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5 Reasons Why You Should Add Visual Analytics to Your Applications

In this webcast, Stephen Oar from Sage SalesLogix provides an overview of advanced analytics solutions built on the Spotfire platform and shares key drivers for actionable insight delivered through cross-functional CRM dashboards.

Accelerating Medical Device and Diagnostic Clinical Trials Using TIBCO Spotfire

In this webcast, Ben McGraw reviews how medical device and diagnostics companies are using Spotfire for in stream safety review, risk-benefit assessments, post marketing surveillance, data management and clinical operations.

Adopting a Metrics-Based Approach for Running Clinical Trials

In this webcast, Ben McGraw of TIBCO Spotfire and Duncan Hall of Triumph Consultancy Services walk through an implementation methodology and discuss the organizational challenges involved in adopting a metrics based approach to running clinical trials.

Advanced Analytics in Customer Relationship Management (with James Kobielus of Forrester Research)

James Kobielus of Forrester Research shares how advanced, in-memory analytics help to retain and grow customer relationships, create consistent cross-channel experiences, and achieve greater operational CRM efficiencies.

Amplifying Brand Insight and Strategic Business Value with Actionable Analytics

In this webcast, Mark Redgrave of OpenAmplify and Dan Rider of Visual Intelligence will demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform leverages the very latest in semantic and text analysis allowing marketers to visualize how customers think, feel, and act around their brand.

Analyzing Warranty Data in the Era of Big Data

In this webcast, IDC and TIBCO Spotfire will highlight the key role of warranty analytics in the big data revolution. This complimentary session will provide executives with steps they can take to assess and improve warranty operations.

Applying Analytics Rigor to Procurement in Manufacturing Organizations

In this webcast, Phil Durgin of TIBCO Spotfire will demonstrate how a systematic review of purchase data can lead to significant savings across both strategic and non-strategic goods.

Banking: Cross Sell & Up-sell for Credit Cards

In this webcast, Danny Lee and Arnab Karmakar demonstrate how Spotfire's predictive analytics capabilities drive more effective cross-sell & up-sell campaigns and deliver targeted offers to credit card customers.

Big Data Analytics in Oil & Gas: Production Surveillance and Completions Optimization

In this webcast, Michael O’Connell, Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO, and Tim Yotter, Reservoir Engineer at Encana, will discuss TIBCO Spotfire approaches to well surveillance and completions analytics for production optimization.

Big Data mit Hilf von Analytics des 21. Jahrhunderts meistern (German language presentation)

Die Kunst „Big Data“ zu nützen, ist die echte Chance um Wettbewerbsvorteile, Einsparungspotenziale und neue Geschäftsfelder zu generieren. TIBCO Spotfire und BARC informieren Sie über im BI Selfservice.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 1 of 3: Guided Self-Service and In-line Analytics for Manufacturing

In Part 1 of this webcast series, Michael O'Connell and Hector Martinez of TIBCO Spotfire will explore key areas where Big Data analytics bring significant competitive advantage to manufacturing organizations, covering specific use cases in Quality, Asset Integrity and Root Cause Analysis.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 2 of 3: Using Warranty Analytics to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Operating Costs

In this webcast, Bill Lycette of Agilent will demonstrate how the new Warranty Analytics and Reporting Program (WARP) integrates with the Spotfire platform to provide early detection of reliability issues for quicker corrective actions, thus maintaining high product uptime for customers and low warranty expenses.

Big Data Science and Intelligent Manufacturing Part 3 of 3: Yield Improvement with TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire and Andrew Choo of TriQuint will demonstrate how Spotfire is used to analyze yields and provide QA/QC and root cause analysis functionality within diesort test operations.

Big Opportunities with Big Data & Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers

In this webcast, Kim Knickle of IDC Manufacturing Insights will discuss both the challenges and opportunities that Big Data presents to consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Kim will be joined by Judson Chase of TIBCO Spotfire, who will demonstrate how an enterprise-class analytics platform can incorporate data from traditional and emerging sources to paint a complete picture of your business.

Brand Insights & Forecasts: Using Analytics to Grow Global Value & Volume

In this webcast, Will Heffernan and Leslie Miller of TIBCO Spotfire will show how to differentiate and grow our brands in crowded global markets through advanced analytics.

Case Study: Anti-Money Laundering Analysis with Spotfire

In this webcast, David Choi of Ernst & Young highlights key metrics and analytics for the Financial Services industry to improve the effectiveness of Anti-Money Laundering transaction monitoring systems and processes.

