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Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Banking and Wealth Management

In this whitepaper, IDC Financial Insights identifies the business challenges that banking and wealth management organizations face and how IT investments can help them address these hurdles. We examine how financial institutions can leverage customer analytics to drive additional business value for both the customer and the enterprise.

5-Minute Guide to Analytics for FP&A

At times, the volume of data overwhelms the system and some analysis is skipped entirely. In the end, there’s always a gap — analytic needs that no traditional tool seems to address. What’s needed is an analytic tool that delivers actionable insight quickly and easily to meet finance executives’ top priorities.

5-Minute Guide to Analytics in Pharmaceutical Emerging Markets

Over the next five years, two-thirds of pharmaceutical sales growth will come from emerging markets. While this presents enormous potential, how can organizations compete to capture new opportunities? It all comes down to the data.

5-Minute Guide to Business Analytics

In Hollywood, nothing is more chic than analytics. On TV shows like CSI and in films like Iron Man, the industry’s most iconic stars depend upon data to help solve crimes or thwart world destruction. Even superheroes rely on solutions accessed at the touch of a finger on a sleek, glowing screen. Hollywood gets it: analytics is sexy.

5-Minute Guide to CRM Analytics

Frustrated marketing executives sense that they could do better. Today’s savvy digital customers require companies to quickly identify them, respond to their needs in real-time 24/7, and take immediate action to earn and retain their loyalty. Companies can attract and serve these savvy consumers with an agile analytics platform that delivers critical value to executives and front-line marketers.

5-Minute Guide to HR Analytics

The move to transform HR requires a better way for HR to access and analyze data. A modern analytic environment must offer three critical capabilities to the entire spectrum of HR staff so they can adequately support the enterprise.

5-Minute Guide to Insurance Analytics

The insurance industry has been shaken by a world of challenges in an ongoing soft market. Global financial markets keep stumbling, public scrutiny keeps tightening, and new competition keeps emerging. Yet managers navigating this new world are encumbered by old, slow business intelligence tools.

5-Minute Guide to Root Cause Analysis for Discrete Manufacturing

The problems of getting to true Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are numerous, involving as they do multiple systems, stakeholders and the very complexity of today's manufactured products. But the potential benefits are compelling: fewer returns, substitutions, reworks and less scrap; an enhanced reputation amongst customers; reduced warranty reserves; and a better understanding of what processes, materials, assemblies and even suppliers may cause future issues. If only we can know true root causes, then these areas are open to us.

5-Minute Guide to Sales Analytics

Sales success depends more than ever now on an analytics platform that supports sales organizations completely — with three critical functions...

5-Minute Guide to Supply Chain Analysis for Discrete Manufacturing

Across the areas of location intelligence, demand planning and omni-channel management the supply chain of the 21st century is far more about organizational efficiency to minimize risk (lost customers, geo-political and competitive pressures) than it is about taking an existing chain and “rationalizing” it on the basis of cost alone.The sheer complexity of today’s supply chains, stretched across the globe and subject to high demand variability means that finding the trends to follow cannot be a ‘yearly planning’ or ‘quarterly reporting’ task.

5-Minute Guide to Warranty Analytics

One of the key issues with warranty analytics is that the data that could have warned of problems ahead was held in silos — a multitude of systems that all impact on the warranty and quality value chains: claims, CRM records, bills of material, product life cycle management, call centers, field service systems, part sales and orders, service technician help systems, dealer and distributor records, the list can be daunting. And then what are people saying about our products on social media? Even if we could bring all this information together, how do we make sense of it all and move from reacting to warranty issues to a proactive and predictive management strategy?

5-Minute Guide to Well Engineering

The dirtiest part of drilling for fossil fuels might not be the equipment, the oil and gas, or even the drilling mud. What's too often the dirtiest, meanest part might be extracting data and refining it for critical insights with data tools unfit for the job. Looking after a rig or a whole asset, you need a tool that immediately updates information as you change wells or filter conditions.

A 5-Minute Guide to Assets Operations and Maintenance

In a post-Macondo world, the role of “asset integrity” and “asset integrity management” (AIM) has never been higher on the list of concerns to our producers, refiners and transporters. Indeed, the political environment of sustainable development means meeting the safety and environmental needs of all of society while still producing oil and gas at a reasonable cost.

