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Allergan: Robert Cain on Spotfire

"Spotfire allows them to bring together all the data in a large multivariable dataset and make sense of it"

AstraZeneca: Stephen Thomas on Spotfire

"A product like Spotfire can help you visualize that very easily"

Attivio: Rik Tamm-Daniels

"Spotfire provides a very nice balance between being able to control the data environment, but at the same time, be able to be very agile in how you deploy your solutions"

Bank of Montreal improves customer offer delivery and acceptance using the TIBCO platform.

Vice President of Customer Analytics Gayle Ramsey and Chief Architect Lawrence Wan describe how Bank of Montreal (BMO) Financial Group moved from reactive, non-relevant customer interactions to proactive, real-time response to individual customers—and achieved project payback in just nine months. (03:07 min.)

Bardess: Joe DeSiena

"That first insight comes within that first week"

Bayer CropScience: Dr. Michael Beck

Bayer CropScience uses Spotfire for research purposes. The power users are scientist from all scientific disciplines, many chemists and biologists, who use it to look at project data. Next to scientific research it is also used for small analyses of financial data such as cost center data.

Boosting New Product Sales in the Netherlands

Identifying the causes of success using a super tool. (03:13 min.)

BUCS Analytics: Paul Buchanan on Spotfire

"It's a wonderful tool for us to provide for them because it provides such clarity and understanding to them and rapidly"

Cadeon Attracts New Customers with TIBCO Spotfire

How Cadeon is using Spotfire for business growth and for helping customers understand their data. (03:18 min.)

Cargill Masters the Energy Supply Chain with TIBCO Spotfire and ZEMA

Geoffrey Lakings of Cargill and Waleed El-Ramly of ZE PowerGroup talk about the strategic partnership with TIBCO and how it impacts Cargill's hydrocarbon supply-chain data analytics. (03:33 min.)

CargoSmart Delivers Solutions for Improved Decision-making and Cost

How CargoSmart improves on-time deliveries and reduces fuel consumption for its shipping provider customers. (3:12 min.)

Cisco: Justin Welsh on Spotfire

"it's a fun way just to be creative with data, which I enjoy."

Citibank Brazil: Banks on Digital Business and TIBCO for Increased Competitiveness

SVP Roberto Mercadante on securing competitive advantage and a global strategy based on process efficiencies, automation, and metrics. (02:52 min)

Colegio Nuevo Granada Uses Data to Develop Student Potential

How this K-12 college preparatory school is using TIBCO Spotfire® to help students achieve to their highest potential. (03:40 min.)

eClinicalWorks on Spotfire for Actionable Analytics Right at the Point of Care

Changing the focus from quantity to quality of healthcare. (02:40 min)

Equifax Credits Insights and Transformation to Spotfire

How this credit industry expert increased efficiency, insight, and capability leading to reducing time to market by 75% and enabling new conversations with customers. (2:28 min.)

FrieslandCampina Milks Value from TIBCO Analytics

Valorizing milk production by unlocking the value in data. (03:02 min.)

GE Energy: Justin Eggart

"The great thing about Spotfire 5 is that you have the capability to do both in-database analytics and in-memory analytics...that really takes the 2-second advantage and makes it the 10-second advantage for us"

GE: Bryan Saunders on Spotfire

"The first reaction was "WOW" can it be this easy?"

How Blue River Analytics Solves Analysis Paralysis

Analytics Director Andy Lathrop on helping oil and gas customers achieve increased productivity and deeper insight. (03:14 min.)

How CIBC Turns Data into Real-time Action

SVP of Process Management for Retail and Business Banking Neal Oswald on knowing customers and managing data and processes using Spotfire. (02:47 min)

How Norfolk Southern Switches to Efficiency, Visibility, and Improved Customer Service

Read how this major railway company is using the TIBCO Fast Data platform to track and trace assets, recognize opportunities and threats, and satisfy customer demand. (3:38 min.)

How R. Lacy turns a down market into opportunity.

