03 / 2016

New Architecture, Better Control and User Experience

Control how resources are scaled, isolated, and used with rules that route users to specific resources.

Higher Productivity with Threaded Conversations

A chat box within the visualization helps groups focus, bring insights, and make decisions.

Waterfall Charts Show the Forest and the Trees

Quickly see how parts of the whole negatively or positively affect the total.

Improved Data Panel with Instant Data Profiles

An improved data panel let's you get a quick overview of your data and easily make adjustments.

Apache Spark Analytics

Spotfire has certified connectivity with Apache Spark so you can perform large-scale data analysis.

SAP HANA Analytics

Spotfire now has an improved integration with SAP HANA Analytics. Expanded support for SAP HANA Information Views and Attribute Views promotes a greater navigability of the data, in addition to overall performance enhancements when handling SAP HANA Analytics.

Split Columns Dialog Box

In a few clicks you can split a column with multiple values in its cells into columns for each of the distinct values.

Quickly Refresh Linked Data

Press Refresh while in a Spotfire Cloud analysis for the latest updates to the data.

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Supports 5,300+ R Packages

You can use much of the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) with Spotfire out-of-the-box.

Easier to Find Data Connectors

ODBC Drivers for TIBCO Spotfire Analyst are now available directly in the 'My Downloads' section of Spotfire Cloud.

Reduced System Requirements

he Spotfire Analyst client now runs on 32-bit operating systems and no longer requires Internet Explorer 10+.

Better Explanations through Annotations

Comments that can explain and draw attention to key points in your visualization.

Synchronization Across Multiple Windows

Interacting with a visualization in one browser window automatically updates the other windows.

Box Plots Have More Options

Deliver more information with horizontal lines on whiskers, single diamonds for median values, or dotted lines for averages.

Inline Data Cleansing

Change the data order and categorization, create new columns, fill in empty values, and format on the fly.

Salesforce.com Analytics

The new driver makes it easy to browse your Salesforce data and answer questions fast.

Data Table Source View Shows Process and Results

View data table sources and what’s been done to the data, and preview the results from each of the intermediate steps.

Streamlined Filter Selection

The streamlined filter selector allows quick selection and deselection of filters to get the view you need faster.

Months and Days Treated as Time, Not Text

Column names and data are sorted in time sequence (not alphabetically), with local culture settings upheld.

Data Connector Improvements

Improvements to connectors for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SAP BW.

API for Embedding Visualizations in a Webpage

Embed Spotfire visualizations in HTML for an interactive data analysis experience on the web.