Compounds In Academic Screening Facility

EMBL’s Chemical Biology Core Facility – a joint venture between the European Molecular Biology Laboratory , the German Cancer Research Center(DKFZ) and Heidelberg University – successfully deploys Spotfire software’s interactive and robust analytics capabilities.

Farminform Provides Critical Analysis and Market Intelligence to Leading Pharmaceutical Companies with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® provides visual and interactive analytics to help Farminform with the introduction and tuning of fiFOCUS to pharmaceutical companies for improving their targeting activities.

Forest Oil Uses Spotfire to Drill Down to Real Results

With an expansive infrastructure and numerous remote employees, Forest Oil needed superior infrastructure visibility to correctly predict well forecasts and capitalize on opportunities.

Fort Worth Fire Department Looks to TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for Decision Support and Performance Measurement to Better Serve the Community

Spotfire provides interactive analytical and reporting capabilities for both technical and non-technical users for a wide range of HR and public safety applications.

Fournier Pharma Puts Spotfire at the Core of its Microarray Gene Expression Analysis Platform

Pharmaceutical firm places DecisionSite® at the core of its microarray gene expression analysis platform.

FrieslandCampina Milks Value from TIBCO Analytics case study

Using Spotfire, this dairy foods manufacturer has achieved easy-to-use analytics as well as better decision-making, inventory management, productivity, and insight.

FTI Consulting Health Solutions Provides Game-changing Insights with Spotfire

Read to find out how FTI achieved competitive advantage, faster implementations, and higher productivity.

Genomics Institute Mines Genomic Data with Spotfire

"With S-PLUS we benefit from superior memory resourcing allowing us to process larger data sets faster. We can pre-process our data and analyze gigabytes of data with modest computer resources." -Todd Wood, Director of Bioinformatics, Genomics Institute

GlaxoSmithKline Streamlines the Design, Analysis and Reporting of Clinical Trial Data with Clinical Graphics Solution from Insightful

The clinical graphics solution developed by Insightful is being utilized by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to streamline the design, analysis and reporting of clinical trial data. By using the clinical graphics solution, GSK’s Biomedical Data Sciences statistical community is facilitating better scientific analysis and interpretation, and enabling more effective communication across functional areas.

Global Clinical Development Organization Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Clinical Operations

Spotfire provides a standardized company-wide safety review tool for rapid data visualization and analysis of adverse events, lab data, operational metrics, protocol deviations and custom and target reviews.

Global Service Organization Transforms Sales Performance and Demand Generation Effectiveness with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire's interactive dashboards and ad hoc analysis provides greater insight into company's marketing campaign effectiveness and sales pipeline, forecast and territory goals

Global Services Organization Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Financial Planning, Procurement and Analysis

Spotfire used by worldwide finance organization to gain greater visibility into corporate finance, operational reporting, internal controls, and procurement processes.

IDC Report: Delivers Market Research Data Through the Cloud

IBB was faced with the need to present a large array of data for each of the industries to its customers. The company had a limited budget, limited IT skills, and no previous experience in data warehousing or business intelligence development, so it turned to the cloud for a solution.

IDC Report: Localiza Selects TIBCO BPM and SOA Platforms for Legacy Upgrade

Localiza Rent A Car, the largest rental car company in Latin America, adopted TIBCO's broader portfolio of process management (BPM) suite, service-oriented architecture (SOA), complex event processing (CEP) software, and analytics to modernize its legacy application infrastructure.

IDC Report: The Path Toward Pervasive Business Intelligence at Avantium

The trend toward evidence-based decision-making is taking root in commercial, non-profit and public sector organizations. Driven by increased competition due to changing business models, deregulation or, in some cases, increased regulation in the form of new compliance requirements, organizations in all industries and of all sizes are turning to business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) technologies and services to either automate or support decision-making processes.

IDC Report: TIBCO Spotfire Owns the Front End in the Life Sciences

While Spotfire has been and will continue to be a powerful industry independent analytical, modeling, and visualization tool, a key strength in the life science industry is its ability to work effectively with most other core industry applications.

Ignite Hires Spotfire to Find Revenue Opportunities, Efficiencies case study

Secures fact-based decision-making, cost savings, and opportunity discovery.