Giving decision-makers 24x7 access to data for granular analyses. (03:22 min)

How Puts Analytics in Good Hands

Executive Director Stefan Heeke on using data to help nonprofits further their cause and make a difference.

How Syntelli Solutions Moves the Needle with Spotfire

How easy and meaningful analytics for organizations across industries leads to 60% growth. (02:55 min.)

How Vestas Spins Up Wind Generation with Spotfire

How this global market leader in manufacturing and servicing wind turbines achieved efficient self-service analytics for greater productivity. (3:12 min.)

Ignite Hires Spotfire to Find Revenue Opportunities, Efficiencies

How the innovation lab for the world's largest staffing agency, Adecco, moved to fact-based decision-making for cost savings and opportunity discovery. (03:24 min.)

inQuba Delivers Context for Enhanced Customer Experience

How inQuba delivered a fully integrated end-to-end architecture for delivering customer experience orchestration. (02:44 min.)

Insurance Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analysis

See how TIBCO Spotfire can analyze an Insurance CRM database to locate Cross-Sell and Up-Sell opportunities

Istrabenz Plini Powers Good Decision-making

How the liquid petroleum provider improved reporting and a whole lot more. (03:30 min.)

Manufacturing Warranty Root Cause Analysis

Manufacturing Warranty - Root Cause Analysis

McKesson relies on TIBCO Spotfire for their customer-facing solution

McKesson uses TIBCO Spotfire to provide retrospective, concurrent, and predictive modeling solutions that enable their customers to best manage the clinical effectiveness, financial performance, and operational efficiency of their organization.

NetApp: Allan Dang on Spotfire

"We chose the product that was right for us, which was Spotfire"

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing: Emerging Markets

Use this application to quickly detect trends, identify the markets with the highest potential, and gather competitive intelligence about new opportunities and emerging markets. Becomes a Trusted Oil and Gas Industry Advisor with Spotfire

Solves problems, identifies cost savings, and secures client satisfaction. (03:03 min.)

Severstal: Cameron Williams on Spotfire

"We've selected a very good product, that a sales guy can actually put their arms around it, embrace it, understand it, manipulate it and get very valuable information out of it with out calling me on how to do it. It's fantastic."

Shell: Vince Fredrick on Spotfire

"We were really surprised at how easy it was to put data into Spotfire"

Spotfire for Sales Analytics

Spotfire for Sales Analytics

Syntelli: Rishi Bhatnagar

"We were just amazed by the simple fact that we could take Spotfire, go to market and that would eliminate the need for at least four different products..."

Tampa Bay Lightning Scores Fan Experience and Revenue

Matching analytics to the speed of the business. (2:22 min)

The Definition of Big Data

Michael O'Connell, Spotfire's Chief Data Scientist, gives his definition of Big Data and discusses how enterprises are quickly getting insights into Big Data. Learn more about big data analytics.

Transformation to an information culture and greater productivity.

Empowering better decision-making and improved business-IT relationships. (03:08 min.)

Trinity Pharma Solutions: Glenn Wong on Spotfire

"In the last 10 minutes, you guys solved the question I've been asking internally for 2 months"

TUI Group Books Trip to Success with Fast Data

How TUI Group provides excellent customer service in a dynamic market. (03:04 min.)

Video: NXP Semiconductors Controls Margins with Spotfire Analytics

The dramatic shift in business analysis value and productivity. (02:22 min)

What is a Data Scientist?

Michael O'Connell, Spotfire's Chief Data Scientist, gives his definition of a Data Scientist and discusses the emergence of a role in enterprises recently described by the Harvard Business Review as "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century."

Why BroadReach Healthcare Uses TIBCO

How BroadReach is improving healthcare for 10 million in South Africa with useful, accurate, trust-worthy data provided to the right people at the right time. (2:40 min)

XL Axiata Calls on Fast Data to Disrupt Telco Markets

Driving up customer retention and revenue per user. (02:52 min.)

ZE PowerGroup Expands Its Corporate Footprint at Customer Sites with Spotfire Analytics

Why ZE integrated instead of built BI into its product for results including increased customer satisfaction and market share.
(02:12 min)