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"By deploying Spotfire we were able to use our data warehouse to merge multiple tables, link information, and create intricate data visualizations and analytics."
- Mindy Stone, Spotfire solutions architect, Forest Oil

Spotfire in Energy

There are literally hundreds of analytic use cases and hundreds of thousands of Spotfire users within the global energy industry who are constantly finding new methods of exploring and exploiting their data to deliver value to their organizations. From analysing where to drill to estimating ultimate production, helping trading companies meet new opportunities and stay within regulation, or analysing the true margins of products shipped across the globe, helping energy utilities analyse customer demand forecasts only Spotfire data analytics tools provide the depth of functionality, combined with speed and ease of use demanded by today's energy industry.

Spotfire in Upstream Oil and Gas

Synthesizing and analysing information across a dizzying array of difficult to use technical and business applications and their data sources has become one of the biggest barriers to fast and decisive action.

Spotfire's enterprise analytic platform provides business and technical professionals a lightning fast data analysis environment to perform pure ad-hoc analytics on huge amounts of production, technical and expense data.

Well Engineering

To plan and execute better than the competition and manage the efficiency and profitability of assets, firms are looking for analytic tools to help make sense of various data types coming from multiple source systems. Additionally, to reduce Non Productive Time and mitigate costs, drillers need systems that will help them analyze failures, learn from previous issues, and predict future events.

TIBCO Spotfire® helps well engineers the world over analyze data faster. Spotfire's intuitive, interactive, analytic platform enables users to make better decisions across diverse and challenging environments. Because Spotfire uniquely allows you to capture all the data, structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion, it allows the deepest possible investigation of issues behind NPT and reliability.

Production Optimization

New technologies in the oil field have made unconventional sources of oil and gas to produce, thus providing energy firms with significant new opportunities. To respond to this technically challenging and fast-moving environment, companies are augmenting traditional analytic methodologies with data discovery and visualization. Using all their available data, Spotfire helps them make better, faster decisions on production assets.

  • What can we expect from new and existing wells given the application of advanced recovery and lifting techniques?
  • What are the underperforming wells, and what are the most appropriate corrective actions?
  • How can we reduce unplanned downtime?
  • Which wells are economical in today's market conditions?

Oilfield Services

Oil field services companies benefit from using Spotfire analytics across their organizations—from technical use cases to cross functional areas such as HR, finance and health safety and the environment. Spotfire helps to drive down costs through rigorous analysis at every stage of a delivered service. Oilfield Services companies are the backbone of the oil and gas industry. They must keep pace in an ever changing and competitive environment. They must maintain laser focus on their customers and improve performance and efficiencies while continuing to innovate as their customers work to drive down prices. Oilfield Services companies across the globe use Spotfire to:

  • Analyze NPT
  • Optimize drilling and completion methods
  • Perform comparisons of workover methodology
  • Identify correlations in HSE incidents.
  • Better understand the root cause of incidents and optimize maintenance
  • Understand profitability and opportunities across products, by region and customer

Spotfire in Downstream Energy

Petroleum refining is a capital intensive and complex manufacturing environment faced with a wide range of challenges that must be navigated in order to maintain a company's competitiveness and maximize its profitability.

TIBCO Spotfire Data analytics software helps companies to:

  • Maximize productivity by reducing unplanned downtime of plant and equipment and develop optimal maintenance programs to achieve the right balance of scheduled maintenance, investment and return.
  • Understand, anticipate and respond to changes in the global, regional and local demand of refined products given limitations in crude oil supplies, refinery capacity & complexity and access to markets
  • Respond to price volatility of both crude oil inputs and refined products by taking advantage of alternatives in crude oil grades, supply location and alternative transportation methods.
  • Increase their understanding of the nuances in profitability between products, customers, contracts and regional influences to improve return through techniques such as Netback analysis. Refiners can understand the elasticity of demand from individual customers.
  • Spotfire in Energy Trading

    Energy trading has altered significantly in the past decade and companies now need to proactively monitor, capture and analyze proprietary and market data to:

    • properly hedge their portfolios,
    • identify and take advantage of market opportunities,
    • identify threats and mitigate risks,

    All this while ensuring that you operate within regulatory boundaries. Here's how Spotfire can help:

    • Pre- Trade and Post - Trade - Use data from multiple sources to create visually rich, interactive and dynamic scenario analysis backtest and visualize the results of potential trading strategies.
    • Risk- bring greater clarity to complex risk data to provide better understanding of the risk profile and better management and control of risk. Mashup market fundamentals data (weather, production estimates, sales volumes etc.) to provide a fuller picture of risk and potential price movements.
    • Profit and Loss Attribution- More easily and thoroughly analyze P&L results to spot trends and outliers in profitability by product, region, trader and other key variables.
    • Transaction Monitoring & Compliance- Analyze and explore transaction and trade amendments- all the activity of a trading desk - to assure compliance with internal and external requirements. Spotfire analytics will highlight unusual trading patterns and behaviors before they affect the P&L, unwanted tax exposure and gain the attention of regulators.

    Spotfire for Health, Safety and Environmental Analysis

    Owing to the hazardous nature of the raw materials and products that are produced, the energy industry - from exploration and production, through transportation, logistics and refining – is susceptible to incidents that have the potential to adversely impact human health and the environment.

    Spotfire helps you move beyond reporting and classification of incidents to identifying their root causes, predicting future incidents, and taking proactive measures to prevent them.

    Only then can you enhance the protection of your workforce, assets, reputation, and the environment.

    Spotfire for Maintenance Optimization

    There is now a massive expansion of 'connected 'sensor use and this offers new business opportunities in monitoring performance and failure rates, and optimizing maintenance in the oilfield, the distribution network and the refinery.

    TIBCO Spotfire offers the only analytic platform that help companies understand their assets through real-time monitoring of sensors and proactive alerting to impending issues, allowing for faster intervention and remedial action.

    Spotfire in Utilities

    Deregulation, smart meters, volatile markets, aging infrastructure, and evolving consumer demands and options are increasing competition and driving new business challenges and opportunities in all areas of the utilities industry. TIBCO Spotfire® can help you dramatically shift your business models with an increased focus on efficiency of operations, reliability of service, demand forecasting, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

    TIBCO Spotfire® helps organizations in the utilities industry develop valuable insights from large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, historic and real-time.

    Spotfire does this by letting users interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. They develop insight faster and bring clarity to business issues or opportunities that can be securely shared across an organization.

    Spotfire allows you to combine outage analysis with load forecasting for a fuller picture of generation requirements and demand management.

    Manage customer satisfaction and sentiment, propensity to buy and effectiveness of targeted offers