TIBCO Spotfire for

Improve process, productivity and

Quality & Reliability

Spotfire can be used to generate and manage specifications for your new products, correlate product performance to metrology and process variables, and perform fast root cause analysis for quality and reliability issues. To enable fundamental quality improvement, Spotfire allows self-service discovery for early insight into unknown production trends, relationships and outliers. Spotfire also allows you to identify suspect materials for special processing and/or disposition. Dimension-free exploration lets you compare by products, parts and production lines to enable a rapid review and assessment of quality data. Plus, data (operational, quality and reliability) can be mashed-up through comprehensive CPK dashboards with a dynamic drill-down on tests, parts or equipment showing detail-level patterns. And the powerful collaborative aspects of Spotfire provide insights into problems and opportunities that can be socialized so test and quality engineers can collaboratively discuss trends and anomalies in context.

Quality control and product performance are enhanced when you apply Spotfire manufacturing analytics prior to and during product development and production processes. Whether you want to examine trends, materials or do parts comparisons, using manufacturing analytics gives you amazing details and insight needed to reliably assess potential and real outputs. Designing new products is an important area where Spotfire manufacturing analytics gives everyone a solid base from which to create highest quality products. Engineers and others involved in testing can easily see and discuss opportunities and problems. If you are seeking an excellent way to achieve quality control and improvement at any step in the production process, this is it.

Six Sigma Analytics

Spotfire allows you to develop new processes that ensure the best performance from expensive equipment, monitor process capability in real-time, and automate first-line analysis to minimize the time-to-root-cause sourcing. Spotfire also allows you to use dimension-free analysis of performance data to find and cleanse outliers, isolate root causes, and establish performance baselines to improve process reliability through self-service discovery of the factors that cause high variability. Plus, you can continuously monitor processes in real-time for early detection of problems. You can also perform “what-if” analysis on KPI thresholds (e.g. how many more defects if the threshold is raised slightly? How robust is the model for shocks?). And with Spotfire's powerful collaboration capabilities, you can easily communicate critical KPIs to all stakeholders via dynamic web-based reports with simple interactive graphics, bookmarks and guided applications.

Additionally, engineers can collaborate around analyses and discuss trends, issues and anomalies in context.

Yield Enhancement

You can use Spotfire to slice and dice your production inventory by any variable, drill into and aggregate metrics like throughput and cycle time from months to milliseconds, and get detailed work-in-process data on demand from any related source. Spotfire can also help you better understand trends in yield, retest and reclaim rates. Plus, Spotfire provides a collaborative process enhancement whereby yield and manufacturing engineers can collaborate in the context of the analysis to socialize trends and anomalies. From there, you can harness the collective knowledge and experience of the entire engineering organization.

Executive Insight

Big data holds big opportunities. We help you reveal them.
Spotfire helps the world’s leading organizations transform their businesses by quickly delivering actionable insights.
With Spotfire, you can:

  • Boost awareness for your top brands in specific markets
  • Maximize performance and revenue across all your products
  • Reduce costs and risks by streamlining your operations
  • Increase agility by introducing new products to market more quickly
  • Foster innovation to consistently stay ahead of your competition

Always agile and powered by data-driven decisions, the best organizations anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than their competitors. The secret to many of their successes is Spotfire. Get Spotfire and turn your big data into your biggest asset.