01 / 2017

Smart Recommendations for Adding Rows

Spotfire now automatically detects and recommends if data you add to an analysis should be added as rows to existing data.

KPI Charts API

The KPI chart API allows authors and developers to automatically configure KPI Charts from IronPython scripts or custom tools. This enables creating more user friendly and powerful visual analytics applications for end users.

Configurable in-db table visualization row limit

Administrators can now configure a system wide upper limit for the number of rows possible to visualize in a table visualization based on an in-database data table. The configuration is made in Spotfire Analyst Administration Manager, on the Preferences tab, under Data Import Preferences.

Federated Authentication: OpenID

Spotfire Server now supports the use of OpenID Connect as a method of authentication.

Enable Data On-Demand in Spotfire Cloud Analyst

Your analysis can benefit from on-demand loading when you have access to massive amounts of data, but you only need to work with some parts of the data at a time. When setting up an on-demand data table you can specify conditions based on one or more other data tables to control what to load.

Support for WMS 1.3.0

The map chart now supports Web Map Service (WMS) 1.3.0 in addition to the previously existing 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 support.

Specify proportions in LayoutDefinition AP

Getting a nice layout when automating dashboard creation has often been cumbersome. With the new capabilities in the LayoutDefinition API, developers can specify proportions (vertically or horizontally) to get full control over the layout of the visualizations on a page, similar to what is possible to configure from the user interface.

Connectors: SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL and Azure SQL Data Warehouse support.

Spotfire's connector for SQL Server now supports SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Spotfire Server can use Microsoft SQL Server

The Spotfire Server needs a database to store its own data. As of Spotfire 7.8, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 can be used as an option.