Advanced Root Cause Analysis for Product Quality Improvement Using Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques employ an emerging class of algorithms that actually learn from the data presented to them, and automatically construct the best possible model for each dataset. As such, they empower analysts who have little expertise in statistics and modelling to solve complex problems otherwise beyond their reach.

An Insider’s Guide to Predictive Analytics

Insider’s Guide to Predictive Analytics (PA) by InsideBIGDATA documents what PA is, what to consider when evaluating solutions, how to build a predictive model, and how different lines of business are using it for decision-making.

Analytics for Capital Markets

Extreme volatility and uncertainty are the new normal, and financial services companies must become more agile than ever to remain competitive. The winners will be those that have the best view, the quickest draw, and the surest aim — and that begins with smart changes to business processes and technology.

Analytics for Portfolio Management

When it comes to collaboration, old business intelligence systems simply drop the ball altogether. Analysts, managers, and others are forced to rely on email, phone calls, and hallway chats. Crucial insight gets lost in the shuffle. The analytics platform built for today’s hyper-connected, global marketplace shows its capabilities in several key areas.

Analytics for Risk Management

Risk, often so convenient to take lightly, has become even more important as investors try to reach farther and farther as scrutiny tightens. They require a new analytics platform that’s ready for the new era in finance — readiness that shows itself as it meets risk management’s new challenges.

Analytics for the People

Making data analytics more accessible, no matter who you are.

Anatomia de uma Decisão: o que deve ser levado em conta quando se pretende investir em uma solução analítica - pesquisa da Blue Hill Research

Explore os critérios de avaliação e a jornada destas organizações no processo de escolha de uma solução analítica corporativa e descubra as razões da escolha do TIBCO Spotfire.

Anatomy of a Decision: What to Consider When Investing in Analytics by Blue Hill Research

Explore the evaluation criteria and the journey of three organizations that were sizing up analytic solutions and learn why they ultimately chose TIBCO Spotfire.

Anatomía de una Decisión: Qué se debe considerar al invertir en una solución analítica por Research Blue Hill

Explore los criterios de evaluación y el proceso de tres organizaciones que evaluaron soluciones analíticas y aprenda por qué finalmente eligieron TIBCO Spotfire.

Banques et Institutions de Gestion de patrimoine : Comment créer de la valeur grâce au « Customer Analytics »

IDC Financial Insights identifie les défis métiers auxquels les organisations bancaires et de gestion de patrimoine sont confrontées et la manière dont les investissements informatiques peuvent les aider à les adresser. Nous examinons la manière dont les institutions financières peuvent exploiter l’analyse client afin de générer des avantages commerciaux supplémentaires pour le client comme pour l’entreprise.

Beyond the Dashboard

This whitepaper proposes that a closed loop, with tight integration between the analysis and the dashboard, is essential to improving the decision-making process. Not having a closed-loop system results in a poor Return on Experience (ROE) and leads to both repeated business mistakes and missed business opportunities. The paper outlines the ideal solution that allows all users to contribute to the process, and concludes that achieving and sustaining a healthy ROE requires companies to go beyond the traditional dashboard.

Big Data Analytics: Scaling Up and Out in the Event-Enabled Enterprise: By Michael O’Connell, PhD

Big Data Analytics: Scaling Up and Out in the Event-Enabled Enterprise 2 “Big Data” refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software to capture, store, manage, and analyze (McKinsey Global Institute, May 2011). Big data sometimes arise from machine systems, e.g., log files that are constantly appending transactions. These data are growing rapidly; for example, the number of connected devices exceeded the world population before the end of 2011, and will reach 15 billion in 2015. In practical terms, “big data” is used to refer to high volume, high velocity, high variety and high complexity. Gartner refers to this combination of data volume, velocity, variety and complexity as “Extreme Information.”

Big Data Analytics:Turning Insight into Action

The core of business intelligence (BI) is the transformation of data into insight and insight into action that can add value to the enterprise. But the rise of structured and unstructured data, which is known as big data, has radically transformed the BI function. While big data has increased the opportunities available to businesses, it also creates more challenges to capturing, storing, and accessing information. In particular, the advent of big data underscores the time value of information. Since the utility of some data points declines very quickly, there’s a premium on accelerating the process of turning data into information and information into action. This paper describes how companies can combine a unified data architecture (UDA) with complex event processing software to thrive in the era of big data.

Big Data Connectors: How to Navigate Big Data with Ad Hoc Visual Data Discovery

Many think that step changes in the volume of data being stored and processed, as well as in new technologies, alter the approach to data access. The reality is that the same basic questions need to be asked whenever you consider working with any data source.

