05 / 2016

KPI Charts Any Time, Any Where

See real-time business performance metrics at a glance—on your phone, your tablet, or your computer.

Support for Tile Map Services (TMS) on Map Charts

New support for Tile Map Services (TMS) means you can more easily use the base map background of your choice.

Configure Map Chart Auto-zoom via Spotfire Business Author

Set a map chart to automatically zoom-in to the filtered data.

Unpivot from Data Panel

Spotfire data panel now has a built-in unpivot option on the right-click menu.

Spotfire Business Author Connector for Salesforce.com

Business Author users can now automatically connect to Salesforce.com.

New Data Connectors for MongoDB and Apache Cassandra

Import data from two major in-memory NoSQL databases without any external applications or platforms.

More Control Over Cross Tables

Change individual column width, text alignment, and orientation to make your tables more compact and readable.

Radius Selection on Map Charts

In addition to rectangle and lasso selection tools, the new radius tool lets you mark data around a location.

View, Configure, Refresh Data Sources

From both the source view and the library, you can now select between "Always New Data,” "Stored Data,” and "New Data When Possible.”

Google Analytics Data Connector

Spotfire® Business Author and Spotfire® Analyst can incorporate Google Analytics data with ease and speed.

More Connection Options for these Key Sources

Amazon Redshift, Hortonworks, Oracle and Oracle MySQL, Pivotal Greenplum, Pivotal HAWQ, and Postgres SQL.