Make Decisions in Real Time

“I wish we’d known sooner” is a recurring after-thought in the mind of every business user at any organization, big or small, around the globe. The pace of business activities is so fast that every nanosecond can potentially redefine strategy and have a make-or-break impact on key operations. Decisions and actions need to be made at the speed of thought, in real time, so you can stay competitive and thrive.

Spotfire Event Analytics augments your business processes by accessing large data volumes across vast data sources and allowing for real-time analytics. With its predictive functionality, Spotfire Events Analytics can help you anticipate and identify new trends or outliers, analyze them in relation to past trends, and prepare to take preemptive action.

"System outages in our market can cost millions of dollars an hour. Spotfire Event Analytics helps us monitor, analyze, and predict failures ahead of time, so we can avoid outages before they occur."  - TIBCO Spotfire Customer in financial services industry

With a continuous cycle of real-time, event- driven analysis, you can operationalize data exploration within your business functions. This enables key decision makers to always be in the insight-to-action loop. Spotfire Event Analytics generates an automated trigger and alerts decision-makers to analyze the business process in question, prompting them to make decisions and take appropriate action. Whether you are monitoring your production process in a manufacturing plant, maintaining equipment in a utility, or pricing against competition in any business context, Spotfire Event Analytics delivers unparalleled value in optimizing your processes.

The Analyze-Correlate-Act Loop with Spotfire Event Analytics


  • Access data from a huge variety of real-time data sources and aggregate and transform that data into meaningful information.
  • Combine real-time data with historical data into a single Spotfire analysis to understand historical trends and create powerful predictive models.
  • Define your event-driven applications using an intuitive workflow-style interface.
  • Quickly develop, deploy, and iterate predictive models in your real-time applications, enabling agility in responding to changing business opportunities and threats.
  • Integrate your analysis with your complex business rules, triggering a new analysis whenever needed.


  • Stay informed. Access real-time business events across all your data sources so you know what’s going on.
  • Become prepared. Anticipate threats or opportunities before they occur
  • Be proactive. Analyze events with the context of historical data. Combine historical data at rest with real-time data in motion for a holistic view. Extract meaningful insights and make informed decisions.
  • Be decisive. Execute and act on decisions to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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