TIBCO Solutions

Utilities Analytics

Deregulation, smart meters, volatile markets, aging infrastructure, and evolving consumer demands and options are increasing competition and driving new business challenges and opportunities in all areas of the utilities industry. TIBCO Spotfire® can help you dramatically shift your business models with an increased focus on efficiency of operations, reliability of service, demand forecasting, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

Upstream Oil and Gas Analytics

Synthesizing and analysing information across a dizzying array of difficult to use technical and business applications and their data sources has become one of the biggest barriers to fast and decisive action.

Spotfire's enterprise analytic platform provides business and technical professionals a lightning fast data analysis environment to perform pure ad-hoc analytics on huge amounts of production, technical and expense data.

Telecommunications Analytics

Develop more innovative services, better manage network operations, decrease customer churn, and improve marketplace knowledge.

Manufacturing Analytics

The Spotfire platform has powerful out-of-the-box functionality that is easy to use and adapt to manufacturing use cases. Whether it's KPI charts for your manufacturing floor, root-cause analysis, or predictive maintenance, users at all levels can use Spotfire to identify inefficiencies, spot opportunities for improvement, and avoid problems.

Financial Services Analytics

Spotfire® delivers powerful and flexible out-of-the-box capabilities for financial services and insurance use cases. Whether it's portfolio analysis, claims management, or executive dashboards, users at all levels can use Spotfire to identify inefficiencies and risks, opportunities to improve, and problems to avoid.

Energy Trading and Operations Analytics

Spotfire can help you properly hedge portfolios, identify and take advantage of market opportunities, and mitigate risk; move beyond simply reporting health, safety, and environmental incidents to identifying their root cause and proactively preventing them; and monitor equipment performance and failure rates in real time, receive proactive alerts of impending issues, and optimize maintenance in the oilfield, the distribution network, and the refinery.

Energy Industry Analytics

There are literally hundreds of analytic use cases and hundreds of thousands of Spotfire users within the global energy industry who are constantly finding new methods of exploring and exploiting their data to deliver value to their organizations.

Downstream Energy Analytics

Petroleum refining is a capital intensive and complex manufacturing environment faced with a wide range of challenges that must be navigated in order to maintain a company's competitiveness and maximize its profitability. With TIBCO Spotfire Data analytics software, companies are turning these challenges into a competitive advantage.

Consumer Goods and Retail Analytics

Predictive and event driven projections coupled with a dimension-free data mining environment improves marketing, decreases customer service costs, builds customer loyalty and enables better collaboration with distribution partners.