ImClone Builds World Class Lean Manufacturing System

Insightful’s S-PLUS® is providing ImClone with insights into its manufacturing process that allows the biopharmaceutical company to produce products more quickly, efficiently and reproducibly. Leverages TIBCO Spotfire® to Revolutionize the Corporate Planning Process

Spotfire provides IBB clients an interactive dashboard with which to analyze the global economy by industry sector, subsector, group, subgroup and specific industry of interest.

Infinity Pharmaceuticals Speeds the Discovery Cycle with Spotfire

Infinity Pharmaceuticals wanted to increase the quality and speed of its analytical decision making in the discovery of new drug candidates. Spotfire® DecisionSite™ provided the tools to achieve its goals and reduce the crucial “time to next experiment.”

Innovative Analytics Tracks Down Unexpected Clinical Trial Results with Spotfire

When consultants from Innovative Analytics help pharmaceutical companies track down the cause of unexpected clinical trial results, they use Spotfire® DecisionSite™ to quickly focus attention on critical data points.

inQuba Delivers Context for Enhanced Customer Experience case study

Understanding propensity to buy, who's going to be loyal, and opportunities for greater customer retention.

Istrabenz Plini Powers Good Decision-making with Spotfire

The leading LP gas company in the Slovene market uses Spotfire to achieve greater reliability and customer loyalty, improved operations, and time savings.

KPN Delivers Customer Intelligence Faster and at Reduced Cost with TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

Spotfire is used by Customer Intelligence (CI) division to analyze customer data and and customer behavior in support of CRM objectives.

KPN Develops Intuitive TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO iProcess Mash-Up Application to Expedite Fiber Optic Order Fulfillment Process

Mash-up of TIBCO iProcess and Spotfire created to bring visual analysis and real-time monitoring to the fiber service order exception handling process; prioritizing the most critical problems.

Kraft Foods Improves Productivity by 375% with Spotfire

Kraft’s high-performance analytics and superior visual reporting solution serve up great tasting products and improve productivity by 375%.

Leading Hard Drive Manufacturer Reduces Disk Drive Defects by 25% Within Weeks of Deploying TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

Spotfire deployed to hundreds of engineering and quality assurance staff for returned disk drive performance analysis and OEM business reviews.

Lekarna Ljubljana Leverages TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for Sales and Operations Financial Management

Spotfire imports and visually depicts large, complex data sets from multiple data sources. Deployed for multiple analytical tasks across the organization (finance, inventory, sales, marketing).

Lipper uses Insightful’s solution to build customizable analytics to develop new products for evaluating mutual fund performance.

Lipper accelerates product development cycle by 300%. Now, analysts can prototype new analytics within minutes delivering financial analytic solutions to clients the next day.

Marks and Spencer Empowers Business Analysts with Spotfire

By empowering employees with self-service data analytics, M&S teams can now learn more about the business and confidently use data to answer key business questions without IT support.

Merck Deploys Web-Based Visualization and Data Analysis Solution Enchancing Drug Discovery Efforts

Merck statisticians use S-PLUS® from their desktops to develop the data analysis and statistical functionality necessary to evaluate data from new chemical samples.

Motorola Life Sciences selects Insightful’s analytic technology to manufacture reliable high-quality biochips for genomics and expression data mining

High-performance analytic software technology combined with Motorola’s Six Sigma semiconductor manufacturing legacy optimizes manufacturing processes, geometrically increases product sensitivity, repeatability, and miniaturization and provides an everincreasing level of customer satisfaction. Product yield and quality has increased substantially since the application of Insightful’s advanced analytical software mixed with a unique application of techniques gleaned from Motorola’s experience in semiconductor engineering.

New Leaf Venture Partners Employs TIBCO Spotfire Software to Generate Novel Investment Ideas

TIBCO Spotfire software combines numerous columns of categorical and relational data in a single platform where portfolio managers, analysts, financial engineers, traders and compliance managers can dynamically query and interact with the variables.

NextEra Energy Resources Leverages TIBCO Spotfire S+ for Wind Project Assessment

With the need for new sources of power generation to meet increasing demand, NextEra Energy deployed the TIBCO Spotfire S+ statistical analysis and programming environment to integrate statistical modeling and data mining into its wind prospecting assessment with a goal to develop a 10,000 megawatt (MW) wind generation facility.

