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A TIBCO Spotfire® Platform Overview

From interactive dashboards and data visualizations to predictive analytics, Spotfire Analytics is an enterprise analytics platform that helps business and technical users quickly get to actionable insight. Spotfire Analytics helps users at every level of the organization seize new business opportunities and evade risks by providing unmatched speed & flexibility so data can be visually analyzed quickly, without requiring IT intervention.

Actionable Marketing Analytics using Spotfire

With Spotfire you can seize new business opportunities and avoid risk with unmatched speed and flexibility using interactive dashboards, visualizations, and predictive and event-driven analytics on any device.

La plataforma TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire es una solución que integra el análisis en todo el proceso de toma de decisiones. Gracias a que relaciona de forma exclusiva procesos e individuos con eventos dentro y fuera de la organización, Spotfire permite que la información correcta llegue hasta las personas indicadas, en el momento justo. Esto es a lo que llamamos los “dos segundos de ventaja”.

Modernise your enterprise with best-of-breed solutions

TIBCO and HP collaborate to develop and deliver best-of-breed enterprise analytics solutions to enable their customers to become agile, data-driven organizations.

Reduce SAS Expense and Overhead with TIBCO Spotfire S+®

Compared to SAS, Spotfire S+® software offers organizations the opportunity to reduce costs, speed development of new models and statistical graphics, and simplify prototyping new types of analysis and their integration into business processes.

Spotfire Analytics Workshops

Complimentary half-day workshops at your location are designed to develop stronger BI strategies with reduced impact on IT and bring reporting and data discovery together for more agile decision-making across your organization.

Spotfire and Hadoop: Interactive Analysis on Big Data

TIBCO Spotfire® offers native support for a number of Hadoop flavors. Hadoop integration points can be grouped into two categories: TIBCO Spotfire native data connectors and TERR-Hadoop integration. Both provide an extensive set of analytic features and security options.

Supercharge Six Sigma with TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics

With TIBCO Spotfire analytics it will be easier than ever to implement Lean Six Sigma in the organization.

TIBCO Analytics - Cloud BI

TIBCO Analytics cloud offerings provide an easy on-ramp to business intelligence whatever your role and requirements. TIBCO Spotfire Cloud is SaaS BI fully managed by TIBCO, allowing business users to launch BI and receive automatic upgrades without any server procurement or software installations. TIBCO Spotfire for AWS and TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS each provide technical teams with full control of their BI environments in a pay-as-you-go model, starting <$1/hr.

TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Data Services

TIBCO Spotfire® Advanced Data Services allows enterprises to quickly and easily implement a data connectivity layer, providing companies with the ability to build Spotfire solutions that support dynamic business needs.

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services for Oracle E-Business Suite

TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) enables instant access to Oracle EBS to provide rapid and flexible analytics and reporting on key business data. Using TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services layer, content is delivered as pre-built, reusable data services directly to Spotfire®.

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services for SAP BW

TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services for SAP BW allows more users to easily access analyze and report on SAP BW data. SAP BW data can be combined with data from other sources to enable you to rapidly perform analysis and build operational reports with great flexibility.

TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery

TIBCO Spotfire Lead Discovery software provides an easy-to-use, highly visual and interactive environment for exploring chemical structures and any associated data such as biological assay results.

TIBCO Spotfire for Machine Sensor & Maintenance Analytics

Spotfire allows you bring machine and product performance data together with streaming sensor data, historical data, maintenance costs from your ERP, and environmental data such as weather conditions. You can now begin to truly understand your assets and the causal relationships among the many factors that affect their performance and potential failures.

TIBCO Spotfire for Product Quality and Reliability

Spotfire allows you to bring together supplier quality, manufacturing process, quality and reliability, test, field return, and external data sources. Only by having all the relevant data can you see true root causes. It lets you rapidly visualize your data and investigate outliers, gain insight quickly, and share that insight with colleagues. Our broad range of intuitive visualizations and built-in statistical techniques provides a rich palette of tools for everyone involved in improving product quality.

TIBCO Spotfire for Production Optimization

Spotfire allows users to combine all relevant data – whether historical or real-time, structured or unstructured – allowing them to bring textual well reports together with finance data, production data, and geophysical and geological sources to help answer questions about recovery, lifting, underperforming wells, corrective actions, and unplanned downtime.

TIBCO Spotfire for Supply Chain Analytics

Spotfire helps businesses optimize supply chain operations by mashing together and visualizing all the data. This allows you to identify key trends earlier, leading to better strategic decisions and daily management of inventory, logistics, procurement, and distribution.

TIBCO Spotfire for Telecommunications

By enabling business professionals throughout the organization to visualize and interact with information with unprecedented ease, The TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics platform equips every telecommunications employee to rapidly discover new insights in the information s/he works with every day.