Busting Financial Crime with TIBCO

What if you could use just one financial crime fighting solution that would empower your business users to improve handling of financial crimes such as antimoney laundering (AML), credit card fraud, trade surveillance, or medical fraud?

Choosing Between Spotfire and Tableau

Both Spotfire and Tableau allow users of various skill levels to create attractive visualizations of data, displayed as charts, dashboards, and other constructs. But that's where the similarity ends...

Creating Big Opportunities with Big Data and Analytics in Consumer Products

In this whitepaper, IDC Manufacturing Insights examines how IT investments in big data and analytics can allow CP manufacturers to address their business challenges and create new opportunities more quickly at lower costs.

Créer de la valeur dans le secteur de l’assurance grâce au « Customer Analytics »

IDC Financial Insights identifie dans ce livre blanc les défis métiers auxquels les compagnies d’assurance sont confrontées et la manière dont les investissements informatiques peuvent les aider à résoudre ces problématiques. Nous examinons la manière dont les compagnies d’assurance peuvent exploiter l’analyse client afin de générer des avantages commerciaux supplémentaires pour le client comme pour l’entreprise.

Custom/External Authentication in TIBCO Spotfire

The main changes in TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 is a seemingly simple architecture change. This document focuses on what is important for custom and external authentication in this new Spotfire environment.

Data Science 2.0 – Guided and In-line Analytics: By Michael O’Connell, PhD

In retail banking and capital markets, IT initiatives and business projects are justified by improving productivity, reducing risk and/or growing revenues. The various functional areas of these organizations rely on big data analytics – trading and managing portfolios, creating value across customer relationships, detecting and preventing fraud and managing risk across the enterprise.

Dos & Donts of Collaborative Meetings

In this paper you’ll discover how your organization can leverage the TIBCO Spotfire® platform to make meetings and planning workshops more collaborative and productive.

Effectively Serving Today’s Customer Through Consumer Insight

In this whitepaper, IDC Manufacturing Insights identifies the business challenges that consumer package manufacturers face and how IT investments can allow them to address those challenges. We examine the way that business intelligence and big data and analytics can provide consumer package manufacturers with the consumer insight they need to better serve their retail customers and consumers.

Empowering the Masses with Analytics

Despite being knowledgeable about their industry and experienced in running their organizations, the majority of business users lack expertise in analytics and visualization techniques—but that doesn't stop them from wanting to have a go. But making tools easier and more widely accessible is only part of the answer. A better approach is to work both sides of the gap. To make tools that can empower business users to discover and unlock value in their data—and that extend capabilities for experts, so they can share the analytics workload, improve efficiency, and focus on higher level work.

Executive Summary: Spotfire Analytics – Transforming Clinical Development

This is an abbreviated version of the more detailed whitepaper that explores how companies are meeting analytics challenges around the growing number of clinical trials and a wide array of study designs.

Facing Churn in Telecommunications: Causes and Cures

Within the telecommunications industry, both regulations and customer attitudes have advanced, but not all CRM systems have kept pace. Managers charged with keeping customers happy find themselves still burdened with old systems that require IT departments to tweak data for every new question. While questions about market segments, cost per gross add, average revenue per user and other metrics arise quickly and in fast succession, answers tend to come back slowly. This whitepaper explores predictive analytics solutions for customer churn.

Five Common Data Visualization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Software that analyzes and visualizes data is fast becoming the norm. These tools produce great visuals on demand and make it far easier to spot potential problems and capitalize on trends that might otherwise be missed. With the aid of this whitepaper, you can add to your data visualization knowledge by understanding five of the most common visualization mistakes and how to avoid them.

Five Reasons Spotfire Is Better than Excel for Business Data Analytics

Microsoft Excel is widely available and very familiar, making it an automatic first choice whenever there's work to be done, including data analytics and visualization. But are Excel and other spreadsheets the right tools for business analytics, or are you better off using a custom made analytics and data discovery product like TIBCO Spotfire?

Five Tips for Presenting Data Analyses: Telling a Good Story with Data

As a professional business or data analyst you have both the tools and the knowledge needed to analyze and understand data collected by your organization, but that’s only one part of the job.

Gaining Business Value from Governed Analytics and Discovery

This TDWI Checklist Report outlines strategic governance objectives and reveals seven steps to a balanced governance strategy.

