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Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Banking and Wealth Management

In this whitepaper, IDC Financial Insights identifies the business challenges that banking and wealth management organizations face and how IT investments can help them address these hurdles. We examine how financial institutions can leverage customer analytics to drive additional business value for both the customer and the enterprise.

5 Reasons Why You Should Add Visual Analytics to Your Applications

In this webcast, Stephen Oar from Sage SalesLogix provides an overview of advanced analytics solutions built on the Spotfire platform and shares key drivers for actionable insight delivered through cross-functional CRM dashboards.

Aberdeen: Customer Loyalty 2012: Enabling Technologies for Customer Engagement, Conversion and Retention

The report will show how leading organizations put technology at the forefront of their loyalty initiatives, and the impact of these technologies on customer satisfaction, retention, and re-activation.

Aberdeen: Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing

Aberdeen Group's research confirms that companies which invest in predictive analytics out preform those who don't in key marketing metrics.

Actionable Marketing Analytics using Spotfire

With Spotfire you can seize new business opportunities and avoid risk with unmatched speed and flexibility using interactive dashboards, visualizations, and predictive and event-driven analytics on any device.

Advanced Analytics in Customer Relationship Management (with James Kobielus of Forrester Research)

James Kobielus of Forrester Research shares how advanced, in-memory analytics help to retain and grow customer relationships, create consistent cross-channel experiences, and achieve greater operational CRM efficiencies.

Amplifying Brand Insight and Strategic Business Value with Actionable Analytics

In this webcast, Mark Redgrave of OpenAmplify and Dan Rider of Visual Intelligence will demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform leverages the very latest in semantic and text analysis allowing marketers to visualize how customers think, feel, and act around their brand.

Asset Management Firm Plenum Investments Attracts Investors with TIBCO Spotfire® Visual Analytics Platform

Plenum Investments deployed TIBCO Spotfire Visual Analytics Platform to interactively present complex investment data to potential investors in sales situations. Questions can be answered on the fly, greatly expediting the sales cycle. The Spotfire dashboards are used on an ongoing basis by its investors to interactively monitor their asset allocations,receive updates and annual reviews. Internally, portfolio and risk management use the analytics as a monitoring tool.

Bank of Montreal Invests in TIBCO Fast Data to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Find out how TIBCO integration, business process management, event processing, and Spotfire analytics tools help dramatically improve customer engagement and satisfaction, reduce cycle times by 30–50 percent, and proactively supply customers with relevant offers, for a more personalized experience across all channels.

Banques et Institutions de Gestion de patrimoine : Comment créer de la valeur grâce au « Customer Analytics »

IDC Financial Insights identifie les défis métiers auxquels les organisations bancaires et de gestion de patrimoine sont confrontées et la manière dont les investissements informatiques peuvent les aider à les adresser. Nous examinons la manière dont les institutions financières peuvent exploiter l’analyse client afin de générer des avantages commerciaux supplémentaires pour le client comme pour l’entreprise.

Big Data Analytics:Turning Insight into Action

The core of business intelligence (BI) is the transformation of data into insight and insight into action that can add value to the enterprise. But the rise of structured and unstructured data, which is known as big data, has radically transformed the BI function. While big data has increased the opportunities available to businesses, it also creates more challenges to capturing, storing, and accessing information. In particular, the advent of big data underscores the time value of information. Since the utility of some data points declines very quickly, there’s a premium on accelerating the process of turning data into information and information into action. This paper describes how companies can combine a unified data architecture (UDA) with complex event processing software to thrive in the era of big data.

Big Data Connectors: How to Navigate Big Data with Ad Hoc Visual Data Discovery

Many think that step changes in the volume of data being stored and processed, as well as in new technologies, alter the approach to data access. The reality is that the same basic questions need to be asked whenever you consider working with any data source.

BNP Paribas Securities Services Provides Interactive Insight to Customers With TIBCO Spotfire Interactive Data Analyses

Spotfire speeds data insight for BNP Paribas Securities Services customers and their customers!

BUCS Analytics Looks to TIBCO Spotfire® to Deliver its Vision of Improving Service and Value Performance

Spotfire facilitates the analysis of large volumes of custom-calculated data, including financial performance comparison; supplier analysis and performance improvement; and inventory planning.

