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  • 5-Minute Guide to Analytics for FP&A

    At times, the volume of data overwhelms the system and some analysis is skipped entirely. In the end, there’s always a gap — analytic needs that no traditional tool seems to address. What’s needed is an analytic tool that delivers actionable insight quickly and easily to meet finance executives’ top priorities.

  • 5-Minute Guide to Warranty Analytics

    One of the key issues with warranty analytics is that the data that could have warned of problems ahead was held in silos — a multitude of systems that all impact on the warranty and quality value chains: claims, CRM records, bills of material, product life cycle management, call centers, field service systems, part sales and orders, service technician help systems, dealer and distributor records, the list can be daunting. And then what are people saying about our products on social media? Even if we could bring all this information together, how do we make sense of it all and move from reacting to warranty issues to a proactive and predictive management strategy?

  • Analytics for Capital Markets

    Extreme volatility and uncertainty are the new normal, and financial services companies must become more agile than ever to remain competitive. The winners will be those that have the best view, the quickest draw, and the surest aim — and that begins with smart changes to business processes and technology.

  • Analytics for Portfolio Management

    When it comes to collaboration, old business intelligence systems simply drop the ball altogether. Analysts, managers, and others are forced to rely on email, phone calls, and hallway chats. Crucial insight gets lost in the shuffle. The analytics platform built for today’s hyper-connected, global marketplace shows its capabilities in several key areas.

  • Analytics for Risk Management

    Risk, often so convenient to take lightly, has become even more important as investors try to reach farther and farther as scrutiny tightens. They require a new analytics platform that’s ready for the new era in finance — readiness that shows itself as it meets risk management’s new challenges.

  • AT&T Assesses Risk of New Billing Strategy

    AT&T wanted to assess the risk of losing customers to other long distance carriers, and determine the time period during which customers were most likely to switch due to new billing method.

  • Banking: Cross Sell & Up-sell for Credit Cards

    In this webcast, Danny Lee and Arnab Karmakar demonstrate how Spotfire's predictive analytics capabilities drive more effective cross-sell & up-sell campaigns and deliver targeted offers to credit card customers.

  • Case Study: Anti-Money Laundering Analysis with Spotfire

    In this webcast, David Choi of Ernst & Young highlights key metrics and analytics for the Financial Services industry to improve the effectiveness of Anti-Money Laundering transaction monitoring systems and processes.

  • Case Study: Volcker Rule Analysis with Spotfire

    In this webcast, Michael Flynn and Seth Rosensweig of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how Spotfire visualizations uncover insights for Volcker Rule measurement and compliance.

  • Dialog Semiconductor optimizes their enterprise using the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

    “After gaining significant benefits from our initial Spotfire deployments we are now making analytics pervasive. With Spotfire as Dialog’s analytic standard, we see significant potential for business optimization” Mohamed Djadoudi, VP Global Manufacturing Operations, Dialog Semiconductor

  • EMSI Successfully Navigates Company Growth with SyncSite BI/CRM Solutions Featuring TIBCO Spotfire Analytics

    Spotfire deployed throughout the organization to fix broken data analysis processes in billing, sales, inventory management and collections.

  • Enhanced Analytics for Product Controllers

    In this webcast, Phil Andriyevsky and Sumit Malik of Ernst & Young Financial Services lead an interactive demonstration of the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform highlighting how Spotfire enables product controllers to better monitor and assess profit and loss (P&L) explanation and valuation.

  • Financial Crimes Management: A 2013 Differentiator in Financial Services

    In this webcast, Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director, CEB TowerGroup Retail Banking & Cards, Danny Lee, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Spotfire, and James Freeman, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Spotfire, will Explore the business value of superior fraud and AML management beyond the mere reduction in the number of crimes and their specific losses.

  • Fluid Markets, Liquidity Assets, Capital Markets: Winning in the 21st Century, Financial Services Marketplace

    In this webcast, Senior Research Director of the CEB TowerGroup Rodney Nelsestuen demonstrates how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform delivers on regulatory mandates in the stream of business while improving operations, compliance, and the overall customer experience.

  • Forensic Testing for Financial Services with Ernst & Young

    In this webcast, Reza Haniph and Angus Champion de Crespigny of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform enables greater effectiveness of forensic testing at leading global financial institutions.