Case Study: Volcker Rule Analysis with Spotfire

In this webcast, Michael Flynn and Seth Rosensweig of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how Spotfire visualizations uncover insights for Volcker Rule measurement and compliance.

Combining Paid & Organic, Social & Earned Media Data to Drive Deeper Insights with Spotfire

In this webcast, Benjamin Spiegel, Director of Search Operations at Catalyst, will explore a variety of search data and demonstrate how Spotfire can be used to build illustrative dashboards, drive insights, and refine paid and organic recommendations for more effective content strategies.

Consumer Insights: Using Analytics to Engage Customers in New Ways & Win the Market

In this webcast, Kimberly Knickle of IDC Manufacturing Insights will identify the latest challenges, best-practice consumer insights solutions, and how advanced analytics platforms like Spotfire are uniquely positioned to help ensure growth and profitability for CPG manufacturing.

Customer Segmentation and Churn Analysis with Spotfire

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood demonstrates how the Spotfire empowers marketing professionals to derive insights from their customer data to devise value-based strategies and retain profitable customers.

Delivering Effective Customer Service Using Spotfire Analytics Platform

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood leads an interactive demonstration highlighting how Spotfire is used to analyze key metrics for a service center, evaluate customer service representatives' (CSR) performance, and improve productivity.

Effective Channel Data Management with TIBCO Spotfire and IntegriChain’s Demand Network Analytics

In this webcast, IntegriChain CEO Kevin Leininger demonstrates how the Demand Network's Spotfire integration delivers self-service reporting and analytics across sales, marketing, finance for several leading healthcare and consumer manufacturers.

Empowering Business Productivity and Cost Control through Data Mashups

In this webcast, Ceiba Solutions demonstrates how the Helium/Spotfire integration is used for self-service dimension-free data exploration, providing insight into the unknown while dramatically reducing dependence on IT.

Enhanced Analytics for Product Controllers

In this webcast, Phil Andriyevsky and Sumit Malik of Ernst & Young Financial Services lead an interactive demonstration of the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform highlighting how Spotfire enables product controllers to better monitor and assess profit and loss (P&L) explanation and valuation.

Event Analytics in Machine Management

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire demonstrates how the monitoring of real-time events combined with modern analytical techniques can improve asset uptime, optimize maintenance schedules, and predict remedial work.

Financial Crimes Management: A 2013 Differentiator in Financial Services

In this webcast, Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director, CEB TowerGroup Retail Banking & Cards, Danny Lee, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Spotfire, and James Freeman, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire, will Explore the business value of superior fraud and AML management beyond the mere reduction in the number of crimes and their specific losses.

Fluid Markets, Liquidity Assets, Capital Markets: Winning in the 21st Century, Financial Services Marketplace

In this webcast, Senior Research Director of the CEB TowerGroup Rodney Nelsestuen demonstrates how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform delivers on regulatory mandates in the stream of business while improving operations, compliance, and the overall customer experience.

Forensic Testing for Financial Services with Ernst & Young

In this webcast, Reza Haniph and Angus Champion de Crespigny of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform enables greater effectiveness of forensic testing at leading global financial institutions.

Gain Insight into Your Brand’s Online Retail Shelf Space

In this webcast, Benjamin Spiegel will demonstrate how Catalyst combines its proprietary eShelf Engine™ technology with Spotfire analytics and interactive visualizations to deliver deep insights to the competitive positioning of products on online retail shelves.

Gain Visibility Into the Unknown through DeltaSoft ChemCart and TIBCO Spotfire

In this webcast, DeltaSoft illustrates how the ChemCart/Spotfire integration enables the discovery of actionable insights in pharmaceutical and agrochemical research data.

Genomic Data Analysis and Drug Discovery

In this webcast, Dr. Eskouhie Tchaparian demonstrates how TIBCO Spotfire RealTime StatMiner is used to measure relative quantification of transcription levels and select different gene expression levels in a step-by-step workflow.

Health, Safety and Environment Analytics, with Teradata and Spotfire

In this webcast, Teradata and Spotfire will share insights from across the industry regarding how a Unified Data Architecture can help organizations tackle the issues of bringing all the data together so that true Root Cause Analysis can take place – leading to better preventative policies in the future, and the reduction of risk to our people, assets and environment.

