Why Spotfire Training?

Put simply, Spotfire training is a uniquely designed learning experience. Unlike other software training you may have had in the past, the Spotfire training experience is interactive and engaging. Through the use of role-based, process-driven, hands-on learning approaches, we provide a variety of delivery vehicles to suit the broad range of learning styles across your organization.

Role-based training

Across the Spotfire platform, different people play different roles. Administrators, developers, authors, analysts and consumers each need a different set of Spotfire skills in order to do their job. Our courses recognize these roles and enable each person to easily select the right training based upon the specific Spotfire hat or hats they will need to wear.

Learning and enablement

Don’t confuse “check-the-box training” with enablement. The goal of Spotfire training is to empower the student to perform optimally in their designated Spotfire role. Consequently, our training is not scripted toward the endpoint of passing a test. Instead, the student is provided with a variety of learning materials, examples, and exercises designed to provide a core understanding of what is possible with Spotfire and the knowledge and skills to do it. An experienced Spotfire instructor serves as the student’s guide to leverage these materials in an effective manner and fills in any gaps in understanding by answering questions, ensuring that each student is ready for the ultimate test: doing their job.

Process-driven and hands-on

Effective training does not happen as a single event. The Spotfire learning approach is a process which encompasses activities before, during, and after the actual training event. Jumpstarts set the stage for what is possible with Spotfire and set expectations for what functionality students will learn how to implement during a training event. Workshops following the event ensure that training concepts are internalized and applied appropriately in the specific circumstances faced by each student. At each stage of the process, the focus is upon giving the student as much time as possible working hands-on within the application, instead of passively watching slides.

Highly adaptable

Everyone learns differently. Consequently, Spotfire provides a wide array of options for training delivery and various materials in order to suit all types of students, schedules, locations, and learning styles. You can put the pieces of the training puzzle together in a manner which best suits your organization’s needs.

Enterprise class

Spotfire is an enterprise platform; therefore, you can rest assured that we offer training solutions which are designed to suit the needs of a large company. Each scenario is slightly different, so a needs assessment will be conducted to determine the best logistical approach to providing training for each role across the platform. When required, content can even be customized to fit the needs of a specific scenario.