Games that Matter

User Experience that Leads to Insights

Gartner Report: Critical Capabilities for BI & Analytics Platforms

This 2016 Critical Capabilities report will help you discover which BI and Analytics platform made it to the top so you too can gain the agility and speed you need to keep up with the trends and stay ahead.

Guided In-memory and On-demand Visual Analytics Across the Enterprise: by Michael O’Connell, PhD

Across all industries, IT initiatives and business projects are justified by improving productivity, reducing risk and/or growing revenues. The various functional areas of these organizations rely on big data analytics – managing product portfolios, creating value across customer relationships, detecting and preventing fraud and managing risk across the enterprise.

Improving Profitability by End-to-End Analysis of the Warranty and Quality Chain

This document will review the emerging trends in warranty and quality management and examine the benefits of Warranty and Quality Analytics to companies that operate in this space.

In-database Analytical Systems: Perspective, Trade-offs and Implementation

The significant change, which this paper addresses, is that Spotfire can now run its dimension-free data exploration environment against data held in Teradata, Oracle’s Exadata, SQL Server 2008 and 2012 and in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Since these engines can comfortably handle data volumes far in excess of that which can be held in memory, it is now possible to use Spotfire’s unsurpassed analytical capabilities against some of the largest data sets in the world. This provides much greater flexibility and also the ability to use the same tool for both classes of data provides some unexpected synergies.

In-memory Analytical Systems: Perspective, Trade-offs and Implementation

This white paper examines the pros and cons of in-memory analytics with particular reference to TIBCO Spotfire analytics solution. It is divided into four main sections: Introduction, Trade-offs, Overview of In-memory Approaches and TIBCO Spotfire Analytics’s approach.

Insider's Guide to Apache SPARK

An Insider's Guide to Apache SPARK, by InsideBIGDATA, explains what SPARK is, the reasons behind its' exponential growth, and how it addresses the key issues faced by big data environments that other computing architectures can't.

Keeping Up with the KPIs

10 steps to help identify and monitor key performance indicators for your business.

Moving from Data to Insight to Action - Using Linkage Analysis to Make Your Data Work for You

Effective use of information has become a critical business advantage and marketplace differentiator. It is estimated that analytics-focused organizations see a third more revenue and 12 times better performance than those who aren’t. This paper is intended for anyone struggling to take action with their current data sets to better leverage their data in making and implementing informed business decisions. It is especially useful for managers and executives in small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that may not yet be ready to implement full-featured enterprise software, but know they need a better way forward than what they are doing now.

Neil Raden Presents: The Ten Principles of Enterprise Analytics

In this whitepaper, Neil Raden defines the term "analytics," contrasts it to Business Intelligence and provides a framework to understand the requirements of analytics: “The Ten Principles for Enterprise Analytics." Raden outlines ten rules for a complete analytics platform that serves the needs of a high percentage of knowledge workers

NextGen Software or Software for the NextGen?

Many question whether it's time to rethink the whole field of Business Intelligence (BI), of which analytics is a part, and move to a BI 2.0, a next generation set of software products. Alternatively, is it possible that the workforce may be outgrowing its reservations to analytics?

Nutzung der Kundenanalytik zur Bereitstellung von Mehrwert in Banken und Vermögensverwaltungen

In diesem Whitepaper beschreibt IDC Financial Insights, mit welchen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen Finanz- und Vermögens-verwaltungsorganisationen konfrontiert sind und wie sie diese mithilfe von IT-Investitionen überwinden können. Wir untersuchen, wie Finanzinstitute die Kundenanalytik nutzen können, um zusätzlichen geschäftlichen Wert für den Kunden und das Unternehmen zu schaffen.

Nutzung der Kundenanalytik zur Bereitstellung von Mehrwert in Versicherungsgesellschaften

In diesem Whitepaper beschreibt IDC Financial Insights, mit welchen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen Versicherungsgesellschaften konfrontiert sind und wie sie diese mithilfe von IT-Investitionen überwinden können. Wir untersuchen, wie Versicherer die Kundenanalytik nutzen können, um zusätzlichen geschäftlichen Wert für den Kunden und das Unternehmen zu schaffen.

Oil and Gas: Production Optimization 5-Minute Guide

Modern oil and gas production optimization calls for a modern analytic platform, one that performs in several critical areas.

Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

TIBCO Spotfire is the premier data discovery and analytics platform, which provides powerful capabilities for our customers, such as dimension-free data exploration through interactive visualizations, and data mashup to quickly combine disparate data to gain insights masked by data silos or aggregations.

Predictive maintenance: How data can increase production

Predictive maintenance involves gathering targeted data for analysis, the results of which will help anticipate potential failures before they occur. Companies opt for this type of maintenance to avoid predictable incidents and repair equipment, assembly lines, or machinery with minimum impact on their operations.

Recognizing the Value of Untapped Data Assets: Big Data and Analytics in Oil and Gas

In this whitepaper, IDC Energy Insights addresses the use of Big Data and analytics in the oil and gas industry. The document explores two examples of how Big Data and analytics technologies are currently being used to improve water injection strategy and reduce the time and cost to drill. It also addresses how Big Data and analytics can help enhance production, speed resource discovery, or provide early warning of potentially disruptive incidents.

Resource Sizing: Spotfire for AWS

With TIBCO Spotfire® for AWS, you can have the best in analytics software available at your fingertips in just a few clicks.

Searching for Insight Through Analytics

In this whitepaper, David Loshin discusses how reducing the dependence on traditional analytical tools requiring programming knowledge or deep application skills opens up the world of business analytics to a more “democratic” constituency, effectively equipping anyone in the enterprise to be empowered to develop and use analytics to achieve their business objectives.

Servir les clients actuels de manière efficace grâce au « Consumer Insight »

Les fabricants de produits grand public bénéficient depuis longtemps d’un accès aux informations clients grâce aux données collectées sur les points de vente, aux promotions commerciales et aux stratégies traditionnelles de vente et de marketing. Par ailleurs, les fabricants d’aujourd’hui étudient de nouvelles méthodes pour comprendre et capter les consommateurs afin d’accroître le succès de leurs produits sur le marché et maintenir la puissance de leurs marques.

Sfruttare l’analisi del cliente per creare più valore all’interno degli Istituti di credito e delle società di Wealth Management

Insights individua le sfide di mercato che le banche e società di wealth management si trovano ad affrontare, nonché il modo in cui gli investimenti nell’IT possono contribuire al superamento di tali ostacoli. Verrà presa in esame la maniera in cui gli istituti finanziari possono far leva sull’analisi del cliente per aggiungere valore commerciale sia alla propria clientela sia all’azienda.

Speed Society and it's Enemies

The critical mass for an on-demand world is composed of ubiquitous communications (the Internet), open standards and instant access. In an information-driven world, speed is king.

Spotfire Analytics – Transforming Clinical Development

The number of clinical trials underway each year has been increasing steadily, worldwide. With a broad range of study designs, varying data collection methods and time points, efficient data analysis in clinical development has become more important than ever. This whitepaper discusses how companies are meeting the challenges with new analytics approaches.

Spotfire and Qlik Sense Positioning White Paper

This Spotfire and Qlik Sense positioning white paper by Butler Analytics explores why Spotfire is superior to Qlik Sense by examining all aspects of the two competing products.

Spotfire for the Enterprise: An Overview for IT Administrators

Information on Spotfire administration and deployment capabilities, architecture, data connection, security, scaleability, administration, and performance.

Spotfire Meetings - Minority Reports

This whitepaper discusses How a new form of data visualization promises to do away with the meetings we all know and loathe.

Stephen Few Presents: Fulfilling the Promise of BI

In this whitepaper, Stephen Few proposes that true Business Intelligence can only be achieved when it supports human intelligence. He explains that this requires software that seamlessly interacts with one's brain to support and extend our cognitive abilities. He advises companies to take advantage of the techniques that information visualization researchers have developed to analyze data at the speed of thought and achieve the promise of Business Intelligence today.

Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times

As history shows, some of the world’s greatest transfers of wealth and most swift industry restructurings have occurred during periods of rapid change – not unlike the one we are experiencing. In this whitepaper, Dr. Mark Whitehorn discusses the heighted pressure to make good decisions in bad times and what’s required of BI systems to combat tough economic environments.

TDWI Best Practices Report: Visual Analytics for Making Smarter Faster Decisions

This TDWI Best Practices Report(published July 11, 2015) examines experiences with BI, visual analytics, and visual data discovery to uncover how organizations can move forward to make users more productive with data and use technologies to improve collaboration. Our research explores where users are succeeding with BI and analytics and where visual analytics can improve their decisions. Currently, users are not fully satisfied with their ability to use visual analytics functionality. 

