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Training Needs Assessment

Once you have made your investment in Spotfire, the next step for a successful deployment is user adoption. To achieve this, you need to assess what knowledge your users need in order to make effective use of the system - and drive maximum value from your investment. The training needs assessment can help you identify potential skill gaps in your organization, so they can be addressed before system deployment.

A training needs assessment helps you identify infrastructure issues that can disrupt your training plans and corresponding system rollouts. Plus, it provides an opportunity for Spotfire Education to engage your wider business community and determine the exact training requirements essential to support the deployment of Spotfire.

With a learning needs analysis, you can:

  • Define the number of users in each location that are assigned to each role (user group) within your project team
  • Determine the preferred methods of training and support for users in each user group, both initially and long term
  • Anticipate the amount of one-on-one support required by users in each user group following their initial training
  • Assess the current knowledge and skill set of typical users in each user group, along with areas where these levels may not be sufficient to support the use of the system
  • Examine the infrastructure available in each location to support the training rollout, and identify potential issues with that infrastructure

Scheduling and Registering for Training

Onsite Training
If you would like to request onsite training, please contact us at 

Mentored Online Training and Bootcamp Training
For Mentored Online Training and bootcamp registrations, please click here. 

Regional Training
To see our current regional training schedule and to register, please click here.

Educational Passports

Educational Passports enable companies to buy blocks of educational services at discounted rates. Educational Passport units can be allocated to employees over time towards the purchase of any training option, including regional, on-site, virtual, and custom training.

Passports can be purchased in any number of units you require, starting at 20 units. If you have a valid TIBCO Spotfire software license, the term for the passports can match the term of the software license, otherwise the term is 12 months.

If you need help determining which passport bundle is right for your organization, please contact us at We can also provide you with a detailed Learning Solution Roadmap that defines the specific training roadmap your company should utilize, and what passport bundles are appropriate for the recommended roadmap.

How to Redeem Passports

Option Passport Units
Regional Training 1 unit per person per class day
Mentored Online Training 1 unit per person per class for Users (SP1xx) and Developers (SP2xx) and 1.5 units per person per class for Administrators (SP3xx)
Bootcamp Trainings 4 units per person per class for the Author Bootcamp (SP199) and 5 units per person per class for the Developer Bootcamp (SP299)
On-Site Spotfire Training 8 units per day (for up to 12 students)
Custom Training Development 3 units per day
Custom Training Delivery 3 units per day
Short courses/webinar Training 1/2 units per person per class

Travel expenses are not included and are billed separately for private or onsite courses

Education Passport Benefits

  • Economical training delivery
  • Lock-in at lower rates instead of a "pay-as-you-go" approach
  • Flexible education planning
  • Purchase training without exactly identifying all the individuals requiring education
  • Better control over who takes what courses
  • Use Learning Units for any type of offering