How Leading European Life Science Companies Are Leveraging Spotfire for Clinical Development

In this webcast, Dr. Mark Demesmaeker shares how European Life Science companies are using Spotfire for self-service data discovery in areas such as in-stream safety review, data quality assessment, protocol adherence, site reporting and patient enrollment.

How TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Empowers the Intelligence Community

In this webcast, Jim Hawley leads an interactive demonstration of the Spotfire platform, showing how analytics and data discovery helps members of the U.S. Intelligence community to unlock new and critical patterns, trends, and actionable insights.

How To Become an In-licensing Champion

In this webcast, you will be able to learn how this combined solution can Increase your hit rate, add early abandonment value, and ultimately drive higher value technologies and products into the pipeline.

HR Analytics To Drive Strategic Workforce Decisions

In this webcast, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Claire Schooley shares how in-memory advanced analytics plaforms enable Human Resources professionals to better monitor employee turnover, optimize performance, and anticipate workforce needs.

Identify New Licensing Opportunities and Perform Asset Scouting and Benchmarking with TIBCO Spotfire and Relay TM’s BD Live!

In this webcast, Relay Technology Management demonstrates how the "BD Live!" platform integrates with Spotfire to aggregate and visualize both structured and unstructured data, enabling in stronger portfolio optimization and benchmarking for life science industries.

In-Memory Computing: Lifting the Burden of Big Data (with Aberdeen Group)

In this webcast, Nathaniel Rowe of Aberdeen Group discusses findings from a recent study on the state of Big Data while Spotfire's Michael O'Connell illustrates industry use cases and applications for in-memory computing.

Insights into What's Coming in Spotfire 6.0

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire will review the exciting new features of Spotfire 6.0: KPIs and Metrics, Event Analytics, Location Analytics, and Enterprise Cloud.

Intelligent Workforce Analytics

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood discusses the business challenges faced by HR executives while Martin Matula demonstrates Beeline's award-winning Spotfire-integrated contingent workforce management solution.

Measure Only What Truly Matters in Energy: Introduction to Spotfire Mobile Metrics

In this webcast, Bryan Colyer of TIBCO will demonstrate how Spotfire Mobile Metrics enables management by exception, delivering real-time data to mobile devices of energy professionals.

Netback Analysis and Insight into Refining

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Spotfire and Patrick Long of Opportune will illustrate how Spotfire analyses and visualizations drive actionable insights for refining.

Optimized Data Flow for Fast and Efficient Decision Making of Clinical Data at Roche

In this webcast, Ben McGraw of TIBCO Spotfire and Franziska Zitt of Roche demonstrate how the Spotfire platform has optimized Roche's clinical data collection, storage, and trial data review.

Optimized Marketing Campaigns for Communication Service Providers

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Spotfire and Boris Glazman, Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire, will illustrate how Spotfire analytics and predictive platform can be used to design, optimize and measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign for a communication service provider.

Optimizing Store Performance with Analytics (with InfomatiX)

 Join us for part 1 of 3 in this webcast series with Spotfire partner and CPG&R expert, InfomatiX, to discover why modern-day analytics is something your business shouldn’t be without.

Optimizing Supply through Location Analytics

In this webcast, Peter Shaw of TIBCO Spotfire will demonstrate how Location Analytics combined with advanced predictive capabilities can optimize supply chains to minimize risk, cost, and more.

Physician Payments Sunshine Act – Unlocking the Value of Aggregated Spend Data

In this webcast, Ben McGraw, Spotfire, and Joy King, Teradata, will help pharmaceutical manufacturers realize an ROI from their efforts to comply with the Physician Spend Sunshine Law by aggregating and organizing eligible spend data.

Predictive Analytics in Oil and Gas with Spotfire

This webcast covers predictive and event-driven analytics applications for oil and gas exploration, including interactive multivariate Spotfire visualizations enabled with modeling, simulation, forecasting, optimization and data mining methodologies.

Predictive Analytics with Spotfire

In this webcast, Lou Bajuk-Yorgan demonstrates how Spotfire's predictive and event driven capabilities deliver actionable insights for users across the Enterprise.

QuintusVisuals: Dashboard Visualizations for Spotfire Analytics

In this webcast, Quintus demonstrates how Spotfire users can extend their dashboard creations with powerful add-in QuintusVisuals like the spider plot, waterfall plot, speed dial, and traffic light visualizations.

