TIBCO® GeoAnalytics

Cloud-Based Mapping
Solutions for Custom Private
and Public Applications

Spotfire GeoAnalytics

With over 10,000 location-based apps available on smartphones alone, we have quickly come to rely on digital maps in our everyday lives. After conquering the consumer market, map applications are now gaining traction in the enterprise, with users expecting the same simple and intuitive experience as in their personal apps. Bringing a location-based user experience to e-commerce and analytical applications helps users complete complex tasks rapidly and instinctively: booking a hotel room, checking inventory levels, finding the closest store.

TIBCO GeoAnalytics Builder

TIBCO® GeoAnalytics Builder is a powerful solution that enables the development of geospatial applications and mapping capabilities for customized enterprise solutions as well as for TIBCO Spotfire. It is high-performance, cloud-based, scalable technology accessed through its own APIs and web services. TIBCO GeoAnalytics Builder consolidates large volumes of static and dynamic data from various sources, provides geospatial processing, and integrates with various map providers.

Key Benefits of GeoAnalytics Builder

No Limitations: Delivers an enterprise-class solution that leverages a scalable in-memory database and parallel batch processing to provide geocoding of millions of data points down to the street level.

Open and Extensible: Allows layering of data on any map provider (ESRI, Google, Bing, and others) by consuming their open APIs.

Powerful: From base maps to the geo-visualization, TIBCO GeoAnalytics Builder lets you create solutions incorporating clustering, distance calculation, route optimization, geospatial querying, and geocoding refinement.

TIBCO GeoAnalytics Finder

TIBCO® GeoAnalytics Finder is a powerful lead-generating application, built on TIBCO GeoAnalytics Builder that makes the map a new sales channel. Customers can find and buy directly from their map browsing experience.

It empowers customers with accurate geo-processing tools that finds products and services in real time, near their current or intended location. Customers find what they want using filters such as product, price, distance, hours, or even weather.

Key Benefits of GeoAnalytics Finder

Increased Sales: Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing their shopping experience.

More Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities: Provide an immersive and interactive purchasing experience (mobile or stationary) that integrates rich media with custom user interfaces to help promote add-on sales.