TIBCO Spotfire for Utilities

TIBCO Spotfire® helps organizations in the utilities industry develop valuable insights from large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, historic and real-time. The outcomes of these insights can dramatically impact the bottom line as well as provide an early warning system for potential threats and opportunities.

TIBCO Spotfire for Well Engineering and Drilling Operations

Well engineers the world over analyze data faster with Spotfire's intuitive, interactive, analytic platform. It enables better decision-making across diverse and challenging environments by allowing capture of all data — structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion — and the deepest possible investigation of issues behind NPT and reliability.

TIBCO Spotfire in Downstream Energy

With Spotfire, end users in downstream energy companies can interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. They can develop insight faster, easily bring clarity to business issues, and share that knowledge with the rest of the organization. Spotfire also supports predictive and event-driven analytics from the same enterprise-ready platform, enabling what-if forecasting and real-time trend identification from streaming data.

TIBCO Spotfire in Energy Trading

TIBCO Spotfire helps energy trading organizations to uncover valuable insights in large volumes of data, frequently comprised of multiple data types: structured and unstructured, historic and real-time. These insights can dramatically impact the bottom line as well as provide an early warning system for risk and regulatory threats.

TIBCO Spotfire in HS&E

In Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) analytics, Spotfire mashes together data from disparate sources to provide the fullest possible picture of the elements affecting HS&E incidents; lowers compliance costs by proactively identifying and preventing situations that contribute to HS&E risk; And using minimal IT time, makes analyses available anywhere throughout the organization, including to suppliers and partners.

TIBCO Spotfire in Oilfield Services

Oil field services companies benefit from using Spotfire analytics across their organizations — from technical use cases to cross-functional areas such as HR, finance, health, safety, and the environment. Spotfire helps to drive down costs through rigorous analysis at every stage of a delivered service.

TIBCO Spotfire S+® Advanced Stats

Putting the power of advanced statistics into the hands of decisions makers in the finance sector.

TIBCO Spotfire S+® for Risk Aggregation

Built using the award-winning S+ platform, the Spotfire Risk Aggregation Solution provides specialised multi-dimensional functionality to perform sophisticated risk calculations and risk aggregations for insurance companies.

TIBCO Spotfire S+®Product Overview

The Spotfire S+® product family provides statisticians and quantitative analysts with a broad array of predictive analytic and cutting-edge statistical analysis tools for powerful and effective data analysis, including statistical graphics that can rapidly convey unique insights into your data.

TIBCO Spotfire Statistic Services

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics provides a unique, visual and interactive approach to exploratory data analysis, enabling new insights into data.

TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail Solutions

Key visual analytics for CPG and retail are described, including those providing insight into brand analysis, category management, sales forecasting, pricing and promotion, promotional impact, geo-analytics, supply chain optimization, warehouse optimization, gravity modeling, store profile clustering, market basket analysis, shopper demographics, customer cloning, customer spend, sentiment analysis, social media, and product quality.

TIBCO Spotfire® Clinical

In order to reduce costs, maintain market share and increase revenue, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies face increasing pressure to bring new drugs to market in the shortest possible time. Spotfire analytics addresses these challenges by enabling actionable decisions that enhance patient safety, streamline operations and enable faster product launches leading to better medical outcomes for the patients and financial outcomes for the life science industry.

TIBCO Spotfire® Enterprise Risk Management

Unlike packaged software whose inner workings are hidden away in black-boxes, our solution often serves as an extensible risk modeling platform, providing the transparency and traceability that the federal regulators require during model reviews and validation.

TIBCO Spotfire® Network Analytics

Spotfire® Network Analytics software combines powerful network analysis techniques with a highly interactive and intuitive analysis environment, enabling analysts to gain new insights into complex interaction networks and make critical decisions.

TIBCO Spotfire® Services: Consulting Solutions

The Spotfire Analytics platform meets the needs of all users – from data discovery and ad-hoc analysis, to interactive reporting and dashboards, to domain-specific applications, to event-driven real-time analysis, to powerful predictive analytics – from a single architecture.

TIBCO Spotfire®, R and S+®

TIBCO is committed to helping our customers leverage their investments in both R and S+ to solve problems and make better decisions company-wide

TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R

Built from the ground up to be fully compatible with the R language, TERR is an enterprise-grade analytic engine that leverages TIBCO’s long-time expertise with the closely related S+ analytic engine. You can continue to develop in open source R, but integrate and deploy R code on a commercially-supported and robust platform – without the need to rewrite code.

What’s New in S+ Version 8.1

TIBCO is pleased to announce the general availability of Spotfire S+ ® , Spotfire S+ ® Server, and Spotfire Miner™ version 8.1. Please read on for highlights of these releases.