Real-time Safety Surveillance of Clinical Trials

In this webcast, Pfizer demonstrates how they are leveraging Spotfire's visualization-based data discovery to quickly perform targeted safety review of protocol and program specific in-stream and post marketing safety data.

Root Cause Analysis and Quality Management in Discrete Manufacturing

In this webcast, Hector Martinez and Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire help to guide the discovery of manufactured product faults to better avoid added costs, eliminate recurrences, and ensure corrective action.

Speeding and Refining Chemical Search, Analysis and Visualization with Instant JChem and Spotfire

In this webcast, ChemAxon demonstrates how Instant JChem integrates with Spotfire to produce powerful cheminformatics visualizations for pharmaceutical research.

Spotfire Analytics for Customer Complaints

In this webcast, Lisa Ducharme and Jacob Thiel of Ernst & Young will demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform enables clients to realize operational efficiencies, respond to regulator inquiries, and improve the customer experience.

Spotfire Analytics for FATCA with Ernst & Young

In this webcast, Paul Frasco and Todd Retchless of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform leverages embedded classification logic based on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations.

Spotfire Analytics for Financial Planning & Analysis

This webcast demonstrates how Spotfire Analytics enterprise analytics platform enables FP&A professionals gain fast access to actionable insights so they can make better decisions, spot new opportunities, and avoid risks.

Spotfire Case Study: Cisco Leverages Data Discovery and Visualization for Sales & Marketing Advantage

In this webcast, Justin Welsh of Cisco Systems shares how Spotfire analytics helps to drive multichannel CRM initiatives for more consistent customer experiences and greater operational efficiencies.

Spotfire for Insurance Analytics

In this webcast, Danny Lee and Sandie Easton of TIBCO Spotfire demonstrate how the Spotfire platform is used to analyze customer distribution and preferences and gain actionable insights on renewal patterns.

Spotfire for Production Optimization in Oil and Gas

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire presents energy use cases and applications demonstrating how Spotfire’s dimension-free data exploration platform empowers customers to develop more effective strategies for hydrocarbon production optimization.

Structured + Unstructured Data: Creating Greater Value with Big Data Variety

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood of TIBCO Spotfire and Rik Tamm-Daniels of Attivio discuss data source trends and how enterprises can leverage unstructured Big Data to uncover deeper insights and create greater business value.

The Intelligent Enterprise: Data Discovery and Analytics for Financial Services

In this webcast, Michael O'Connell illustrates financial services applications of Spotfire's event driven analytics platform. Case studies in risk, compliance, trading, and retail banking are reviewed.

Transforming Well Surveillance and Reporting at Apache with TIBCO Spotfire

In this webcast, Kevin Konopko, Sr. Drilling Performance Engineer, Apache Corporation, will highlight how many of the tools Apache has developed with Spotfire have increased visibility into their operations and increase efficiency.

Turning Insight into Action: Emerging Trends in Business Intelligence for Financial Services

In this webcast, Rodney Nelsestuen from the CEB TowerGroup presents Business Intelligence trends across Financial Services industries while Michael O'Connell demonstrates how the Spotfire analytics platform is uniquely suited to meet the growing demand for timely actionable insights for FSI.

Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Insurance

In this webcast, IDC and Spotfire will discuss key trends, technologies, use cases and best practices in the industry, and the key role customer analytics can play in gaining a competitive edge.

V for Variety in Big Data (with Forrester Research)

In this webcast, Mike Gualtieri of Forrester Research discusses Big Data trends while Syed Mahmood demonstrates how the Spotfire analytics platform uniquely empowers the discovery of rich insights hiding in databases and unstructured content.

Warranty Analytics with Spotfire and Teradata

In this webcast, Steve Farr of TIBCO Spotfire and Joseph Taylor of Teradata demonstrate how Spotfire's warranty and quality analytics applications offer a single view of all data to better predict failures and costs affecting profitability.

What’s Hiding in Your Sales Data?

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood of TIBCO Spotfire discusses the challenges faced by sales organizations while Gary Strader, Senior Consultant from Bardess Group, demonstrates how Spotfire is used to seamlessly access data and enhance traditional reporting capabilities.

Why Analytics Belongs in the Cloud: Live Q&A with Martha Bennett

In this webcast, Martha Bennett of Forrester Research, Inc. joins Ivan Casanova of TIBCO for a live Q&A dispelling the myths around cloud deployments.