Cisco: Justin Welsh on Spotfire

"it's a fun way just to be creative with data, which I enjoy."

Combining Paid & Organic, Social & Earned Media Data to Drive Deeper Insights with Spotfire

In this webcast, Benjamin Spiegel, Director of Search Operations at Catalyst, will explore a variety of search data and demonstrate how Spotfire can be used to build illustrative dashboards, drive insights, and refine paid and organic recommendations for more effective content strategies.

Consorsbank Increases New Customer Revenue by 20% with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire is helping bank employees easily develop rapid, up-to-date analyses and share insights to address pressing issues about the market and customer behavior. It has provided Consorsbank with a completely new approach to data analysis, which is providing numerous benefits, including valuable new knowledge, increased revenue, better risk assessment, and more successful campaigns.

Cortal Consors Brings Customer Data to Life with TIBCO Spotfire

Interactive, visual analysis through Spotfire DecisionSite® allows private investment bank, Cortal Consors, to optimize its information cycle, which is distributed among several specialized customer information systems.

Créer de la valeur dans le secteur de l’assurance grâce au « Customer Analytics »

IDC Financial Insights identifie dans ce livre blanc les défis métiers auxquels les compagnies d’assurance sont confrontées et la manière dont les investissements informatiques peuvent les aider à résoudre ces problématiques. Nous examinons la manière dont les compagnies d’assurance peuvent exploiter l’analyse client afin de générer des avantages commerciaux supplémentaires pour le client comme pour l’entreprise.

Customer Segmentation and Churn Analysis with Spotfire

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood demonstrates how the Spotfire empowers marketing professionals to derive insights from their customer data to devise value-based strategies and retain profitable customers.

Equifax Credits Insights and Transformation to Spotfire

How this credit industry expert increased efficiency, insight, and capability leading to reducing time to market by 75% and enabling new conversations with customers. (2:28 min.)

Equifax Credits Insights and Transformation to Spotfire case study

With the help of TIBCO Spotfire, Equifax is making the move from a company that supplies data to one that supplies dynamic insights. It is increasing its brand image and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Facing Churn in Telecommunications: Causes and Cures

Within the telecommunications industry, both regulations and customer attitudes have advanced, but not all CRM systems have kept pace. Managers charged with keeping customers happy find themselves still burdened with old systems that require IT departments to tweak data for every new question. While questions about market segments, cost per gross add, average revenue per user and other metrics arise quickly and in fast succession, answers tend to come back slowly. This whitepaper explores predictive analytics solutions for customer churn.

Gain Insight into Your Brand’s Online Retail Shelf Space

In this webcast, Benjamin Spiegel will demonstrate how Catalyst combines its proprietary eShelf Engine™ technology with Spotfire analytics and interactive visualizations to deliver deep insights to the competitive positioning of products on online retail shelves.

Global Service Organization Transforms Sales Performance and Demand Generation Effectiveness with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire's interactive dashboards and ad hoc analysis provides greater insight into company's marketing campaign effectiveness and sales pipeline, forecast and territory goals

inQuba Delivers Context for Enhanced Customer Experience

How inQuba delivered a fully integrated end-to-end architecture for delivering customer experience orchestration. (02:44 min.)

inQuba Delivers Context for Enhanced Customer Experience case study

Understanding propensity to buy, who's going to be loyal, and opportunities for greater customer retention.

Insurance Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analysis

See how TIBCO Spotfire can analyze an Insurance CRM database to locate Cross-Sell and Up-Sell opportunities

KPN Delivers Customer Intelligence Faster and at Reduced Cost with TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

Spotfire is used by Customer Intelligence (CI) division to analyze customer data and and customer behavior in support of CRM objectives.

Lekarna Ljubljana Leverages TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for Sales and Operations Financial Management

Spotfire imports and visually depicts large, complex data sets from multiple data sources. Deployed for multiple analytical tasks across the organization (finance, inventory, sales, marketing).