Nordisk Trygghetscentral Employs TIBCO Spotfire to Dramatically Reduce Crime Incidence for its Stockholm Business Clients

Spotfire integrates multiple real-time and historical data sources, including a crime database of a million crimes, enabling Nordisk to find insight into the likelihood of crimes in any given area of Stockholm.

Norfolk Southern Switches to Efficiency, Visibility, and Customer Service

How this leading railway increased visibility and gained fast time to value, awareness, and action.

Novartis Switzerland Rapidly Optimizes Sales Strategy with TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

Life Sciences Case Study: Pharmaceutical leader Novartis rapidly optimizes its sales strategy with TIBCO Spotfire.

“Almost immediately TIBCO Spotfire made us more efficient, helping reduce the time it takes for us to prepare reports. We realized as soon as we started that Spotfire enabled us to deliver a much more dynamic report that sales managers can work with, removing the burden from us to always be running new reports with different views of the data." - Eugen Perez, CRM Manager, Novartis

Novartis Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Exploratory Data Analysis and Safety Assessment in Preclinical and Clinical Studies

Spotfire is used for safety data assessment and interactive data exploration in preclinical and clinical studies at Novartis. Workflows based on Spotfire are a substantial step forward from traditional manual processes which include reworking of data in multiple iterations between stakeholder communities.

Nucleus Research Report: High Tech Manufacturer Improves With Analytics

A high tech manufacturing company deployed Spotfire to leverage its existing engineering data warehouse with Spotfire’s analytics solution to enable all engineers to intuitively access and analyze data, increasing productivity while providing greater visibility into key processes.

NXP Semiconductors Controls Margins with Spotfire Analytics

With Spotfire, NXP can better manage margins and distributor incentives, and its analysts are far more productive.

Obsession with Quality at Western Digital Corporation

This is the story of the Quality Information System (QIS) at Western Digital Corporation. It is a story about using data to understand and improve their business. WD is a culture that continually searches for opportunities and implements that next small improvement, not only within its supply chain, but throughout all parts of their business. The approach is to use Information Technology (IT) as the magnifying glass to examine each piece of their business. As one analyst mused, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Errors can be fixed once you can see them.”

Oil and Gas Company

How this upstream oil and gas company saves time, thinks deeper, decides faster, and makes more money with Spotfire.

Organon Bridges the Data Gap Between Basic Research and Clinical Trials with TIBCO Spotfire

Pharmaceutical leader deploys TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics platform across its drug discovery organization to catalyze communication and collaboration among scientists.

Pfizer Deploys Intranet-Based Statserver Technology To Improve FDA Reporting

At Pfizer, S-PLUS was deployed using StatServer software and a company-wide Intranet for data analysis and FDA reporting. "Historically, our company submitted hundreds of lengthy reports including 30 to 40 pages of graphs to the FDA. Each researcher was responsible for preparing their own reports and as a company we did not have access to standardized analytics. We were looking for a leading software solution that could deliver the powerful analytics and graphic capabilities we needed to our employee's desktops," says John Twist, Section Director, PDS Planning and Statistics. "We selected StatServer because it provided its cutting-edge analytics, browser compatibility and integration with complementary Microsoft Office reporting packages."

Pillsbury Deploys Innovative Data Analysis Tool Kit

Pillsbury uses StatServer to deploy analytical tools to R&D, Operations, and Marketing, in applications ranging from process analysis to product development to consumer research. In one application, Dr. Fred Hulting, senior research scientist in Pillsbury's Statistics and Quality Design Department, created design tools, analysis tools, and interpretive aids for process development teams working in manufacturing. Scientists and engineers at any manufacturing site can easily design data collection plans for process studies, obtain a process-specific data analysis, and make business decisions with confidence. Team members use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access these powerful data analysis tools, and to seamlessly transfer the analysis results to others globally using business software packages including Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.

Portugal Telecom Calls on TIBCO Spotfire Analytics as an Agile BI Service Offering and to Measure Its Own Business Objectives

“Spotfire has dramatically decreased the time spent analyzing our KPIs. It still amazes us that what used to take days in Excel can now be done in less than an hour with Spotfire.” Nuno Neto, Manager of Planning and Control PT-SI

Procter & Gamble’s Groundbreaking Business Sphere Leverages TIBCO Spotfire

Procter & Gamble’s groundbreaking Business Sphere enables the Company to be rapidly responsive to changes in the marketplace and uncover new opportunities to improve the lives of consumers. Business Sphere—built and powered by P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS)—is a visually immersive data environment that transforms decision-making at P&G by harnessing real-time business information from around the globe.