  • Global Services Organization Uses TIBCO Spotfire for Financial Planning, Procurement and Analysis

    Spotfire used by worldwide finance organization to gain greater visibility into corporate finance, operational reporting, internal controls, and procurement processes.

  • How To Become an In-licensing Champion

    In this webcast, you will be able to learn how this combined solution can Increase your hit rate, add early abandonment value, and ultimately drive higher value technologies and products into the pipeline.

  • IDC Report: The Path Toward Pervasive Business Intelligence at Avantium

    The trend toward evidence-based decision-making is taking root in commercial, non-profit and public sector organizations. Driven by increased competition due to changing business models, deregulation or, in some cases, increased regulation in the form of new compliance requirements, organizations in all industries and of all sizes are turning to business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) technologies and services to either automate or support decision-making processes.

  • Lekarna Ljubljana Leverages TIBCO Spotfire Analytics for Sales and Operations Financial Management

    Spotfire imports and visually depicts large, complex data sets from multiple data sources. Deployed for multiple analytical tasks across the organization (finance, inventory, sales, marketing).

  • Spotfire Analytics for Customer Complaints

    In this webcast, Lisa Ducharme and Jacob Thiel of Ernst & Young will demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform enables clients to realize operational efficiencies, respond to regulator inquiries, and improve the customer experience.

  • Spotfire Analytics for FATCA with Ernst & Young

    In this webcast, Paul Frasco and Todd Retchless of Ernst & Young Financial Services demonstrate how the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform leverages embedded classification logic based on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations.

  • Spotfire Analytics for Financial Planning & Analysis

    This webcast demonstrates how Spotfire Analytics enterprise analytics platform enables FP&A professionals gain fast access to actionable insights so they can make better decisions, spot new opportunities, and avoid risks.

  • Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times

    As history shows, some of the world’s greatest transfers of wealth and most swift industry restructurings have occurred during periods of rapid change – not unlike the one we are experiencing. In this whitepaper, Dr. Mark Whitehorn discusses the heighted pressure to make good decisions in bad times and what’s required of BI systems to combat tough economic environments.

  • The Intelligent Enterprise: Data Discovery and Analytics for Financial Services

    In this webcast, Michael O'Connell illustrates financial services applications of Spotfire's event driven analytics platform. Case studies in risk, compliance, trading, and retail banking are reviewed.

  • TIBCO Spotfire for Oracle E-Business Suite

    TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) enables instant access to Oracle EBS to provide rapid and flexible analytics and reporting on key business data. Using TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services layer, content is delivered as pre-built, reusable data services directly to Spotfire®.

  • TIBCO Spotfire for SAP BW

    TIBCO Spotfire® Application Data Services for SAP BW allows more users to easily access analyze and report on SAP BW data. SAP BW data can be combined with data from other sources to enable you to rapidly perform analysis and build operational reports with great flexibility.

  • TIBCO Spotfire® Enterprise Risk Management

    Unlike packaged software whose inner workings are hidden away in black-boxes, our solution often serves as an extensible risk modeling platform, providing the transparency and traceability that the federal regulators require during model reviews and validation.

  • Turning Insight into Action: Emerging Trends in Business Intelligence for Financial Services

    In this webcast, Rodney Nelsestuen from the CEB TowerGroup presents Business Intelligence trends across Financial Services industries while Michael O'Connell demonstrates how the Spotfire analytics platform is uniquely suited to meet the growing demand for timely actionable insights for FSI.

  • Using Analytics to Anticipate and Manage Credit & Counterparty Risk

    In this webcast, Danny Lee shares how the Spotfire analytics platform enables Financial Services professionals to effectively identify, analyze, and mitigate credit & counterparty risk.

  • Using Customer Analytics to Deliver Value Within Insurance

    In this webcast, IDC and Spotfire will discuss key trends, technologies, use cases and best practices in the industry, and the key role customer analytics can play in gaining a competitive edge.

  • Zipcar Shifts into High Gear with TIBCO Spotfire

    “Spotfire brings our data to life – whether it’s finance, operations or marketing – and enables us to rapidly visualize information, draw insights and take action across our business.” Ed Goldfinger, Zipcar CFO