Modernise your enterprise with best-of-breed solutions

TIBCO and HP collaborate to develop and deliver best-of-breed enterprise analytics solutions to enable their customers to become agile, data-driven organizations.

Moving from Data to Insight to Action - Using Linkage Analysis to Make Your Data Work for You

Effective use of information has become a critical business advantage and marketplace differentiator. It is estimated that analytics-focused organizations see a third more revenue and 12 times better performance than those who aren’t. This paper is intended for anyone struggling to take action with their current data sets to better leverage their data in making and implementing informed business decisions. It is especially useful for managers and executives in small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that may not yet be ready to implement full-featured enterprise software, but know they need a better way forward than what they are doing now.

Nutzung der Kundenanalytik zur Bereitstellung von Mehrwert in Banken und Vermögensverwaltungen

In diesem Whitepaper beschreibt IDC Financial Insights, mit welchen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen Finanz- und Vermögens-verwaltungsorganisationen konfrontiert sind und wie sie diese mithilfe von IT-Investitionen überwinden können. Wir untersuchen, wie Finanzinstitute die Kundenanalytik nutzen können, um zusätzlichen geschäftlichen Wert für den Kunden und das Unternehmen zu schaffen.

Nutzung der Kundenanalytik zur Bereitstellung von Mehrwert in Versicherungsgesellschaften

In diesem Whitepaper beschreibt IDC Financial Insights, mit welchen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen Versicherungsgesellschaften konfrontiert sind und wie sie diese mithilfe von IT-Investitionen überwinden können. Wir untersuchen, wie Versicherer die Kundenanalytik nutzen können, um zusätzlichen geschäftlichen Wert für den Kunden und das Unternehmen zu schaffen.

NXP Semiconductors Controls Margins with Spotfire Analytics

With Spotfire, NXP can better manage margins and distributor incentives, and its analysts are far more productive.

Optimized Marketing Campaigns for Communication Service Providers

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Spotfire and Boris Glazman, Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire, will illustrate how Spotfire analytics and predictive platform can be used to design, optimize and measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign for a communication service provider.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing: Emerging Markets

Use this application to quickly detect trends, identify the markets with the highest potential, and gather competitive intelligence about new opportunities and emerging markets.

Physician Payments Sunshine Act – Unlocking the Value of Aggregated Spend Data

In this webcast, Ben McGraw, Spotfire, and Joy King, Teradata, will help pharmaceutical manufacturers realize an ROI from their efforts to comply with the Physician Spend Sunshine Law by aggregating and organizing eligible spend data.

Pillsbury Deploys Innovative Data Analysis Tool Kit

Pillsbury uses StatServer to deploy analytical tools to R&D, Operations, and Marketing, in applications ranging from process analysis to product development to consumer research. In one application, Dr. Fred Hulting, senior research scientist in Pillsbury's Statistics and Quality Design Department, created design tools, analysis tools, and interpretive aids for process development teams working in manufacturing. Scientists and engineers at any manufacturing site can easily design data collection plans for process studies, obtain a process-specific data analysis, and make business decisions with confidence. Team members use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access these powerful data analysis tools, and to seamlessly transfer the analysis results to others globally using business software packages including Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.

Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

TIBCO Spotfire is the premier data discovery and analytics platform, which provides powerful capabilities for our customers, such as dimension-free data exploration through interactive visualizations, and data mashup to quickly combine disparate data to gain insights masked by data silos or aggregations.

Procter & Gamble’s Groundbreaking Business Sphere Leverages TIBCO Spotfire

Procter & Gamble’s groundbreaking Business Sphere enables the Company to be rapidly responsive to changes in the marketplace and uncover new opportunities to improve the lives of consumers. Business Sphere—built and powered by P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS)—is a visually immersive data environment that transforms decision-making at P&G by harnessing real-time business information from around the globe.

Severstal: Cameron Williams on Spotfire

"We've selected a very good product, that a sales guy can actually put their arms around it, embrace it, understand it, manipulate it and get very valuable information out of it with out calling me on how to do it. It's fantastic."