Quantros Selects Insightful’s StatServer to Complement Its Robust Healthcare Management System

“Historically, developing applications required several months from conception to delivery,” said Rajnish Mishra, President and CEO of Quantros. “With StatServer, we can now prototype new ideas very fast, cutting the time required to deliver solutions to our customers by 50%.” With Insightful’s technology, Quantros was able to incorporate new guidelines for staffing effectiveness issued by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) within three weeks, beating their competition to market.

R. Lacy Turns a Down Market into Opportunity

The goal was to give decision-makers 24/7 access to the data, so they could drill down to the granular level and help make better decisions that would ultimately improve profitability.

REC Looks to TIBCO Spotfire Visual Analytics to Improve Silicon Wafer Production Yields

Spotfire streamlined analysis of REC's large, hierarchical databases through dashboards for washline performance production, root cause analysis of wafer defects, and data extraction.

Relay Technology Management Develops Biopharma Industry’s First Unified Solution for Real-time Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Leveraging TIBCO Spotfire® data discovery as the front-end and Attivio’s unified information access technology in the back-end, Relay TM developed Business Development Live (BD Live!), a real-time business intelligence and data visualization solution for life sciences professionals. BD Live! aggregates and instantly visualizes structured and unstructured data from more than 27 million data points in real-time, representing a comprehensive list of scientific and business literature, technology transfer data, and clinical trial data. Becomes a Trusted Oil and Gas Industry Advisor with Spotfire case study

Solves problems, identifies cost savings, and secures client satisfaction.

Spotfire Powers Interactive Visual Analysis of Inc. 500

By using Spotfire, the editors of were quickly able to spot interesting trends in a variety of data, which ranged from company listings to research surveys that were conducted with winning companies. Puts Data Analytics in Good Hands uses Spotfire data analytics to help nonprofits further their cause and make a difference.

Surromed Chooses S-PLUS® Server and Spotfire® DecisionSite for Biomarker Discovery

Surromed Inc. is a pioneering biomarker enabled drug discovery and development company and they needed an analysis workflow application for biomarker discovery. With S-PLUS Server and Spotfire DecisionSite they were allowed greater access to analytics and information which improved the quality of decision-making enterprise-wide.

Swedish Defence Research Agency Tests TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics Platform for Defence Materiel Planning and Interoperability Requirements Analysis

The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) supports the Swedish Armed Forces in their ongoing transition towards a model-based capability development process. Among other things, FOI looks at new ways to visualize and navigate among large volumes of data in search of interesting insights that are hard to see in traditional spreadsheets. The prototypes developed as part of the initiative demonstrate how information visualization and interaction techniques can support model-based capability development involving large hierarchical data sets. Two cases were chosen as a context for the prototypes: analysis of the Armed Forces materiel plan and analysis of relations between NATO requirements and Swedish military units.

Syntelli Solutions Moves the Needle with Spotfire

Grows its business, capabilities, and expertise while facilitating customer insights.

Tampa Bay Lightning Scores Fan Experience and Revenue case study

National Hockey League team saves time, develops insights, and achieves better decision-making and results.

TeliaSonera Maintains Market Leadership in Telco Services with TIBCO Spotfire

TeliaSonera selected TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics platform to help it monitor its end-to-end order provisioning process in Sweden and Finland.

The CementBloc’s Innovative, Converged Healthcare Relationship Marketing Initiatives Powered by TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire analyzes efficacy of multi-channel marketing programs for The CementBloc clients, including personal and non-person tactics targeting healthcare professionals, as well as the online behavior of consumers.

Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing Leverages S-PLUS® Enterprise Server and Achieves $3.5 Million Annual Savings

400 brands plus 120,000 retail outlets can add up to a production and distribution nightmare. For Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing and their predictive analytics and reporting solution from Insightful it has been nothing but a sweet dream with realized annual savings of $3.5 million and new, profitable business opportunities.

Toshiba Gains an Information Advantage with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® gives Toshiba an analysis platform that helps engineering and business users get results faster and continuously improve their problem-solving methods.

