08 / 2017

Rotate Markers to Indicate Direction

Rotate markers on Map Charts and Scatter Plots defined by values in a column or custom expression. Orientation of the markers can be configured to visualize directional data such as the wind’s direction or a ship’s heading.

Quick Auto-zoom in Map Charts

Save time customizing your analysis by enabling or disabling auto-zoom directly from the Map Chart contextual menu.

Enhanced Exporting to PDF

Spotfire 7.10 brings a complete overhaul of the Export to PDF feature. Not only will exported visualizations retain the visual theme of the dashboard, but they will be of higher graphical quality. In addition, the export dialog now has a preview to ensure best results. That's not all — there is now a relative scaling option that allows you to adjust the text in your visualizations to best fit your PDF page.

Scroll in Cross Table Hierarchy

When working with large Cross Tables it is now possible to scroll in the hierarchy as well as through the values. There are now three options for configuring scrolling in Cross Tables:

  • Freeze row headers is the old behavior, which keeps the row header frozen and lets the user scroll only among the column values.
  • Scroll row headers means that the cross table will always scroll through both row headers and column values.
  • Adjust automatically is the new default where the cross table will switch automatically between the two above options dependent on the width of the row headers relative to the width of the whole cross table.

API Access to Data Wrangling

The source view introduced in Spotfire 7.6 and all of the data wrangling features added since are now available via the Spotfire API. This allows for new ways of building analytics applications or adapting them on the fly. For example, with API control over the Add Columns operation, you can programmatically edit how data is blended and instantly see the results in the analysis.

Improved Debugging for R Data Functions

When developing and debugging a R data function in Spotfire, you now have the option of sending text output from the data function to the notifications in the lower left of the Spotfire window. By clicking on the notification, you can view the text. Thus, you can use this in order to write debug information as the data function executes.

Enhanced SAP BW Connectivity

You asked, and our engineers answered. The most requested SAP BW integration feature now makes it possible to automatically connect SAP BW BEx query variables to Spotfire prompts. Furthermore, you can now connect Spotfire to your cluster of SAP BW systems via the SAP Message Server load balancer.

Enhanced SAP HANA Connectivity

Spotfire's SAP HANA integration now supports Kerberos authentication in combination with SAP SSO 3.0 in all clients and servers. This enables users analyzing SAP HANA data access without entering their credentials. It also provides a central location for users and roles administration for SAP HANA administrators.

Improved Upgrade Process

You can now upgrade the node manager from the administration UI. Also, this upgrade is now part of the rollback process in case there is an issue or error with the upgrade.

1-Step Deployment of Package Updates

With one click, you can now up update, rollback, or delete your deployment packages.

Configurable Essbase Measure Dimension

Connecting to Oracle Essbase cube just got easier. Now, if your Oracle Essbase cube does not have a dimension tagged as the accounts dimension, you are able to specify which dimension contains the measures.

Pagination for Viewing Scheduled Updates

The Scheduling & Routing page now has pagination. By default, you will see 100 scheduled updates and routing rules, but you also have the option to switch the view to 50 or 150 items per page.

Performance Improvements

In response to requests from the Spotfire user community, we have greatly improved performance when filtering in external data sources.This applies for both filters in the filter panel and in text boxes.