Sfruttare l’analisi del cliente per creare più valore all’interno degli Istituti di credito e delle società di Wealth Management

Insights individua le sfide di mercato che le banche e società di wealth management si trovano ad affrontare, nonché il modo in cui gli investimenti nell’IT possono contribuire al superamento di tali ostacoli. Verrà presa in esame la maniera in cui gli istituti finanziari possono far leva sull’analisi del cliente per aggiungere valore commerciale sia alla propria clientela sia all’azienda.

Spotfire Powers Interactive Visual Analysis of Inc. 500

By using Spotfire, the editors of were quickly able to spot interesting trends in a variety of data, which ranged from company listings to research surveys that were conducted with winning companies.

Syntelli Solutions Moves the Needle with Spotfire

Grows its business, capabilities, and expertise while facilitating customer insights.

TIBCO Analytics Overview: Augment Intelligence and Accelerate Business

Products that answer more questions in less time, clean and transform data visually as you go, broadcast the best ideas across the company, embed analytics seamlessly, and automate actions on streaming data.

Transformez vos données en connaissances, puis en actions

L’utilisation optimale des informations représente désormais un avantage commercial majeur ainsi qu’un élément différenciateur sur le marché. Selon une estimation, les entreprises centrées sur l’analyse multiplient leurs performances par 12 et observent un chiffre d’affaires supérieur d’un tiers par rapport aux entreprises qui n’en font pas.

Trasformare i Dati in Informazioni e Azioni

Sfruttate l’analisi di linkage e i dati lavoreranno per voi Poter utilizzare efficacemente le informazioni rappresenta oggi un vantaggio essenziale per il business e un elemento di differenziazione sul mercato. Si stima che le imprese che sfruttano l’analisi del cliente arrivano a registrare fino a un terzo in più di fatturato e prestazioni 12 volte superiori alle altre.

Trinity Pharma Solutions: Glenn Wong on Spotfire

"In the last 10 minutes, you guys solved the question I've been asking internally for 2 months"

TUI Group Books Trip to Success with Fast Data

How TUI Group provides excellent customer service in a dynamic market. (03:04 min.)

TUI Group Books Trip to Success with Spotfire and Fast Data

Monitoring competitor pricing and immediately making adjustments to remain competitive is just one of the tactics TUI uses secure its vision of "Think Travel. Think TUI."

Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Insurance

In this white paper, IDC Financial Insights identifies the business challenges that insurance companies face and how IT investments can help them address these hurdles. We examine how insurers can leverage customer analytics to drive additional business value for both the customer and the enterprise.

Visual Intelligence Solution SocialView Provides a Powerful Visual Analytics Solution for Social Media ROI Metrics

VI developed SocialView™ on the TIBCO Spotfire® platform to measure the performance of social media conversations. Leveraging OpenAmplify’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine, SocialView provides VI clients with immediate insight into the online reputation of products and services, identifying strengths and weaknesses through highly accurate social ROI metrics.

What’s Hiding in Your Sales Data?

In this webcast, Syed Mahmood of TIBCO Spotfire discusses the challenges faced by sales organizations while Gary Strader, Senior Consultant from Bardess Group, demonstrates how Spotfire is used to seamlessly access data and enhance traditional reporting capabilities.

XL Axiata improves the customer experience, reduces churn, gains new visibility, and protects revenue

With Spotfire, XL competes in a very tough market to become a mobile internet leader.

Yakult’s New Product Sales in the Netherlands Increase 15 to 20% with Spotfire

In the first several years in Europe, Yakult sales grew steadily, but suddenly, after competitors began to enter the market, there was an extraordinary sales increase. The company wanted to know why.


IDC Financial Insights は本ホワイトペーパーで、保険会社が直面している業務上の課題と、IT投資でこれらの課題にどのように対処できるかについて明らかにします。また、保険機関が顧客と企業の双方に新たなビジネス価値をもたらすために顧客分析情報をどのように活用できるかについても検討しています。


このホワイトペーパーで、IDC Financial Insights は、金融関連組織や資産管理組織が直面するビジネス上の課題を特定します。また、IT投資によって、それらの課題への対応を支援する方法を明らかにしています。また、金融機関が顧客と企業の双方に更なるビジネス価値をもたらすために顧客分析情報をどのように活用したらよいかについても検討しています。