Treasury reporting department of global bank performs balance sheet risk assessment 85-90% faster using TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

Spotfire expedites balance sheet risk assessment analysis for more than 100 business analyst and reporting specialists around the world.

TriQuint Semiconductor Corporation Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Yield Improvement

At TriQuint, TIBCO Spotfire software has been deployed and in use for 5 years and has seen increasing use among various engineering groups for a wide range of investigations related to design, manufacturing test, wafer fabrication and production metrics.

TUI Group Books Trip to Success with Spotfire and Fast Data

Monitoring competitor pricing and immediately making adjustments to remain competitive is just one of the tactics TUI uses secure its vision of "Think Travel. Think TUI."

Tularik Tames Risky Business with Spotfire

At Tularik, Spotfire® DecisionSite™ helps clinical pre-marketing risk analysts get a jump on spotting adverse event risks—before they adversely affect the bottom line.

Unilever Assesses Nutritional Content of Global Food and Beverage Portfolio with Spotfire

Spotfire DecisionSite® helps assess nutritional content of global food and beverage portfolio.

University of Leipzig Uses Spotfire to Improve Research Data Analysis

“We selected S+ArrayAnalyzer because it offered our research team the flexibility and extensibility to customize an analytic-rich solution to meet the unique needs of our diverse research team,” said Dr. Markus Loeffler.

University of Washington Drives Microarray Analysis with Spotfire

DecisionSite™ for Functional Genomics®’ data integration capabilities have opened up new analytic opportunities for UW’s biomedical researchers.

Upstream Oil and Gas Company Finds Unconventional Value in Spotfire

Read how this oil and gas producer is using Spotfire to clean data and create focused workflows and best practices to save time, find better answers, and save tens of millions of dollars.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Uses Spotfire Analytics to Aid Faster Drug Development

Drug discovery and development can be time consuming and expensive. Each year, the global pharmaceutical industry spends at least $10 billion on clinical trials. To counter this expense, next-generation statistical software provides pharmaceutical scientists with the tools they need to discover hidden knowledge buried in data collected during clinical trials. The use of software tools with powerful graphical and modeling capabilities, such as S-PLUS, result in better and faster drug development.

Vestas Spins Up Wind Generation with Spotfire

How the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy uses Spotfire for fast, self-service analytics; workforce productivity; and democratized data fueling new use cases across the company.

Visual Intelligence Solution SocialView Provides a Powerful Visual Analytics Solution for Social Media ROI Metrics

VI developed SocialView™ on the TIBCO Spotfire® platform to measure the performance of social media conversations. Leveraging OpenAmplify’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine, SocialView provides VI clients with immediate insight into the online reputation of products and services, identifying strengths and weaknesses through highly accurate social ROI metrics.

WEHI Speeds Drug Discovery With TIBCO Spotfire

“Previously, it was difficult to identify trends in the large amounts of screening data generated, including systematic issues. With TIBCO Spotfire, we can visualize our results in a real-time dashboard, identify and exclude the systematic errors as they occur, and run repeat samples as required. We’ve reduced Hit Discovery data processing by more than 65 percent.” Dr. Kurt Lackovic, Senior Research Officer, Walter + Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

World Vision Creates Positive, Lasting Impact with Spotfire

With highly graphical dashboards powered by Spotfire data visualizations, World Vision executives dynamically slice and dice data on the fly. Read more to see what they're doing with that data.

XL Axiata improves the customer experience, reduces churn, gains new visibility, and protects revenue

With Spotfire, XL competes in a very tough market to become a mobile internet leader.

Yakult’s New Product Sales in the Netherlands Increase 15 to 20% with Spotfire

In the first several years in Europe, Yakult sales grew steadily, but suddenly, after competitors began to enter the market, there was an extraordinary sales increase. The company wanted to know why.

ZE PowerGroup Enhances Its Footprint Inside Client Organizations, Increases Customer Satisfaction and Market Share with Spotfire

By integrating Spotfire into its dashboard, ZE has the potential to serve more customers in more markets and meet its growth goals. Its now more holistic solution has increased customer satisfaction and productivity, and increased ZE competitiveness and close rates.

Zipcar Shifts into High Gear with TIBCO Spotfire

“Spotfire brings our data to life – whether it’s finance, operations or marketing – and enables us to rapidly visualize information, draw insights and take action across our business.” Ed Goldfinger, Zipcar CFO