The Mandate for Business Analytics

As companies seek new advantage, they are looking to Business Analytics for higher returns from two primary investments sources—information and expertise.

The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics, Q1 2016 Report

AD&D pros can use streaming analytics embedded in applications to get actionable value from IoT devices and mobile, web, and enterprise apps today. Read this Forrester report and learn how 15 streaming analytics vendors rank in the categories of current offering, market presence, and strategy and learn the six real-time analytics operators that every streaming analytics platform should provide.

TIBCO Ranked #1 of 28 in 2016 Dresner Wisdom of the Crowds BI Market Study

Leading analyst firm Dresner Advisory Services has released its 7th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study and ranked TIBCO as one of the leaders out of 28 vendors and "best in class" for product robustness / sophistication of technology, scalability, integration with third-party technologies, customization, and extensibility. Read this report for more vendor ratings and Dresner's market insights.

TIBCO Spotfire and Spotfire S+® Product Family

TIBCO Spotfire’s software supports FDA-defined processes and quality guidelines, as well as pharmaceutical companies’ drug development, submission, review and approval processes.

TIBCO Spotfire Guided Analytics

In this whitepaper, we take a detailed look at how Spotfire software is used to easily and quickly transfer best-practice analytics from experts to business users in order to speed decision-making by means of automating common analysis tasks, capturing best practices and providing a framework for distribution of analysis applications to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization.

Top 3 Ways to Use Data Science

Data scientists are an incredibly scarce commodity. One way of addressing the shortage in expert talent is to empower general business users to discover and unlock value in data themselves. But, just making tools easier for users is only half of the answer. A better approach is to work both sides to close the gap. To make tools that can empower business users to discover and unlock value in their data—and that also extend capabilities for experts, so they can share the analytics workload, improve efficiency, and focus on higher level work.

Transformez vos données en connaissances, puis en actions

L’utilisation optimale des informations représente désormais un avantage commercial majeur ainsi qu’un élément différenciateur sur le marché. Selon une estimation, les entreprises centrées sur l’analyse multiplient leurs performances par 12 et observent un chiffre d’affaires supérieur d’un tiers par rapport aux entreprises qui n’en font pas.

Transforming the Drug Development Process

This whitepaper outlines How TIBCO Spotfire analytics can guide you down the critical path to greater efficiency in the development of new drugs.

Trasformare i Dati in Informazioni e Azioni

Sfruttate l’analisi di linkage e i dati lavoreranno per voi Poter utilizzare efficacemente le informazioni rappresenta oggi un vantaggio essenziale per il business e un elemento di differenziazione sul mercato. Si stima che le imprese che sfruttano l’analisi del cliente arrivano a registrare fino a un terzo in più di fatturato e prestazioni 12 volte superiori alle altre.

Unlocking Customer and Product Insights in Big Data Using Warranty Analytics

In this whitepaper, IDC Manufacturing Insights identifies the business challenges that face manufacturers offering product warranties and the steps they can take to effectively reduce costs and increase profits. We examine use cases where companies utilize big data and analytics to help mitigate issues associated with product quality and suboptimal service and warranty as well as facilitate optimized planning and improved customer satisfaction.

Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Insurance

In this white paper, IDC Financial Insights identifies the business challenges that insurance companies face and how IT investments can help them address these hurdles. We examine how insurers can leverage customer analytics to drive additional business value for both the customer and the enterprise.

Visual Analytics: Put your Smart Brains in the Driver's Seat

Enterprises surviving and succeeding in an increasingly competitive market with continuously accelerating market dynamics and speed will have to decide which basic platform and infrastructure to chose for fast, fact-based decision making. This whitepaper will help address some key considerations for Business Analytics.


IDC Financial Insights は本ホワイトペーパーで、保険会社が直面している業務上の課題と、IT投資でこれらの課題にどのように対処できるかについて明らかにします。また、保険機関が顧客と企業の双方に新たなビジネス価値をもたらすために顧客分析情報をどのように活用できるかについても検討しています。


このホワイトペーパーで、IDC Financial Insights は、金融関連組織や資産管理組織が直面するビジネス上の課題を特定します。また、IT投資によって、それらの課題への対応を支援する方法を明らかにしています。また、金融機関が顧客と企業の双方に更なるビジネス価値をもたらすために顧客分析情報をどのように活用したらよいかについても検討しています。