Business Intelligence Software

Analytics are Critical to Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software has its limitations.

Overwhelmed by data from every corner of the enterprise and the marketplace, companies turn to business intelligence software or decision support software to help them organize and deliver data in a timely and effective fashion. To be competitive, enterprises need their decision-makers to act quickly and confidently, and getting the right information at the right time is critical.

But while many solutions excel at delivering data, few offer the capabilities to sufficiently explore it. And without those tools, the insights locked within the data are lost.

That's why many enterprises today are seeking greater analytic capabilities in their business intelligence software. Analytics allow users to extract greater value from data, gaining faster insight and greater understanding. Today, for thousands of users wordwide, Spotfire is the analytics software of choice.

Spotfire Analytics Software Optimizes Business Intelligence

Spotfire's visual analytics approach to business intelligence software allows enterprises to move products to market faster, identify problems earlier and improve performance at every level. Spotfire creates a visual environment where data can be explored interactively. Data visualization allows users to quickly comprehend complex relationships, hidden trends, and important patterns.

Unlike conventional business intelligence software, Spotfire allows users to freely query data and receive instant visual results. Static reports are unnecessary - users can change views, scope of inquiry and filters on data with a mouse click, and then issue interactive reports allowing colleagues to view and manipulate data themselves.

And Spotfire can access multiple data sources from statistical software, CRM applications, financial markets and other to help improve performance in fields as diverse as security selection, cheminformatics, and systematic yield solutions in semiconductor manufacturing.

The Benefit of Business Analytics and Intelligence Software

Spotfire's business intelligence analytics software provides extraordinary benefits to users throughout the business. For management, Spotfire speeds decision-making, reducing time to informed action with dynamic what-if analysis. For end users, Spotfire allows greater discovery of opportunities through visual exploration of aggregated intelligence and helps to ensure that decisions are data-driven. And Spotfire allows IT users to support multiple unique business processes with a single application and to replace voluminous reports with a real-time analysis.

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