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Visual Analytics Extract Greater Insight from Data Mining Software

Data mining is now one of the principal tools for developing enterprise business intelligence. Data mining software and related technology allows enterprises to search internal and external information assets to glean valuable data concerning trends and predicted behavior of markets and customers. Many enterprises have deployed a business intelligence solution of one kind or another to assist in getting the most from data mining activities. A superior business intelligence product will allow users to visualize information, so they can more easily identify trends and discover unexpected relationships that can be harnessed for competitive gain. The best products not only allow users to see data, but also to interact with it in real-time, posing what-if questions and answering them immediately. For this kind of advanced analytical prowess, enterprises worldwide turn to Spotfire.

Spotfire® Visual Analytics Enhance Data Mining Operations

Spotfire offers a visual approach to analytics that allows companies to get more value from their investments in data mining. Spotfire imports information from any source and presents it in a multi-dimensional visual environment that automatically reconfigures as the user changes views, add filters or issues queries. That means individuals can immediately see the answers to any questions they ask or contingent scenarios they create. Spotfire presents data mining information in a wide range of visual formats, including geographic maps, scatter plots, line and bar graphs, profile charts and more. Spotfire has an open architecture, so it integrates seamlessly with other technology investments, such as the  BI dashboard , financial analytics or CRM software. Spotfire is used for strategic tasks in a wide range of disciplines, such as security selection in financial companies, pharmaceutical decision support in drug firms, and customer retention efforts in sales and marketing organizations.

Collaborative Features Improve Communication About Data Mining Intelligence

Spotfire promotes the kind of collaborative communication that enables intelligence derived from data mining applications to be used throughout the enterprise. Interactive Web-based reports allow users to share findings in a format where recipients can see rich data visualizations and work with the information themselves. Spotfire Guided Analytics™ enables experienced users to guide others through complicated analyses. Expert users can record each step of their analysis, annotate with notes, and then package it as a guide for less experienced users or as best practices ideas for colleagues.

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